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    Wow, they lost a lot, especially MBs. They used to have the best selection of MBs previously with Kim Yuri and Han Sooji.

    I wonder if GS is receiving less financial support which was why they changed their head coach, and lost Sohwi to FA market

    Or perhaps they did try but Hipass spoilt the market by offering her max 800K - which does not equate to her output at all...
    I would only rate Sohwi at 600-650K max even with the salary inflation going on

    I don't know if they are struggling financially though. I thought GS Caltex was an oil company :white:

    Their performance wasn't notoriously bad either - they consecutively won the KOVO Cup in 2022 and 2023.

    Their coach is also nothing exceptional though, I remember he also coached in Indonesia where his team ranked 7th in the league. He's got some HUGE shoes to fill if he even wants to achieve what Cha Sanghyun did. Or maybe GS Caltex should have tried a foreign coach. :whistle:

    Changes in Korean NT 2024:

    🚨OH/OPP Kim Da Eun (Pink Spiders)
    >> changed to OP Moon Ji Yun (GS)
    🚨OH Lee SoYoung (Red Sparks)
    >> changed to OH Park Su Yeon (Pink Spiders)
    🚨Libero Kim Yeon Gyeon (Hyundai)
    >> changed to Libero Han Da Hye (Peppers)
    🚨Libero Moon JungWon (Hipass)
    >> changed to Libero Kim Chae Won (IBK)
    Symptoms of injuries
    - Kim Da Eun suffered a shoulder injury
    - Lee Soyoung has a left ankle injury
    - Kim Yeon-gyeon suffered a left ankle injury.
    - Moon Jung Won has a knee injury.

    Oh my God lol all our good receivers have an injury—even Lee Soyoung. Even my fave Kim Da Eun is injured. :'(

    Now I'm scared of our last VNL XD

    Pink Spiders signed with their remaining FA players Kim Miyeon (OH) & Lee Wonjeong (S), and recruited Choi Eunji (OH) from GS Caltex (source)

    Since Choi Eunji is Tier B, GS will not receive a compensation player from Pink Spiders

    Hmm... I think Choi Eunji is OK. She's definitely better when she played for Red Sparks (KGC) before. She's pretty much benched when she played for GS.

    I miss Lee JY... she has the 'killer instinct' and really made a difference in Korea's attacking line-up. It's interesting that when I watched Jeong Jiyun of Hyundai play, I wondered if she could become like LJY. They are of similar height and both have a reasonably good reach and can hit quite hard...

    But yes, it would be wonderful if LJY can join a club and play in Korea again :/

    I miss Jaeyeong too. Its ridiculous that she still cannot play... If not at KOVO then at least at some other league.

    Unfortunately, Jeong Jiyun is not a very good receiver. Its one of her biggest weakness as well as her shaky mentality. She hasn't shown the ability to lead in scoring when it matters. Right now only Kang Sowhi and Lee Sooyoung are the Korean players I can see that have that "grit".

    Not too optimistic about her chances but I would really want to see Tots Carlos (Diana Mae) get drafted. She’s the best player in the Philippines in recent years and I hope she gets to experience playing overseas. Not that optimistic though given she’s a short Opp although atleast she plays OH also 😅 Hoping she gets a chance!

    For the Japanese players, Kanna Hanazawa is NEC’s reserve setter. She was the 3rd in setter depth and did not get playing time in the regular league, but played some at VCup. I would pick Pornpun over her if I need a setter definitely.

    I believe Megawati and Wipawee will be drafted again for sure.

    I actually want Paat to play in the Korean V-league. But most of the time the Opposite position is given to Foreign players. Although Megawati plays OPP in Red Sparks so maybe it is possible lol.

    I like Tots too. She's got a slightly better chance if GS Caltex is still in need of an OH. I remember they tried recruiting Medi Youku (170cm) last V-league but because of injured setters, they changed her up in the last minute.

    Asian Quarter Tryout players are now out:

    I think Wipawee and Megawati are definitely gonna be signed. Pornpun, as great as she is, may not be signed as IBK really needs another OH. Tanacha and MJ had a good run but have obvious weaknesses (Tanacha with receiving, MJ with her height as MB).

    There are a lot of Chinese players here at 190cm+... definitely one of them will be signed.