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    LOL. Didn't even Guidetti admit that he knew beforehand from Borocic? It's even funny that he himself said that friendlies are no paramter to measure who should be in Paris but then changes the roster last minute, after the friendlies and the Serbian federation published that the final roster would be decided upon finalizing the friendlies. I guess he got too scared when he saw some players weren't delivering as he expected.

    The IOC should allow 14 players to just avoid all this shady shit. Now I can totally see Turkey, who is traveling with 14 players, changing their roster at the very last minute when they're all in Paris LOL.

    Yep congrats to our girls for fighting spirit and qualities that they show through the whole championship. I know that no one cares if this is Bulgaria. If the win was for Turkey, Poland or Italy there will be at least 10 time more comments in the topic but this is our fate. Some countries are just not liked and popular. This should be our national moto - "Whatever you can do, no one cares about us". hah

    Lol. Oh don't be so dramatic. It's nice that Bulgaria won their first ever U18 championship but let's be real, most people aren't interested in u categories, especially u17/18 where anything can happen.

    Besides in an Olympic year most people are just waiting for the games to start.

    The important thing is that we are at the forefront and that's what counts. Of the big three only we are still in game and Türkiye and Serbia have long been eliminated. It is much more important that in a few years at least two of these girls will be taken into account when determining the composition of the senior team.

    I agree I'm just pointing out how Italy could not win the Euro and then go on to win the WCH. That just shows how results at this age category are variable, even though Italy has always remained on top.

    Now, back to the senior team, I do think there are interesting prospects in each category. Now fine line here is that I noticed most want each generation to a an already elite player by age 22, which cannot always be the case.

    Developing top class OH should be a priority cuz currently that's the position with the weakest pipeline.

    Har. Then why did she go there? Girl has had problems ever since she started. She's mentally weak. Even if she stayed in Italy, her injuries would have been the same. Her shoulders still needed an operation.

    what she really needed is a reality check and an attitude correction. No wonder even the coach of Scandicci can't help himself when he said those words when she went to Russia.

    Lol. There is no way she would've been allowed to play in Italy with an injury like she had before it became too serious that it needed surgery. But when you are the foreign player they brought to win titles, they didn't care how making her play could aggravate her injury.

    I don’t think Russia was the problem. Gilr was injured even in Italy and occasionally would miss games in Scandicci, but overall she was underperorfming big time. I think it’s her supermodel/diva attitude and approach to her carrier that is the problem not Russia, although the intensity of trainings and schedule in Russia certainly didn’t help her case like it was supposed to (that was the main reason she went to Russia, no?)

    Russia was totally the problem. Pietrini played the final series with an injury and the results were what we are seeing now.

    And it's funny that in the latest interview, Terzic trash talked Elena when that win was all due to her.

    Congrats Bulgaria on their spot in the final! Haven't watched their games because they weren't in the group with NL, but they looked to dominate pool phase up and until last match according to results. And to think half of the VNL squad is still U21 (or U18 even) as well :cheesy:

    As someone mentioned they have a good fighting spirt and play an all round, well distributed game. Italy had 6 match points and couldnt take advantage of it but the Bulgarians stayed on the game and succeeded at the end. I see them as the favorite to win the tournament.

    Back to Italy, I really hope Tosini keeps developing, she has everything to be come an all around top class player.

    Italy never seems to be able to win both the Euro and WCH U18 at the same time. Not even Paola's nor Pietrini's generations could.

    I don't know what is the reason for this, maybe their training style and strategies in general, but Italian players are injured more than other countries.

    I said it before, but people didn't agree. I don't think there is a genetic background because there are athletes in their teams from many different roots.

    Türkiye has also lots of injuries this year and Santarelli is from the Italian volleyball culture.

    I don’t think that's the reason. In fact, Pietrini got injured this last club season at Russia more times than she has ever in Italy (all years combined).

    And most if not all Turkish players were already injured before the NT season even kicked in or right in the first week.

    To me the reason is how busy the club season is and how many matches they have to play.

    There is no point in worrying about these games, because they are already lost. The only time Italy had a full squad was during the 2022 VNL. (During the World Championships in the same year, Pietrini already had some injuries). You can't win a medal with such bad luck. And what's worse, this is our last chance, because there will be no more Bosetti and de Gennaro in the coming years.

    Don't be so dramatic. Italia still has its chances for a medal. We can only hope for Cate to step up to the challenge and be back to her 2022 VNL level and that Sylla continues displaying the level she has this year so far.

    Now, with all that's happened, I wonder if there's a possibility to change the 13th player for an OH instead.

    If i did not know I would be sure that Bosetti is the one who has problems. But anyway. Pietrini is out , Degradi is out and Vilanni is out . So Velesco put an other useless player in the roster for a replacement. Please do not see again anyone here, to moke and swear Manzatti when Velesco brings to the Olympic team Giovannini and Nervini.

    Lol this guy speaks as if Velasco had all Italian OHs at his disposal and chooses to bring Gaia and Stella. With Pietrini and Degradi out, there are no better options available. Some player are still recovering from injures (Villani, D'Odorico) or just some users have the wrong impression they ate better (Gennari who had a bad VNL 2022 and couldn't even be a good backrow sub).

    Bad luck but it is what it is. Let's just hope the remaining players stay healthy and Sylla and especially Cate step up. Italy still has its chances for a medal.

    I feel like the people that trash talk Sylla only remember the old her and don't give enough credit to the current player she is and all the work she's done to improve. She's been making solid strides into one of the top outsides that are well rounded.

    People dont realize that although she is not the best passer she almost always holds up and knows how to attack smartly, not to mention that she is the passing target with almost more than 50% of the serves. Her defense is world class and she has a good blocking.

    On top of that she has great energy, and although sometimes I feel like she could try to save up her energy so doesn't end up drained by the end of the match, but it's just her way of fueling herself and the team.

    Am I the only one that finds Italy’s OH rotation unimpressive?

    I like Pietrini way more than the rest combined.

    That rotation won the VNL and both OHs ranked among the best attackers of the tournament.

    People love to trash talked my girl Sylla but when she puts on the blue shirt she almost always delivers. Degradi is playing well and Cate is a good alternative too. Gaia is a good back row sub and passes well.

    Pietrini would've been on the team if she hasn't injured but it is what it is.

    I am surprised that there is no other libero and Beyza made it.

    Nah. I think it was the right choice to bring only one libero and Meliha instead. Neither Ebrar, Derya, Tugba nor Hande (when she played) performed well against big teams so it was only logical to include another spiker and Meliha is the best passer among all of them.

    I'm surprised Hande is there given that she is not training with the team yet and not 100% fully recovered. So that's a bet from Santarelli.

    Evidently, he still has some questions regarding Eda's and Zehra's health, hence the inclusion of Beyza.

    umm I expect nervini and Gardini to make to Senior but they are so so

    Specially Gardini that is now back to A2 IIRC

    Let's see about setters they are ok for this category but don't see they making to senior yet

    Gardini will remain in A1 with Perugia. And given the the OH pool (which seems locked) they have this years, she's meant to be the starter alongside Ungureanu.

    She needs to improve her passing tho. She's been struggling with it since U19

    It will be Monday, thats what Velasco said in the interview.

    You're right. I didn't follow them in VNL since I don't like at all the tournament. Still 2 tornaments in her whole life with the senior team :D

    Poor Perez. She has been around for like 7/8 years and didn't make the cut for the second time.

    And how many has Yokaty played? I dont recall any tournament where she was starter only coming off the bench here and there.

    They see a lot of potential in Rodriguez given that she can play OPP too.

    In the U-18 category, it's also 3-0 for Italy today. It has been like this for many years but until it translates into, for example, Olympic medal, it can only be treated as a curiosity. Junior successes are a bonus in themselves but the main goal should be to provide more good players to the senior team. This is the problem in Italy.

    It is a problem I agree but also what needs to be considered is how these new players compared to those currently in the NT and whether they have reached their peak or not. Not all players are going to be ready at 22 nor all will be considered superstarts in the making such as Egonu and Pietrini did back in their time.

    Italy has interesting prospects in the 02-03-04 generation and the 05-06 is quite talented as well as the 07-08 which currently plays with 3 OHs and no a pure opposite, which is something I like given that Italy's weakest position so to speak is OH.

    To name a few, the OPP is well taken care of with Antropova being 5 years younger than Paola and already Top 5 in the world. Behind her there is Adigwe who is arguably the best OPP of her generation.

    In the MB position there are a lot of prospects to name them all.

    In the weakest position OH, Bracchi, Nervini, Gardini, Piva, Cagnin, Loli (who has the most experience and had a good VNL last year) and Pietrini is still young (let's hope she recovers well after her surgery).

    Lorenne didn't get to play the VNL because she had a mild ankle sprain. It wasn't a coaching decision.

    She is 100% fit now, though (and probably outperforming Kisy in trainings, considering she was chosen over her).

    I mean trusting someone who, yeah has saved Brazil's ass in a few important occasions in the last two years but hasn't played an offcial NT match this season, is bold from ZR, even if she's doing better at trainings against the Brazilian Superliga MVP (for second year in a row I believe and she was the starting OPP in every major competition up until that).

    The problem would be what would happen if neither Julia nor AC aren't performing. Trusting Tainara in position 4 (with Rosa as starting OPP) is ballsy given that her passing is bad. And it's not a far-fetched scenario given that AC had a down in performance in the last part of the competition and not sure how reliable Julia is even if she was sort of good against Japan.

    Thank you.

    Yes same happen in 2022, italians stole a win in a group stage against us, more than a 10 questionable decisions, we demanded challenge for finale but they refused. And did it again the finals. Both game finished 3-2.

    Lol. I agree that video challenge is necessary but saying that Italy stole the win in the final is too much of a strong word considering that the referee gave erroneously a point to both team in the tie break at very important decisive moments so they were kinda even.

    It was sort of shocking that Serbia (with Uzelac and Kurtagic included) couldn't get that win against that generation of U20 Italians, who were arguably one least talented in years so to speak.

    Anyways, expecting a good fight in the finals.