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    Tent finally looked like a competent team last night (or was it just because they wanted to celebrate Cvetko's birthday in good spirits :lol: ), even though it looked like they will get choked again after taking the 2-0 lead.

    I hope they can repeat, at least, the same level they had today in the playoffs since they are playing against Ub again.

    Ub possible lose on purpose for easier draw 😀

    21th round

    Crvena Zvezda 3x0 Tent

    (25/13 - 25/15 - 25/22)

    Top scorers:

    Ana Cleger(Crvena Zvezda) - 21 points

    Jelena Stojic(Crvena Zvezda) - 15 points

    Ana Zivojinovic(Crvena Zvezda) - 15 points

    Spartak 3x1 Partizan

    (17/25 - 26/24 - 25/21 - 25/22)

    Top scorers:

    Nina Kocic(Spartak) - 29 points

    Ana Krulj(Partizan) - 17 points

    Iva Dzakovic(Spartak) - 10 points

    Nevena Vukcevic(Partizan) - 10 points

    Ksenija Tomic(Partizan) - 10 points

    Isidora Berbatovic(Partizan) - 10 points

    Ub 3x0 Novi Sad

    (25/10 - 25/8 - 25/16)

    Top scorers:

    Andjelka Novosel(Ub) - 19 points

    Simona Petranovic(Ub) - 11 points

    Aleksandra Djordjevic(Ub) - 10 points

    Zeleznicar 3x1 Batajnica

    (21/25 - 25/14 - 26/24 - 25/13)

    Top scorers:

    Kelsey Veltman(Zeleznicar) - 19 points

    Jovana Mijacevic(Batajnica) - 17 points

    Aleksandra Uzelac(Zeleznicar) - 15 points

    Srem 3x2 Indjija

    (25/18 - 23/25 - 22/25 - 25/20 - 15/11)

    Top scorers:

    Milica Zivanovic(Srem) - 21 points

    Ana Mihajlovic(Srem) - 20 points

    Teodora Isailovic(Indjija) - 17 points

    Jedinstvo 3x1 Omladinac

    (22/25 25/16 25/15 25/16)

    Top scorers:

    Tamara Miljevic(Jedinstvo) - 17 points

    Minja Osmajic(Jedinstvo) - 16 points

    Una Vajagic(Omladinac) - 16 points

    Tijana Cvetkovic(Omladinac) - 16 points

    I like it, especially Mihajlovic part, even if i want her in Omladinac :)

    I think cubanian girl will stay.

    Maybe is possible to sign Hena, after all she is best friend with Uzelac.

    Kocic is highly unlikely, Spartak is on the rise and i think they have more money than Zeleznicar.

    Battle for the Tisma is on :lol:

    Zakic is decent, but Indjija have 1 training par day, she is mother now so i am not sure she is interested or able for title contending rhythm. They need better setter.

    Omladinac is in super league and she will play more with Ivona, i guess she is in the roster now because of budget, but Jedinstvo is on the rise now.

    This is why i think they will go with all 3 hitters next season, this is only thing that was missed this season. Next season jedinstvo will play CL or CLC and in both case they will again have at least 6 more games so shedule will be full again.

    I think Jovo would send Zelenovic to play more in Omladinac if Savic return is possible.

    I hope Osmajic stay one more season, team is on rise and i want to see them one more season together in europe. That would be great for all of them.

    Btw all other leagues already talking about transfers, so i will make small of topic, maybe some of Jedinstvo board watching thread :lol:

    Jedinstvo 2023/2024 : my wishes, Jedinstvo only need squad depth

    S: Miljevic, TISMA or M.DJORDJEVIC

    O: Miljevic, SAVIC

    MB: Osmajic, SUCUROVIC, Rodic, Dragovic

    OH: Tica, Kockarevic, VAJAGIC, Nedeljkovic, Pavlovic

    L:Medved, Punisic

    Zelenovic, Lakicevic, Danilovic to be transferred to Omladinac

    Vajagic and Sucurovic are already ours

    Savic, we heard Volero want to loan her

    Setters are tricky and require budget, but i want Mila Djordjevic as a setter, but i wouldn't complain if we can bring Tisma instead

    Bogdan jelena  Cofi :roll: