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    JT was cleared before they left. She was left off the roster.

    (off topic: I wouldnt be salty, cause player health should be forefront... but she was playing for Monza in that time period) womp

    Exactly. That's what I saw too. That on top of SWP only playing in the final round and being a 'serve specialist' otherwise, makes me wonder what the hell is happening in the Usa team.

    That generation wouldn't go to waste, since all the starting line-up are playing in A1 now. Omoruyi, Emma, Linda and Armini are all starting players in A1 club. They need time to improve. Frosini Gardini and especially Guiducci need to work harder to earn their spot. Still have hope

    Adigwe has trained with imoco before the season started but it's still too early to call some 16 y/o to be a backup opposite in imoco. I would rather her playing in low level league than being benched all season in Imoco.

    I was referring to Ituma's generation.

    Apart from Ituma and Esposito I don't see anyone else making it into Serie A, let alone the NT

    Wow. If having good numbers at the world's best vball league doesn't get you an invite idk what would.

    Anyways, I'm not expert on concussions but was it that so serious for them not to include JT in the roster? I still believe she could've made it in time. Not that the story would've been different but having JT on court would've made less excruciating watching the USA team playing

    Gennari was better today, but she is still a bit problematic in transition. Khalia did Khalia things. I thought Stufi and Butigan were good, as well as the libero (I dont know her name lol)

    Firenze is just a mess in itself. Herbots and Nwakalor were both awful. And I dont have words for Cambi :lol:

    Hahaha. Gennari is good just need time.

    Again why wasn't Khalia included in the wider USA roster? Was it related to her dad passing?

    Lisa Esposito probably wouldn't make it as elite OH but Erika Esposito have a good shot, considering she is already one of the best OH among her generation.

    Anyway, Omoruyi plays like this in busto definitely a good thing for NT.

    I chose to believe in Lisa. She was key to the U19 success. I hate for that generation to go waste tbh.

    And yeah Erika was great. Adigwe is also a good prospect. I really thought she was going to be promoted as backup for Haak since so far Bella is the only OPP in the roster. But I guess that it's too soon amd they also have Plummer who can play OPP when needed

    She can become a good player, but elite I dont see it happening for her, she lacks the power and the height reach true elite players have

    I beg to differ. Sheilla wasnt a big jumper and wasnt the strongest hitter either but was the best. Frosini, in a way, reminds me of Sheilla (not comparing tho, she's a long way still).

    Frosini has all the shots, is a good blocker, good at defense and a good server.

    No club gives Gaia a chance :white::white: also Morello, one of the best setter for the generation 2000.

    At least, Loveth is on the right track, starting at a good team at 20 y/o. Great future ahead.

    And we need that. With Antropova (which seems more and more likely!) and Ituma, we have good OPP options to play alongside Paola. But we need desperately need good OH options. I still have faith in Gardini and hoping that both Espositos can develop into elite OHs too.

    As we should.

    But Frosini has yet to look good ever in A1. Even in Imoco she looked out of place.

    She had a couple of good games with Imoco and she was the main reason why Italy won the Mediterranean games tbh.

    So I have more faith in her becoming an elite player than in Lorrayna.

    If not for Fefe, Romano is still an opposite in Seria A2 and no club in Superlega would ever consider give him a chance to be a starter, even the low level teams. And now he is a world champion and the starter opposite of Piacenza.

    Personally, i am glad Loveth leave Imoco and become a starter OH in busto. She has talent among the 2002 generation and she need to be on court to improve. I am sure she will make it in NT after this season.

    Same. I hate for those players to be either playing A2 or just as backups in Serie A1 teams.

    They just need playing time to improve.

    I almost wish that they explore other leagues where they can actually play as starters. That's key for their development

    Lorrayna has played two games and we're concluding that? lol

    Frosini isn't good either. Lorrayna has higher potential.

    As of now, Frosini is better and to she has more potential.

    For starters, she's 4 years younger and her technique is just better than Lorrayna's, who is mostly about jumping and hitting hard.

    Frosini was the best, among Loveth and Gaia, of that very successful U21 squad.

    now i understand why mazzanti didn't give time court in wch to gennari

    I dont even understand why she was in roster to begin with. If VNL proved anything is that her passing and defense are not as good as to justify her being in the team. Loveth and Degradi were better options.

    i wonder why Perugia gave the starter role to someone who just graduated from uni and has zero international experience instead of Giuducci who proved her value already in WCH U19.

    That has been endemic to Serie A since I can remember. They dont seem to value their own talent or their agents are just awful. Loveth for example is doing great in Busto, all she needed is an opportunity.

    Same for Bergamo, Frosini is better than Lorrayna, whom as of yet has had poor performance, and still she's the starter.

    They just appreciate foreign talent more for some reason.

    It's like Nikolov is in Seria A with one of best teams. His talent is undeniable but the MVP of the Euro U20 Bovolenta is playing Serie A2.

    Kurtagic is very talented, she has a chance to become the new Milena Rasic, I hope she will travel abroad soon.

    Very good entry by Esposito, but right, Libero Italian should be MVP.

    It's a pity Ituma doesn't play as OH anymore as that would be a huge growth for the team

    Am I the only one who doesnt see it?

    Kurtagic is a great blocker no doubt but I dont think she has the motor skills Milena had. She ofc can become a good atacker but I see more of Furst in here than Milena. Furst was perhaps the greatest blocker but was not in the same level as Milena and Poljak attack wise