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    if germans want this tournament hippe or kozuch have to be OH their only missing part is strong attacker

    i like hippe a lot 2 or 3 years ago she was so good ı dont know what happen her but her performance decreased year by year but this year in european legaue she is gave me hope

    but Dürr's reception is not so good, if she okay reception in ech they should definitely try this plan

    thanks for the warm welcome bella ı hope ı will do the same thing about english like you

    happiness always be with you :wavy: :)

    thank you ozaki, nobodyknows and kondzio

    i love so much brazilian and polish people volleyball passionate, i hope someday i will watch with them together one match

    Hi guys greetings from Turkey. My english not so good :gone: , i hope i improved here. For now i just read after that i hope i can write something about volleyball

    Have a nice day all of you :wavy: