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    yep, her first steps in TauronLiga were really bad, but she has imroved a lot and now she's a really solid player. I'll be glad if she stays in the team, however the biggest loss is Fedusio, who is rumored to leave Łodź...

    What are you impressions after the regular season? Who/which team was the biggest surprise and who/which team was the biggest disappointment? Who would you choose if you had to create a dream team?

    Well we can hate Martyna as much as we want but tbh if Lavarini want to use the same system as last year with Wołosz setting mostly to Stysiak + another offensive OH (like Różański/Czyrniańska/Łukasik) while the OH2 attacks 3-4 balls in set max there is no reason that Grajber should not get the chance to compete for that OH2 spot. Our only other OH who can be called solid reciever is Górecka and while she is far more better than Grajber in offense/service Martyna is still better reciever/digger than her and tbh that’ll be enough (if not even better) when Wołosz sets you the ball only if she has to (which happened in WCH last year). I guess that people will say that we need to give a chance to younger generation but if we want to try to get into olympics and Lavarini still wants to use this strategy Grajber can be very helpful.

    I honestly agree with it. If Lavarini want to focus on Stysiak and another OH, he coud consider Grajber as the second OH. Her efficiency in receptions are really great in the italian league.

    Guys, what do you think of Martyna Grajber? Do you think she deserves a chance in the NT after this season in Italy? Do you think she's improved? Will Lavarini call her?

    I am really happy to see Marlena again! Even though Jovana Brakocevic is said to be the biggest star of Chemik, I really think that actually Marlena is the one, who really makes a difference in Chemik's performance.

    I really feel it wasn't Zawieracz's fault. In my opinion the biggest problem in Bydgoszcz is the fact that Żurowska is underperforming and the rest of the OHs should rather play in the second division instead of TauronLiga

    Is it me or Wolosz is really terrible? It looks like every second ball is so inconsistent that the spiker can't hit it. Every time Wenerska entered Poland was playing much better. Even in 3rd set with Wenerska we built a lead and then Wolisz came back and we almost lost it :white:

    I totally agree! It's an unpopular opinion, but I really do think that Wołosz isn't that great at all. At least not in our NT.

    And speaking of Szlagowska, I really hope that she will be the starter in Developres and she will learn a lot from Antiga :)

    Considering that Łukasik and Czyrniańska are both injured, I really think that Szlagowska deserves to be our starter. I love her positivie energy and her influence on the rest of the team.

    seeing the double-subs in Polish team I would like to see Wenerska playing at least one set from the beginning

    I totally agree! In my opinion Wołosz in the NT is really overrated. I really liked Kowalewska more in the previous seasons.