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    Lol this people burying young prospects careers before they even have had the time to develop or even play as starters for the whole league. You don't know when a player is gonna reach her peak or if they are gonna reach an elite level. Frosini ia not the typical OPP that relies on strength and athleticism, it's more about her technique and she's ready good at all elements. Thats precisely what makes her an important prospect for Italy bc we need a different type of OPP as backup kinda like Sorokaite.

    To be fair, no one is burying Frosini's career here, not even saying she is bad. But wether she should be considered as NT material/prospect is another story. It's good thing that she has better techniques than other Italian opps, but it's also obvious that she lacks of strength and athleticism to reach elite level.

    It's true that no one can predict when a player will reach her peak but looking all the elite opp's development trajectory, it's quite obvious that most of them already reach high level/show great potential at very young age around 20 y/o ( Bos, Paola, Haak, Vargas, Akimova, Kate,Ortolani, etc) . But Frosini is 21 y/o and still couldn't make her name in mid level team like Bergamo, competing with Lorrayna. The club will not give the starting position automatically to a young Italian player just because she have the possibility to blossom in the future (i.e. wrong move by Firenze to waste time on Nwakalor). Player have to earn her starting position by her good performance like Kate ouplayed Lippman last season.

    But if we are talking about the standard of Sorokaite here, ofc Frosini could reach her level if she works hard enough and learn how to pass:rolll:. She has good techniques, why not learn how to pass and become more versatile :) after all, the OH competition in NT is way less intensive than OPP.

    Wasn't she offered the starting opp role in busto next season? We could come back to this discussion after her whole season performance as starter in the club then.

    frosini is not a big mt material

    She makes few mistakes and lack of strenght and not making progress in order to be an international prospect

    She can aim to be a player like ortolani really technique but idk if she can reach that level

    i share the same opinion actually. I was thinking this girl could grow and play like ortolani, sheilla, that kinds of opp that has good technique.

    Unfortunately her development after club italia is slow and kind of stop.

    It would be kind of weird, considering she called both Degradi and D'Odorico, which are basically the same age of Nicoletti (she was born in 1996 and they were born in 1997 if I'm not wrong).

    Back to Malual, not much really, but at least she's taller and can bring a bit more of physicality. Plus, she didn't play as much as Nwakalor in these years.

    I don't know if you follow Malual's performance in Casalmaggiore these two seasons. The girl played decently one out of ten games. The rest of games she played terribly. There is a reason why no A1 clubs hire her to be a starting opp, not even the low level teams. She has plenty of opportunities to prove herself these two season in Casalmaggiore because their starting opp for two season were injured for most of time. But she failed most of time, hitting low rate with tons of errors.

    Giving her court time won't change the fact that she is a A2 level and useless at this level. She is not some 18 19 y/o that have much potential to be discovered. We all know she is here to fill the space because Kate is not available.

    While I agree on Frosini, considering that Mingardi is Mazzanti's kryptonite and Nicoletti seems to not deserve a chance because she doesn't play in Italy, I'd rather insist on Malual rather than keep on starting with Nwakalor.

    Waiting for Antropova like she's Godot of course.

    If you ask me, I would guess the reason for not summoning Nicoletti is because Mazzanti deems her too old to be a prospect. Nwakalor at least can kill some in system balls but Malual ? That girl is not capable of anything. What did you see in her ?

    Waiting for Antropova like she's Godot of course. + 1 :heart::heart:

    The Italian bureaucracy has no excuses...

    But in this case, since Russia is involved and considering the current political relations between the two states, I think the delay is easily assessable...

    I think the fact that the Italian federation has included her in the list without considering all this aspects is much more open to criticism...

    BTW, dose Kate have to take the final exam of high school this summer ??

    What a busy, multitasking high school girl :super:

    Nothing to complain about this roster from me cause these are the players that are available atm beside i wish Frosini was included instead of Malual. At least Frosini is a good blocker and server and relatively young. The Malual girl only makes ton of errors.

    14 of these18 players will go to HK for second round.

    Palleggiatrici: Francesca Bosio e Giulia Gennari.

    Opposti: Sylvia Nwakalor e Adhuoljok John Majak Malual.

    Schiacciatrici: Alice Degradi, Sofia D’Odorico, Francesca Villani, Myriam Sylla, Loveth Omoruyi.

    Centrali: Linda Nwakalor, Alessia Mazzaro, Anna Danesi, Federica Squarcini, Marina Lubian, Sarah Fahr.

    Liberi: Eleonora Fersino, Sara Panetoni e Beatrice Parrocchiale.

    As anticipated, only Lubian and Fahr will be back to help, other "veteran" players won't participate at all. If Fersino can join the team and help with reception, it would lift some burden of Omoruyi.

    Sure but the question is why the Federation annouced her name in the VNL wide roster? Were they sure the passport was going to get on time? Or did they want to give Kate certainty that she is considered for the NT regardless of when the passport is provided

    I think it's the last one, to give certainty and confidence to Kate that she belongs to Italian NT now after all the troubles she went through to play for Italy.

    This is foreseeable given how low efficient the Italian bureaucratic procedure is. Without the Federation's intervention, the procedure might take months.

    Yesterday's game make it clear that Derya has no place in the roster. Also, Elif is not my second setter. Cheering for Sıla and Buse.

    Hande showed us a Busa cosplay and got lynched on social media. She has to better. If not, Neriman will be eager to take that spot.

    Isn't it more amicable to comment/criticize Hande's poor performance last night without dragging Busa into this ?

    There are rumors long before that Paola and some "veterans" will take long break and skip the VNL together to fully rest. I don't think the above mentioned players will be back at all, for second round at least. None of them are training right now.

    Like serdar said, those that come back are not capable of making the difference without Antropova's participation. Lubian and Farh might help the situation but Bosio has terrible connection with the MBs recently so still messy.

    Serbia on the other hands, already has a bunch of solid two-times WCH gold medallist players on the roster, I wouldn't write them off atm. They are totally capable of making a comeback. It is possible that they might manage to qualify as 7th or 8th in the ranking. Imagining other team makes it to the final round as first or second seed, then has to face Serbia with Bos in the quarterfinal :cheesy::cheesy: