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    Momii is connecting with her spikers in Set 3. That's good development, I am a fan of her 2021 performance. Ameze was so so .

    This set 4 seems done already. Sylla and De Genarro already has their number and Seki's setting is a disaster. Inoue is unable to convert. Errors galore for team Japan.

    I also noticed how their serving game have improved massively. One of the paramount factors they been winning

    I was about to comment that on the main thread. But yeah, very subtle but is able to stop MB plays. CHN so far is the only team that had been able to play against it.

    PS: Uchiseto has been one of the weakest receiving libero JPN had for the longest time.
    PPS: Sylla is on top of JPN's defense so far. Both offensively and defensively.

    Japan is exceeding expectation. They literally making ITA confused. JPN defense and speed in Set 1 is exceptional. Though this set 2, Seki is doing a lot of missed sets. She should refocus.

    I think this Japan team must center around Inoue, with Koga and Ishikawa playing in rotation ALA 2012 with Sakoda and Ebata. Koga is very inconsistent defensively and offensively. The CHN game is pretty much on her faltering defensively and offensively. On the other hand, Ishikawa could not play second fiddle but plays tremendously if starting. Also, she plays better in the defensive department in the scant times she played. Inoue had been doing it all, including reception too, which is shocking given that she sometimes get non-receiving duties in her home team. Inoue is much stronger too for a JPN player, consistently reaching high 80s for an OOS spikes. Even with her set 3 CHN meltdown and the latter VNL games, I think she pushes hard and does not pull back when put on the spot. Lastly, Hayashi is very stable AND is much important than one might think. She really fit well like how Shinnabe had played for Japan. A very consistent scorer with a very consistent defense. The MBs are ok. Its really difficult to gauge them since they are not really much of a presence in the JPN gameplan. They have great games here and there but does not hold the consistent output required for JAP pins.

    Setting wise, Seki is ok. She may get into some rut with some awful sets here and there but she always comes back setting well. She also rotates to the middle which was missing in the post-Takeshita era setters. Libero-wise, I think the VNL libero is much better than both in the line-up. Also, She is an active personality in court, something that is missing with most of the JPN team.

    PS: I wish that Manabe find some playtime for some of the bench players. The Miyabe sisters and that college girl are good prospect given their height. The ARG, CZE and COL matches would have been great times to give them entry and have experience. But Alas, they have to settle into service or blocking specialist roles.

    PPS: I wish the OPP of Hisamitsu can join the National team in the future. She is an interesting prospect.

    Wishing them well this semis.