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    Unfortunately since orro (u18 2015) Italy could not produce a good setter in under age category

    Morello,passaro,monza,giiducci,batte and other have been average at best

    Only safa seems to be a genious but IDK why she isn't there

    Morello was actually good in U18 and won the best setter but she stoped development after that. Apart from technique, she gained too much weight and became very slow and heavy which is terrible for a pro athlete. Fortunately she lose weight and becomes fit now, at least it's a good sign.

    Guiducci was excellent in U20 and won the MVP, also led Roma to A1 that season. But no club in seria A1 wanted to give a local setter a chance. They rather hired a nobody from USA, even fresh out of NCAA, ie. Trentino and Perugia. Luckily Trentino will make Guiducci the starting setter next season. Good opportunity for her.

    No word for Passaro and Monza. Both are A2 level. BTW, Passaro is cut by Mencarelli for U21, so we will see a new setter for U21.

    yeah batte sometimes give awful sets to her pins and even linda that idk how they make to attack and some times the passing is not the problem

    Seeing what Passaro did in 2021 WCH U18 and Monza did in 2019 WCH U18 , i am OK with Batte playing like this in this level to be honest. Things could get much worse if playing with Coba. Especially with that terrible reception from L. Esposito.

    Batte a d L.Esposito are the most experienced ones having played for Club Italia. Indeed, she isn't having a great tournament and E. Esposito isnt either, whereas Amoruso is always playing well when entering the court. Let's see which ones will be starters for the match against Croatia and possibly the USA (sorry Brazil).

    L. Esposito is mediocre before with 04/05 generation and now with younger group, not a NT material so I don't expect much from her. But E. Esposito was the best OH in european U16 and U17 and she played well in the national tournament last month. I expected more from her but she is not having good connection with Batte. Batte's ball is too high and low.

    fun fact tho, Batte is the daughter of former Cuban international player Alexis Batte who unfortunately passed away several months ago. Hope the volleyball gene work its magic. She is not Safa's level but she also has good backset, which suits Adigwe and Linda well. She is not the problem of this team, the terrible reception and unforced errors are.

    But today Italia is playing as worse as brazil,really bad game imo,batte is really limited as setters,esposito sisters also they are like defensive oh,they score but not really strong

    Lisa Esposito and Erika Esposito are not sisters, not even related. Lisa E. is the weakest link in this group with her terrible reception. She doesn't know how to receive at all and she is already one year older and experienced than others.

    I remember orzol that was good at under age categorie

    she was the same category as julia bergmann,did she end her career?

    she is starting OH in Wisconsin and even won the national champion playing starter. But she seems very weak at attacking at this age. Probably won't consider her to be NT material. Polish already has more younger OHs that are above her level.

    More and more polish players decide to go to NCAA. Almost the whole POL U21 team will play for NCAA next season.

    (That's why U21 team will be so bad this year, because many players won't be available for U21 WCH)

    I am not criticizing their choices, NCAA is still a good environment which produces good / great players every year. But this path is not suitable and mostly profitable for everyone. OH MB and setters could learn a lot from NCAA. But for someone like her that has huge potential to develop and make it to NT at young age (lots of good european players are invited a senior NT after U18 because of their huge potential), NCAA might jeopardize her opportunity. Unless the girl really wants to accomplish some academic degree like Bergamann did, i don't think it's wise for her to go.

    Remember Ze was so furious about Berganmann go to NCAA.

    I don't think she will. She is going to NCAA. If I am not mistaken, she has two years of high school + 4 years of university. She might be available in 2029

    OMG, this is unexpected. From what i saw, she has what it takes to make it to senior NT after Paris. Really impressive and shows great potential. She is the best Opp prospect after Stysiak (2000) i think. Spending 4 years in NCAA probably won't help her develop into a powerful Opp that European team needs. I don't know which uni she will go but highly possible that the coach will sub her out when she is in backrow. So she is only on court for 3 rotation in the front row, not an ideal place to develop. By the time she graduated, she will need further time to adjust to pro league and earn attention from NT, which is relatively late for European players

    I hope someone from volleyball community talk her out of this idea.

    Hiroki Bito is definitely the best in that roster during the Asian U18 Champs last year. He is not in the U19 Worlds roster though. I don't know why.

    The U19 WCH is overlapped with a prestigious national high school tournament happening right now in Japan. So those famous high schools refuse to let their main players go to play U19 WCH instead, resulting some starting players absent in this event, as as Japanese girl U19.

    Its not about number of teams, their approach is important, for every single team(europe or not) failing in VNL is acceptable, in ech or wch are not.

    In 2019, due to tight schedule, Serbia women NT, Russian men NT and Italian men NT sent their B team for World Cup and saved their A team for ECH :cheesy: That's how important ECH are to European teams (women and men teams adopt the same approach)

    Can't disageee more. Turkey got silver medal from ech twice but it never created such a big attention from media and players reaction as well. Ech doesn't have strong teams like china, USA, Japan, Dominic republic. European teams were attending to vnl full force anyways. Only Boskovic was missing two weeks and Italy was missing a few players but it was not like their B team (you can't call team B when two of their starting players are in the team (Sylla and Danesi). Also it looks like de Gennaro won't be in ech so their main libero for ech also played vnl. Germany and Netherlands will have exact same teams. All in all, vnl is a more important tournament than ech

    At this point, I don't think anything would convince you. So feel free to believe that VNL , a tournament that only exists for only 6 years, is more important and valuable than a prestigious ECH which has several decades of history. And yes, VNL will disappear after several years.

    The majority if not whole of European Volleyball Community ( men and women) attach more importance to ECH than VNL (another version of Grand Prix), and that's the fact and common sense. Maybe a few fans believe it otherwise but that's OK.

    I think every European team would agree that ECH is much more important than VNL despite the ranking pts difference. Being the Europe Champion or making it to the podium means a great deal to European teams. Ngapeth skip the whole VNL to save his good form for ECH.

    We will have the World Champion Serbia, new VNL champion Turkey and 3rd best team Poland, last ECH Champion Italy compete together with full A roster. Plus, Netherland and Germany are on the rise and might upset top teams too. The quality of this edition go without saying. We have a very exciting and entertaining tournament to witness:drink: May the best team win the trophy and every player stay healthy:cup:


    I was in Southeast Asia last year and I spent about ten days in Vietnam: as an Italian citizen, for stays of less than 15 days I didn't have to get a visa and the same goes for the French, English, Germans and (I think) Spaniards... Evidently for the Vietnamese to go out is much more complicated than for us to enter...

    That's why they are called powerful passports :)

    yeah, this looks 20 y/o and cute to me.

    brazil has two tall Opps :)

    After all we saw her during Imaco vs Fener games.

    I don't get two losses in CL against Fener have anything to do with evaluating her level. Unless we are judging the setter based on two matches.

    But I think she won't be a starting setter, not after her long absence due to injury and Poland has a good chemistry with the current setter. Not necessary to change setter when Poland is working well. Wolosz could still be very useful as backup setter and she is a natural leader, the team could benefit from her charisma.