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    I hope this is marketed also to international (non-American) viewers. I remember Athletes Unlimited was hard to access, in my case anyway. There are a lot of volleyball fans in Asia that love American teams (if Filipino fans find it free to watch on Youtube, they'd have a lot of traffic).

    Now watching the 2nd set. It's pretty good actually. I really like Miyeon, she's got that killer instinct - just lacking in experience (I remember she was NT before but not starting).

    Also, Park Jeong Ah starts stacking up points when she's not receiving :box:

    I'm currently watching the Thailand vs. Korea match (1st set).

    Jeong Ah... it's like she's a shell of her former self. Her performance in Tokyo Olympics was highlighted only because of the fact that KYK did phenomenal defensive work for the team, leading to better sets and attacks. Also, even if Hi-Pass was the champion last season, her reputation in this VNL is tanking. No aggression in attacks and always hitting the blocks.

    An Asian team not having better passes is also sooo funny to me as well. It's like some kind of blasphemy lol

    Isn't it kinda iconic that Korea can extend a set point with Turkey and USA?

    Or should I say their mediocrity is allowing the top teams to relax a bit lol

    Anyway, I don't even have anything to say about Thailand vs. Korea match. I love these two teams so I'm rooting for both (although let's get real here, Thailand is gonna eat Korea).

    I don't know why the veterans (who are not even 35 yet) are doing nothing to return after last year's disgrace at the VNLs. Even Lee Hyo Hee (40 yo) returned to NT multiple times when the setters were down and injured.

    I agree with the notion that the younger generation needs a chance to step up, but since they already banished the twins, then at least call back the veterans.

    LJY could potentially return but LDY likely won't be - what's stopping them isn't KVA but KYK fans who make up 95% of volleyball fans in Korea lol

    I agree that they should at least consider returning. I remember also Fe Garay still played last Olympics (2021) and she was 35, same with Jordan Larson who announced she's returning to the NT (she'll be 37 by the next Olympics). Maybe KYK went as a consultant also to assess if she should return (wishful thinking) - or just to also help the new generation of players.

    Just finished watching the match against Canada.

    What's really frustrating is that I don't think a lot of people realize that they don't even play like this in the Korean league. It's like watching rookies. The passing in this team is just absolutely terrible. Also, absolutely no hustle, no killer instinct, and no drive at all in the 1st and 2nd sets.

    They started doing better in the 3rd set when Dain was starting, and Pyo Seung Ju and Kim Mi Yeon started playing. The passing was better and the attacks are faster and more aggressive. The downside though is that the middles have a better connection with Yeum than with Dain. Sadly, they just can get things going whenever they make errors.

    I also think the coach needs to be evaluated here. I think what the Korean National Team needs is someone who can drive the players to work. Even on Korean youtube, people are saying that Lee Jung Chul should come back (maybe terrorize Park Jeong Ah again lol). Coach Cesar is just too soft; he isn't like Lavarini who isn't afraid to show frustration. Also, the constant line-up changes during the set make him seem unsure of which player to use.

    I hope in the next matches, they start using the players who played in the third set. Dain will only improve and gain experience from this. Pyo Seungju, Kim Miyeon, and Jeong Jiyun should start as well to reinforce attacking and defense. Other than that I don't know what else this team can do.

    Maybe watching this team play will awaken something in Kim Yeon Koung and have her play for the NT again (I mean, Jordan Larson will still play for the NT). Also, KVA needs to start having balls and let the twins play already. 2 years is enough. Might as well have sent them both to prison if they are going to socially shun them.

    The Koreans made some really nice some of the slides...but they just can't string together enough winners to keep pace with the Canadians.

    Uh, and can we talk about 2 back to back rotational faults??? LOL

    At least Dain is setting and Jeong Ah was subbed out by the end of the match. Hope they retain the players on the court now for the 3rd set. Don't know if I'll watch still. I'm sleepy :whistle:

    I’m a bit more optimistic .....I’m going for 45-55 with Canada still having an edge.


    Well, I'd rather not be disappointed lol but I can see that too if certain factors in the game come to play.

    I think Korea has some advantages like Canada is going to be playing their 3rd game in 3 straight days, while Korea is only about to play their 2nd game. I think Korea can also outserve Canada but it depends on their mindset (they were having a lot of errors by the end of their match with Turkey).

    So Korea and Canada match will happen tonight. I'd say there is a 30 - 70 chance that Korea can defeat Canada (30% being Korea).

    Gray, Maglio, and Howe are really doing wonders with the team despite not having Van Ryk and Cross. I think Korea needs to step up with their attackers as only Jeong Ji Hyun is performing well. Also, they really need to start using Dain. Let's not forget their match with Turkey; in typical Yeum fashion, she oversets in a match point. :hit:At least let the girl practice.

    I think also, maybe Pyo Seungju can start the game instead of Park Jeong Ah. I'm sorry but the girl only scored 6 points in 3 straight sets. Pyo Seungju makes at least three points at least in 1 set and is a huge help in defense (I know a lot of Korean team fans don't like Seungju but I always thought she's a bit more level-headed than Park Jeong Ah and Kang Sowhi - despite her "average-ness").

    Hoping for an upward slope with the Korean team :super: (Don't know if I can watch it yet again, as this Turkiye time is playing at midnight in my country lol).