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    Hate to break it to you but there was no punishment for that mofo. He wasn't even benched. Still played during the match with Pakistan.

    They're lucky Turkish people haven't found their FB yet. Their IG's comments are closed lol.

    Not even an apology from that tubby gremlin. Absolutely vile.

    Brazilian media reported today that Maurício Souza, former MB of the NT, was arrested in November of last year for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. He got released after paying a R$1k fine. He'd buried the info until now when he had to present documents in order to become a candidate for a government seat (of course).

    Absolute human garbage.

    I just saw this from WofVolley. Dude is a total moron. He's like the Brazilian equivalent of a redneck. It's kinda scary that he might turn out to be something even more despicable.

    Airi played as little as Fuyumi Hawi during VNL but she still somehow made it automatically to the WC draft while still "adjusting" to the Japanese style again and what about her sister? no seriously what about her sister? what is she good at?

    Their last match with Brazil was a close fight but in the end they still lost. There are still a lot of holes in Manabe's strategy.

    Someone got mad and wrote a very long article roasting Cesar for excluding Kim Heejin from the WCH roster. :aww:

    KHJ was overexposed in the media alongside KYK for how little of a contribution she has made in the NT. Any coach would see right through her mediocrity. She stopped growing in 2013-2014, during 2016 she wasn't all that good anymore, less so now.

    Everything will be well when you’re ulzzang in Korea:D. Featured in famous magazines and also TV show appearances during his rookie pro year. For sure, he will be the "franchise star" for his club. But… he’s really attractive:love:. The face that Koreans prefer.

    There is something that I always wonder about. Why is KR's men's team not a core team like their women’s team?

    They haven't had any achievements that can match the women's team during KYK's peak at the same time they also don't have a superstar player that can be of international interest. Simply put they are not yet at the level of a stable team and they're only starting to build their own foundation as a team.

    I'm not a fan of Coach Im he doesn't seem intent to improve the team's offense but I don't know any other who would be a better option than him at the moment.

    Rapid Bucharest just sign Nasya Dimitrova and one of the Korean twins, and they are like 6th team in league. I don't think that level of play will be weak.

    Challenger cups are underrated, i counted, Lugoj would probably play Stara Pazova in semi finals. Only first 2 rounds maybe will be weaker.

    Neither players are standout or are expected to lead any teams while Lozo can develop further in Japan.

    I just realised Lim Sungjin has 400k+ followers on his IG. Is he good or is his popularity mostly due to his looks?

    Both. He has a huge following on instiz and pann. Insight also started featuring him so eventually kpop stans/ulzzang enthusiasts started noticing him. BTS fansite nims or fan photographers also add to his hype when they post his photos during April Fools Day a tradition where they post photos of other celebrities they like.

    I saw that he actually has a boyfriend 😱 are there many Open gay Korean volleyball players?

    Whoa I didn't know that but no there aren't any that I know of. I think Korea is still largely homophobic especially after what happened to Kim In-Hyuk, also a volleyball player.

    Koga was also in crutches during the Olympics due to a sprained ankle but thankfully it didn't last very long and she was still able to play their remaining games

    What happened to Radenkovic. She was a good setter years ago, and she kinda get lost in recent years. I see that she played in Kazakhstan, maybe she will surprise us like Lozo😂

    I almost forgot about Radenković. I haven't seen her performance in her club but I can say from memory that even at her low point I still prefer her to Jaksić.

    She's like an over the top version of Nishida. I don't know why she always does that almost barbaric gesture every time she scores. It may be her thing or whatever but she could at least tone it down. She looks like one of those wrestlers it's just so cringe.