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    Saw that Songhwa replied ":)" to this YouTube comment asking if she will return to v-league in her latest vlog

    Wonder which club she'll be going. Pink Spiders definitely need a better setter more desperately than any other team. For them to be experimenting with Eunseo rather than solidifying Dasol's role as main setter shows they're still looking for a better option.

    Since KYK already brought Kim Sanee back into the public eye, if Songhwa joins PS KYK's popularity can easily shield Songhwa/PS from the hate.

    I saw someone from DC saying she was going to Hillstate just because of her latest vlog with Hwang Minkyoung:lol:. Right now, Heungkuk is the most possible one, plus Kim Yeoil is back as PS’s GM. There are rumours that he wanted LJY to return to the club, but since KYK is back, Pepper is the only possible team for LJY right now if she returns this season.

    There is still a tonne of hate for Kim Sanee. Only KYK fans were fine with her bringing Kim Sanee back because she is a member of "KYK's family." Some even despised Kim for it and said that if the twins were part of the KYK close circle, the reaction to their situation would be different.

    Thus begins the fanwar between KYK and KHJ fans before the Cup even starts

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    I cannot fathom Heejin's popularity aside from her short hair because she has not played well since 2020 (not even Olympics)...

    Never considered it before Kim Heejin will be the one that can surpass KYK's popularity (fan support) domestically. If only she played well, KHJ would be the perfect ace material for the NT and also the club. This may not have happened if KYK hadn’t left Korea to play in Shanghai after the Olympics.

    Korea should just bring back Lee Jaeyeong and Lee Dayeong. No one wants to play for the Korea national team anymore:rolll:

    Now it’s Lee Hanbi who is Injured. Right now only Park Jeongah and Pyo Seungju left.

    I don’t think either situation will happen. 1. Fans of KYK, KHJ will never let the twins return. KVA doesn’t even care about the outcome of this tournament. Don’t think Cesar (foreign coach) wants to risk calling the twins back (he will be attacked by the fans).

    2. Even if KYK, KSJ, and YHJ return, I don’t think they can save their world ranking that much (same goes for the twins) (but compared to VNL, surely it will be better if they returns). Other positions are just lacklustre. Even with KYK Korea never got great results in tournaments like VNL and WCH. Plus, I don’t think KYK wants to risk her Olympic good image just to save the current team. And PS, HH, and IBK need all of them to play in the Kovo Cup and regular season.

    I wonder who Cesar will pick as the substitute for all the injured players. Looks like they need to focus on middle attack. Just hope all the MB can improve on their block + Yeom improve her setting:whistle:

    Someone on Twitter said Korea will send a younger team to AVC instead to focus on WCH.

    By the way, it looks like several players, including Lee Soyoung, have submitted medical reports due to Injuries. With how sudden it was, can’t help but question all the sudden injuries happening:gone:, + Kovo Cup and new season starting soon. If there really is a change in the line-up, pity Cesar.

    JJS can do that because he's the most important guy at both his club and the NT. Unfortunately for the twins, they were neither of that at the time the scandal happened. But things have changed now, so I wonder if there will be any progress. (I can already feel the wrath of KYK's fan if news comes out that the twins return. :gone:)

    Don’t think the twins are not important. LJY is their top scorer with KYK, and LDY is their main setter. Lavarini even had to change strategy for the Olympics due to their absence, right? Things become worse for them with how the media/fans handle the so-called "issue" between LDY and KYK.

    (Funny how people suddenly forget that LJY was also one of the best attackers and top scorers in V-league and NT- just because they’re related by blood).
    This is just my opinion but i think the punishment/hatred for LJY is just too much, especially since (if i recalled correctly) suminj had shared how the bullying culture is common even among other v-league clubs.

    What I'm really curious about is whether the other girls are willing to welcome the twins back. If the people involved with the NT want them back then they can just do the things JJS did: pretend like nothing happened and enter the court.

    Even if they’re on good terms, I don’t think any of them can display it publicly. Sung Jihyun (trainer who travelled with KYK to LA) received backlash from fans simply for following LDY on Instagram.

    It looks like Jung Jiseok will likely return to the NT after his 1-year suspension period, considering how persistent Coach Im has been wanting him to play. After today’s match, Coach Im even said the result would be better if Jung Jiseok was there.

    I'm wondering if there is a coach or anyone in KVA who will be brave enough to bring up the twins, esp Lee Jaeyeong returns. The ex-volleyball player mentioned her wish for the twins to return before, and she had received lots of hate.

    Look like no participation from Korea in 2024 Paris Olympic:gone:. This team depended on Subong to score, but today with solid defence from Turkey nothing could be done.

    Subong really should try to play oversea, he will be good. But.. well with how Korean league work, it will be unlikely to happen. He will definitely be offered a high salary contract to stay.

    They haven't had any achievements that can match the women's team during KYK's peak at the same time they also don't have a superstar player that can be of international interest. Simply put they are not yet at the level of a stable team and they're only starting to build their own foundation as a team.

    Thanks.. If that the case, then there is a chance that women's teams may be relegated in the future. So-so performances with no standout players. Before, there were twins (not Kim level, but surely better than the current players). Kim Heejin is popular, but her skills right now just…. My hope for JJY to become the next ace.

    I’m curious about how great Han SeonSu is. Obtaining a 1.08 billion krw contract. I'd never seen any men's V-league matches before. But his skills should be worth the money:cheesy:

    Both. He has a huge following on instiz and pann. Insight also started featuring him so eventually kpop stans/ulzzang enthusiasts started noticing him. BTS fansite nims or fan photographers also add to his hype when they post his photos during April Fools Day a tradition where they post photos of other celebrities they like.

    Everything will be well when you’re ulzzang in Korea:D. Featured in famous magazines and also TV show appearances during his rookie pro year. For sure, he will be the "franchise star" for his club. But… he’s really attractive:love:. The face that Koreans prefer.

    There is something that I always wonder about. Why is KR's men's team not a core team like their women’s team?

    16 names for World Championships announced and thank goodness Kim Hee Jin isn't on the roster (sorry but not sorry) but annoyed that Pyo Seungjoo is on (she's horrible, again.. sorry but not sorry):

    She will be bench player. There's Kang Sohwi, Park Jeongah, and Jung Jiyoon. My prediction is that KSH and PJA will be the starting OH with JJY as the OPP.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing how Kim Hakyung performs.

    Well not matter how many setter Cesar bring he tend to use Yeom more:gone:.

    Another one is that he doesn't spend enough time in Korea and does everything through videos. (until now, this is also true but if he's not contractually bound, what can you do? it's not a secret that he also works at Vakifbank)

    If the google translation is correct, They’re questioning Cesar’s decision to leave the country for vacation instead of delaying it for some day to see the players’ skills directly. I kind of agree with that tbh, it’s better if he can watch and evaluate the players skills directly like the way Lavarini did in 2019 when he flew to Korea to watch the v-league matches b4. (Not criticising him for that since he had been so busy without any proper vacation w VB and NT schedule).

    It looks like Cesar will not be getting a contract renewal offer with all the drama happening. Some k-articles really set Cesar up as the bad guy:down:

    Some great additions to the list.. Wonder who Cesar will pick as the starting OH & MB.

    I’m really curious about the setter selection. Lavarini and Cesar both prefer Yeum Hyeseon as the main setter.. Her performance during VNL just… + why doesn't Cesar include Dain? I thought she did great last season with Hillstate.