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    It might be true. But I wouldn't say %100 true.

    If I remember correctly Naz signed with THY for 2 years. Eczacıbaşı needs to pay buyout

    Actually it is 1+1 years contract, so no buyout needed

    I heard that there is a mutual interest in between Naz and Eczacıbaşı, so it looks solid

    About Maja, rumor that two Italian clubs have interested in her so one of them is Novara

    I think that serve is the fastest serve in women's volleyball so far, among all recorded ones.

    Decisive victory from Eczacıbaşı, even this starting 6 played their very first match, very good communication and coordination. Keep going like that team :super:

    If it's true, they should have a talk with Antiga.

    but being more pragmatic, it'll probably just be Ferhat.

    Antiga looks more suitable, even maybe the most suitable one.

    For Ferhat, it is still too early, just like the previous one :rolll:

    How about Gaspari? Doesn't he want to work with any NT?

    Great start from Eczacıbaşı to new season! Almost all of parts were great for team, blocking-passing-line defence were awesome.

    Boskovic is still in WCH mood. %67 attack was superb :obey:. Hande-Voronkova looks solid to me, both defence and offense. Great contribution from them.

    Simge was ok for me, especially on digging. Elif sometimes played shaky, but somehow she managed it

    For Fenerbahçe, Arina was totally lost. Meryem-Lazareva duo did not contribute adequately. Only Eda and maybe Macris were ok today.

    Before the match, I think the match would be more challenging, comparing to last match against Vakıfbank. Way better scenario for Eczacıbaşı. Good job team :win:

    Well obviously it's not required in Turkey, there is literally no girl in Sultanlar Ligi wearing headcarfs.

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I think she just likes headpieces, I've seen her wear it in several ways, not always covering her hair.

    She was also wearing this hair bonnet during in Russia though, it's not related religious reason (or living in Turkey) I assume, but just her style.

    Come on, there was no messiness over there for Eczacıbaşı:down:

    As I expected, new team Çukurova relies on reception+defence. They were very good on defence, but especially Levya was fragile, both defence and offence

    Sinead and Yasemin gave big energy to the team, nice blocking contribution

    Actually Fabris looks solid to me after Crotia's WCH flop, %52 attack but no error :box:

    As far as I heard, last agreement covers 1.8 million for 2 years (2021-2023). Maybe first season she earned little less, but for this season she is gonna earn a million.

    The previous one was just around 600k per year.

    TBH, after Larson's leaving, Eczacıbaşı had serious OH problem, even YKK-Natalia duo could not fill up this hole (they were not best shape, that's another issue). On the other hand, Voronkova could be a good answer for this problem, just Hande-Saliha-Yaprak trio should be used in efficient ways and times.

    Sinead could be an another solution for MB position. We do not have that type of MB for a while. She and Yasemin (and also Beyza) would be good MB duo, especially thinking that other front row players like Boskovic, Voronkova, and Hande, which are average height is around 190-192 cm. Very high blocks.

    Looking for wide squad, I think Ferhat could do more rotation than ever, especially in Sultanlar Ligi matches. I am expected to see many different starters.

    I must admit that Ferhat Akbaş is a big question mark for me, last season is passed like settling his game mentality, and he might still want to be set many plays on MB, but I do not accept that he "ruined" Crotian NT. They won Challenger Cup, and now they are VNL team, though (Even Santarelli could not do such thing in 4 years with them). About their last WCH performance, I think it is related with tiredness and very long and densed summer for them. They attended five different tournaments which are Golden League, Mediterranean Games, Challenger Cup, ECH23 QF, and WCH22, that's A LOT. Attending WCH22 was " winning a lottery" to them, due to Russia's rustification.

    I was found them and read them just now (I wasn't in there that time idk what was talking about that)... yeah highly biased speculations... I agree with other fellas that in this case.

    Anyway, I do not want to re-argue this issue. What happened, happened :gone: