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    JVA's ill-timing on Manabe's orders with announcing the girls qualification is telling of how bad their overall strategy has been. Nevermind that TBS tried to insert Nishida every chance they could during the women's promos more than they've ever done for Hayashi which is grossly cringe but they also don't allow the female players to post after every victory. The men's team are free to post every time they win so fans can continue cheering for them and it's not like they even read it, their accounts are all run by managers. They didn't even post anything when Mayu said while they were in Turkey that Turkish fans are so passionate it's where she's felt the most fired up.

    what is with this half-assed timing they couldnt even wait until they win tomorrow when they can at least redeem their sorry state. pathetic.

    same thing with koga blurting the whole no one can catch up to me crap as if anyone thinks that of her outside of japan. she really jinxed it

    I'm saying this as someone who doesn't like Koga's leadership which is still questionable to me and I was annoyed by her performance during the last 2 years but I can honestly say this team is good. Koga, Ishikawa, Hayashi and whoever the new mbs are, they're killing it. However, when Ishikawa starts getting drained in the back row she runs on autopilot and her attacks are all over the place. They can't score more if all 3 are getting block partied. Hayashi is so little there's only so much scoring someone of her height can do without getting roofed. Whoever comes in to sub should have a deadly serve if there's anything they can do to help it should be focused on the serve and keeping their presence as impactful as possible.

    Assuming Koga has some say as every captain should, she shouldn't have agreed on letting Kurogo in this team especially when Kurogo couldn't even pick up the pace during Tokyo. This is not her level anymore. Not her of all players who took a year long hiatus and came back a shadow of her former self. She's dimming the mood along with her inability to perform basic skills properly. She's not making the most out of her 20 seconds in the court. Choose your demons, Kurogo can't be gloomy and shitty at the same time. Girl is playing like she's about to retire.

    Even if Saga ends up winning 5th place in the end they're still losers. No one cares about 5th placers. Once you're out of the top 3 you're done for the season. Fukazawa is a liability. Araki has accumulated more injuries than improvements. Nakagawa will never leave that team her highchool is Hisamitsu's partner. If they kept Arisa Inoue and had a defensive OPP to sub for Nagaoka things might've looked better for them. Losing to Toyota in the finals is a new low for them.

    I think Momii is going through a slump. Kurogo went through it and is still in that make-or-break state which might be the hardest thing for any athlete with a promising future.

    not really it just goes to show that kurogo already peaked. she had a promising future but this is her reality now. just like how miyashita already peaked. regardless of her hype in the past she never evolved but her staying in okayama might've had something to do with that as the team also has gone downhill since 2016.

    koga is the face of the nt she cant just disappear that would be too drastic for the nt and they haven't qualified yet. the desperation after this season is going to be at an all time high but manabe better not be inviting the likes of kurogo and nakagawa just for being with their team

    the face of not being able to lead japan to qualify for the olympics womp womp

    saga's defense was a mess. everything started to unravel by the 3rd set when nishimura couldn't run and cover whenever rivale's middles put up a short hit. she's stuck waiting but not focusing on the ball for some reason. they clearly need another libero alongside nishimura that's as good as toe. i dont know this hanai person but what a failure

    Something's missing in Ageo. Kurogo is disappointingly blank. Ageo was so close to beating Saga last season by mere points. I was hoping with the swaps that they'd show something different and is closer to NEC's level. By the way someone should suggest that pun to their manager Kanon Ito - NEC's LEVEL as in NEXT LEVEL as their slogan it's perfect.

    Adams and Nagaoka have been yin and yang so far. Their Fukazawa is better than the Toray twin but not superior to anyone else in offense. Nagaoka is not even "activated" so to speak she's on autopilot and is far more concerned with securing a good landing. It looks lame but for her, obviously she has to put her safety first.

    JT is back to their 2020 form. No mercy from Drews. I expect them to clobber every other team

    I think it's best not to push it as a "general fact" and just say it's a phenomenon that happens.

    That being said, you're not wrong, you're not right. Just a misunderstanding, no issue bud

    What that person said is wrong. She's 100% wrong. That;s like calling all you malaysian women slaves. It's wrong period anyone who stays neutral on the suibject of bringing down women is wrong.

    the women's overall merch sales are only 1/3 if not less of the men's overall sales. their oqt merch probably didn't do so well either. it's well known to ryujin fans that jva earns more from international sales especially in thailand and philipines compared to their domestic sales. the women's members outside of nagaoka doesn't have a huge international following. mayu has potential but she hasn't been as active.

    I'm curious about that too. I didn't even notice her last season.

    Kobata, Momii and Wada wrote Annie as their inspiration before Kobata retired so I guess with Annie's presence back in JT it'll also motivate Wada more

    having a positive influence is one thing, improvement a whole other thing. she can't just watch annie hardcarry jt again she should have more court time too