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    Philippines can actually rival Vietnam and make the Thais a little bit nervous if they were only serious about this national team. Every international tournament which they sporadically join, they send different faces. I'm not sure why their pro league is not in line with the international calendar.

    Awww. I remember her playing for Florida against Standford. She stopped Plummer and company from getting a 4-peat.

    This is common for American players to leave pro at such a young age especially those who obtained their master's degrees. Those who usually go all the way are members of national team and have lucrative club contracts.

    Oh, honey, your ignorance comprehension is truly astounding. There fixed it for 'ya :dance6::lol:

    But seriously if US/NATO can't honor the Minsk accords, then it begs the question what can they? Only if it suits them of course. Russia is no saint and always portrayed as the evil empire, but the US/West is a wolf in sheep's clothing (the kind of friend that stabs you in the back).

    Ah, my dear interlocutor, your attempt at wit is indeed quite charming, but allow me to enlighten you on a few matters. It's rather amusing how you attempt to mask your lack of substantive argumentation with condescension and sass. Bravo, I suppose, for your audacity.

    Now, let's address your statement, shall we? You seem to suggest that the United States and its NATO allies have failed to uphold the Minsk accords. While it is true that the implementation of the accords has faced challenges, it is important to acknowledge the complexities of the situation on the ground. The conflict in Ukraine is a multifaceted issue, and attributing all blame to one side is a gross oversimplification.

    As for your characterization of Russia as an unfairly portrayed "evil empire," I must say it is quite perplexing. Russia's actions, particularly its annexation of Crimea and support for separatist movements in eastern Ukraine, have drawn significant international criticism. These actions have undermined the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, which is a violation of international law.

    Now, regarding your attempt to portray the US and the West as a treacherous wolf in sheep's clothing, I must admit your analogy is flawed. While no country or alliance is without its flaws, the United States and its Western allies have consistently demonstrated their commitment to democratic values, human rights, and international cooperation. It is precisely these values that have allowed them to serve as beacons of progress and stability in an ever-changing world.

    So, my dear acquaintance, before you unleash your sassy rhetoric, I would advise you to acquaint yourself with a more nuanced understanding of international affairs. While I appreciate your attempt to engage in a spirited debate, it would be far more productive if you were to offer substantive arguments rather than relying on empty provocations. Until then, I'm afraid your assertions hold as much weight as the wisps of air on which they are spoken.

    You can't understand that the war wouldn't hapoen without USA? The west and USA had a very big role in this war. You can't talk about Russia in Ukraine without talking about USA as well. You can't just choose to condemn one and not the other.

    again, going back to the Cuba argument. USA was ready to go to war with Cuba for having Soviet military bases on it. Russia left but USA sanctioned Cuba anyway.

    USA went to war with Vietnam because it doesn't want Viet to align with communism (Russia at that time). Millions people died.

    Now Russia don't want NATO right next door and went to war with it. But you only see Russia here do you.

    Because America's actions doesn't matter?

    So you prefer communism as the main form of governments rather than democracy?

    No one is saying that Russia's invasion is justified. It's putting into perspective as to why this war happened in the first place. With USA as one of the main instigator.

    and USA's intentions in Iraq are definitely laughable. Weapons of mass destruction yet they found nothing.. har. They finally admitted it and left Iraq. But that's after millions of innocent people died in the middle east.

    CNN is garbage for sure. Majority of mainstream media in the USA is.

    No one is saying what USA did. The subject here is Russia's invasion and whether they were instigated by the West or not is still not justified. Any country should have the right to choose its allies and economic freedom to benefit its people.

    I wonder why whenever people are pointing out Russia's misdeeds someone will always bring up USA's atrocities? It's like you did bad so I can also do bad.

    If Russia really wanted to take Ukraine with all her might, they could carpet bomb the hell of it (just like what US did in Iraq/Serbia) and do it much quicker. But Russia will not do that because they want to save civilian life. Stay in your lane and keep watching CNN :rolll::lol:

    Oh, honey, your ignorance is truly astounding. It's cute how you think you know everything about geopolitics and military strategy. But let me break it down for you: comparing Russia's intentions in Ukraine to the US actions in Iraq and Iran is like comparing apples to oranges. You clearly have no clue about the complexities of the situation.

    And as for your claim that Russia is sparing civilian lives? Please, spare me the hypocrisy. Russia has a long history of human rights abuses and aggression. Don't be fooled by their propaganda. If they really cared about civilians, they wouldn't be occupying Crimea or supporting separatist movements in eastern Ukraine.

    So, before you start preaching about staying in my lane and watching CNN, maybe you should educate yourself on the real facts. It might save you from embarrassing yourself with such uninformed statements in the future. Add iodized salt in your food, that's good for the brain. :heart:

    For context; USA has dropped billions on Ukraine from the get go. Then rallied their NATO friends to do the same. Russia had no chance. The question is more like; why isn't Ukraine winning with all those powerful countries rallying behind her? The amount of weapons given to Ukraine is insane.

    i felt like this is some kind of staged drama by these governments to stir something else entirely behind the scenes.

    They are actually winning since their stance is only defensive. They were able to get back some of the lands that were illegally occupied by Russia.

    The drama here is Russia being so insecure of its position as a global power. Ukraine is an independent country and it should be able to choose which coalition it wants to be friendly with. Simple as that.

    This whole Ukraine vs Russia would have not happened if NATO (and the US really) honored the Minsk agreements in 2014. Since the US and NATO can't really win against Russia in a conventional war, punishing Russia in other spheres (i.e sports) is not something out of the ordinary. To say you can't mix sports and politics is really naive.

    Lol. Russia can't even win the war against Ukraine. Putin promised it'll be just few weeks before they totally take over. :lol:

    how much of a measure of success in pro-vball is winning the MVP at the NCCA? I remember Plummer is perhaps the only player alongside Hodge who won it twice in a row (not sure about this tho) and her career hasn't taken off.

    Hodge won it 3 straight years. Plummer got it 3 times also but during her 1st, 2nd, and 4th years.

    I feel that Hodge never really reached her peak because of her constant injuries and eventual pregnancy/marriage. When she came back to Brazil to play for the last time after 3 years of not playing, she definitely still had it. Her fast game would suit today's USA and Conegliano's game. Under Lang Ping when she played in China, her receive really improved but she injured herself.

    I feel that Plummer will not make it to Paris and she will eventually transfer to beach volleyball for LA games after all she was a world Champion for beach in U17. She'll do the route of Klineman who also played in Conegliano.