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    Speaking of retirement news, I don't know if any of you still remember Moe Hidaka from Toray. When she retired she didn't leave a message NOTHING and I was honestly so surprised. I had a big crush on her when she was still active and I just thought that was super weird. She had no goodbye message. It doesn't seem like she took up any volleyball-related jobs after retiring. I still think about her from time to time lol

    Is this the tiny libero or setter that fell from toray's bus window or was that rena

    I was expecting retirement news to drop already lol. I saw Jaja's fans or I guess those are Filipino fans in general giving NEC a hard time with the same questions yall are asking here but it's done and I don't have the energy to argue since we're heading towards NT discussion any day now

    They're not even Jaja's fans but Filipinos will complain about everything so don't get too carried away by those. We're loud about everything even if we're wrong that's like our motto hhahaha

    Congratulations to NEC!

    Miyu said in her latest Little Lips fanclub mail the things that got her through rehabilitation and one of those is surprisingly the book for psychopaths 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene =O like girl who recommended that to you honey no. I can see how that would motivate her but there are definitely other books out there far more suitable for her situation

    Here's a link to the Japanese version she included…BC%E3%83%B3/dp/4775941569

    Speaking of Yuka Imamura, she's in Italy and I was able to watch online some of her games in the 2nd Div of Italian League and their team is not good at all :aww: She's not doing good in the ones I've watched also. I can't finish the games, just watched a set whenever I see it live on VBTV :lol:

    I had no idea she was in Italy. I googled her team in Italy and it's in Serie A2. Do you think she's playing there in order to go back to a different V1 team? or she just wants to play volleyball while being able to travel without the pressure? Imamura from what I know is from a wealthy background like the Asanos. I feel like she can do whatever she wants. Her family is based in Aoyama after all she never transferred even after going through rehab in Kobe.

    It's almost impossible for Saga to catch up to JT at their current level. I mean Drews is VOM in almost every match lmao how many rice sacks and beef has she received she could open up her own shop already. Nagaoka may not achieve her final form as long as Sakae is setter it's too off beat. I hope Momii is ready to transfer to Saga next season. Mandai and Yoshitake are the subs nobody asked for. NEC may just overtake Saga by EC which is something I'm dreading.

    Don't you mean Matsui?

    They yanked Sakae and Otake from Denso but dumped Mizuho Ishida and Fumika Moriya there too. I thought the same thing might happen to Yuka Imamura but she retired

    This isn't exactly considered news, some of you may have seen or received a warning from JVA. I got mine through Volley Tomo notif and it says that they will strictly impose the no entry rule during the men's tournament for anyone both locals and foreigners caught wearing fake NT jerseys of players. The men's official merch will have some type of QR sticker thingy as well as an extra patch. I guess they finally caught on the ones making a lot of money selling bootleg jerseys on sites like Shopee.

    I expect them to do well in the next match with Turkey. They've already built up the confidence, the connections in both offense and defense are getting better. Even if they don't end up winning as long as they don't make it easy to defeat them is what really makes them fun to watch. all that effort is going to matter in the long run

    Hadouken Mode Wada, Airi and Yamada let's see it:teach:

    who is that? is she at least as good as any of the main setters in the league?

    Setter from the Philippines. Probably the most well known here since she came from a top university. The Japanese equivalent of Waseda.

    I'm not really the best person to ask this since like I said she is my least liked setter. There's nothing about her that particularly stands out to me in fact I always thought her tosses I would say in Tagalog the term is "bitin" or insufficient in English. I don't know if I can compare her to any setter in V League. Sorry

    aside from araki, the only player that hasn't been seen at camp is seki. matsui and shibata are there. the ones who didn't play during vnl:watanabe, meguro and tanaka are also there. but no sign of seki yet.

    Seki is with them. Mayu updated her Story. They're currently in Okinawa.

    whats volleytomo?

    It's JVA's exclusive members thingy

    When you sign up you also get access to exclusive interviews and features that aren't shown anywhere. You can buy premium tickets via lottery faster than anywhere else.

    p.s. when you buy your tickets for the nagoya tournament you also get sent a volleytomo offer and there's a bunch of stuff you can do to gain freebies at the venue

    I finally get to watch them live tomorrow!

    I got an email from volleytomo that Miyu's jersey is sold out and they won't be selling it at the venue only the fan so we're going to buy Yamada's since Koga's jersey is also sold out but it can be preordered via volleytomo for members which will come with their VT merch too. Is anyone else subscribed to that? They're also holding early tickets for OQT on their site so I entered it not that I have anymore budget to go to Japan by that time ;(

    You bet I do but I've barely seen her play since the last SEAG :(

    Also, what happened to the other MB she was paired with in that tournament? Madayag? I liked her a lot, too. I think she got injured

    Majoy will forever be my favorite. I want her to play overseas especially in Japan but it seems she doesn't want that.

    Madayag tore her ACL in 2021. According to PT Beth, she is steadily regaining her strength but for her sake she won't be competing with the NT for awhile.