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    I think that Stysiak is too good to spend the whole playoffs and the most important matches on the bench. She is currently the best possible option beside the big 4 (and maybe Akimova). Thats Why other teams should try to snatch her. KVR is already playing her 3rd season in THY and for sure, she had some good moments, but she won’t carry them to the titles.

    Someone is forgetting Antropova, dominating the CL.

    Well, do we even know if Melissa will recover in time to play the playoffs? Wasn't there a deadline for Melissa to start playing for Fener or else she won't be able to play the playoffs?

    Quante offerte per Anna Danesi | Dal 15 al 25 (

    Milano , Scandicci and Imoco want to sign with Danesi for the next season. To be honest I believe that Danesi is the best MB in Italy but I do not understand why Scandicci and specially Imoco want her. I think that Nwakalor and Fahr , Lubian has fit in their teams pretty nicely. I could she her in Scandicci only if Carol decided to go elsewhere. But anyway just imagine even the possibility of Carol and Danesi in the same team:obey::obey::obey::obey::obey: Ιt would literally be the move of the Chinese wall to Italy.

    Anyway the Folie being like this I think that she fits more in Milano.

    The best italian MB is Fahr, despite her not playing for the NT (probably ever?)

    In the importnant matches experience matters more than the talent. Until now there is not a important match in which Arina played good. She is chocking almost in all finals or semifinals . Also despite their monster period last year when the important moments came even with Ana Cristina was healthy the team was just modarate ( compare in what they can do in their best day) and against Vakifbank and against Ecza (despite the fact that they won). They has not saw us yet that they can play better when matter most like for exaple like Vakif does all the time.

    Lol that's not even fair to Arina. She played poorly the Turkish playoffs, yeah but she did recover in the last match against Eczacibasi. She was the reason why they won the Supercup and was a main factor in eliminating Imoco from the CL just by bullying them with tons of aces.

    Now back to you saying that Imoco is favorite because FB 'chokes'. Can you tell a time when they Imoco post Egonu didn't choke? The WCCH doesn't count because most teams aren't even ready and they failed miserably in the CL. And if you analized the players, it's the same. Haak has a CL title thanks to Gabi and Wolozs, Robin, etc have one because of Egonu. Winning the Italian league was no parameter because last season any of the top 3 Turkish teams was better than any of the Italian league.

    If Guidetti is really that interested in Markova as the rumour said, I wouldn’t be surprised the pins of Vakif would be something like Markova/Busa/Akimova (or Stysiak?) next season after the departures of Gabi & JT.

    Who do you think will be Vakif’s new captain? Cansu or Zehra?

    Akimova signed a two year contract eith Novara and I doubt her buy out is cheap. They were hyping her thr same way they did when Paola joined the club.

    more reliable sources says, it is not serious. As usual Voleybol Magazin making up news to gets more clicks. Hope some clubs or TVF make something about this account.

    Well I wouldn't ve surprised if it were true. Melissa's injury was quite severe years ago and considering the amount of swings she takes each year between the Chinese League and Tutkish one, and add to that now the NT. Before that she was able to rest during the NT season.

    Uzelac has shocked me with how good her reception has been. However, I don't want her to go to vakifbank yet lol. She has potential to be an all around all star but I don't want her confidence broken if shes not ready mentally

    Well she's taking on a lot of responsibility in Brazil by being Fluminense's main weapon. That is gonna do so much good to her. But perhaps one more season in Brazil at a better team could be good too. Brazil is an excellent place to sharpen the basics.

    Gabi did the wrong thing, she is the captain and always talks about how loyal she is to Vakıfbank. She said she can't imagine her wearing different jersey than Vakıfbank just two months ago.

    So with these circumstances signing a contract with Vakifbank's main rival at the beginning of the season is just so wrong. Some evene says Vakıfbank didnt know she signed.

    VB biggest rival is FB not Imoco hahaha. Fans just take things too personally. A player's career is so short that there's nothing wrong with wanting to gain more money and explore other experiences. She's won everything there is in Turkey.