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    mayu looks different. did she gain weight or something? or is it because she doesn't have bangs anymore that she looks fuller? momii noticeably lost a lot of weight

    I didn't think that was even allowed. But a look through all the captains the ones generally appointed seem to be the players who got along well with everyone. Acosta is a huge favorite by members. I noticed this because even in Denso she got along really well with all of them. The same goes for JT's current captain who is the team clown.

    I think this is more important for Airi. Better if they put her in a team against Koga in all the games so she can improve her pace when she has to match the offense.

    I wonder if Rena will join the Asian Championship. She was Best Libero during the time Osanai won Best Hitter.

    right now the most questionable players are Airi, Inoue and Yamagishi. Since Yamagishi is the only other libero with sufficient experience she will most likely stay. But without any changes in offense, it will be the same result or even worse come WCH. They could not get out of the week 3 rut. They lost to Belgium for the first time. If Manabe doesn't intend to utilize Miyashita he should just call Momii, she already works well with Mayu. Mayu can continue to be the other scorer if the rest are not ready to replace Inoue.

    Why she is early in Japan if jvn is not interested In her? I see philippine has ongoing league? I am following some of volleyball blog there.

    Also araki was 30+++ when she retired. I don't think age is an issue with Japanese as long as you want and you are contributing.

    But regardless, jvn needs to look for better MB and opposite. These 2 positions are very hard to develop in Japanese League because they are also hiring foreign players from these two positions.

    What is jvn??

    Considering Jaja's age, I think Japan would rather invest in someone younger. Not only that Jaja has no Japanese blood (making naturalization even harder), she's also a member of the Philippine team.

    To be clear, being non-Japanese does not make naturalization harder lol. She's Asian and plays for Ageo it should make things easier.

    But Jaja herself or any other Japanese parties involved has never expressed their desire to push her to play for Japan.

    Siguradong BBM supporter un

    anlabo kausap kala mo kung sino. sinungalin amp. babalik yan dun san isa pang thread magrereklamo di naman gets nung iba kung ano sinasabi nya tas babalik nanaman dito para mangulo. hipocrita. wala ng tamang sinabi puro mali.

    But she was very consistent though for the past 7 matches. I understand if she's good in one match then the next she isn't. That's more like inconsistent.

    That's exactly what happened. She was good but could not outscore Koga. You can check her stats this week she went on full decline. That's how inconsistency works. Hence the reference to Nwakalor.

    Inoue is the bigger question now. Too inconsistent and unstable this week. She was doing so well but bombed her chances in all 4 matches. She's Japan's Nwakalor.

    I can't imagine Koga not getting any offers from clubs in the 2 major cities. Japan should let her play in Italy or Turkey. She's the type that might just make a big #breakthrough I'm talking waves in Europe

    Mayu told her brother that she wants to challenge herself by playing overseas. It was from an Italian article about Yuki a year ago. I don't know how that would work out for her since she's too short. I doubt she would settle for just any club just to play outside of Japan.

    Watching them live here in the Philippines was an experience. It was just one day, I don't have the money to watch all the matches and I live so far from QC. The girl sitting in front of me caught one of Koga's signed balls IT ALMOST REACHED ME had that girl not extended her arms;( I would watch them again in a heartbeat next time.

    Koga is a very different beast this time. Nothing short of incredible.

    Eda said lol not today Japan

    Ngl I really like Seki right now so I'd be pissed again if she gets bumped off for Momii who I also happen to stan.

    I'm also a fan of Momii and I still want to see her make the NT. It also helps that she's the most compatible with both Mayu and Hayashi.

    This VNL really boosted Seki's confidence. It made her come out of her shell. I have no complaints with her performance so far.