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    Well, IBK is doing well in their first match this season (if compared to last season), but it really isn't an IBK match if they don't take a lead and then lose it all away because they start having an error party :whistle:

    Kim Heejin though is doing really well as an OH and OPP interchangeably; it's like getting cut out the last WCH lit her up.

    GS Caltex is soo solid right now. Although I love Ahn Hye JIn, Kim Ji Won is also doing a lot of wonders for the team.

    Can't wait for the GS vs Hyundai Match :super:

    Jeez this competition is so hard to watch because of the scheduling of matches and because it shows up at midnight in my country. Wish next time they don't show matches simultaneously, especially if it's important like the semi-finals.

    Congrats to all teams, but I was rooting for Poland because they've had amazing growth this year! Sucks they couldn't make it through, but they did give a hard time to Serbia.

    News Update

    Bad news for AI Peppers as Ha Hye-Jin appears to be ruled out for the entire 2022-2023 V-League season. Hye-Jin was diagnosed with a complete rupture of the supraspinatus tendon in her right shoulder and damage to the labrum. She will have surgery for the injury tomorrow (Oct 7) at a hospital in Seoul. Her recovery time is expected to be about 8-10 months, making it impossible for her to appear for AI Peppers this season.

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    Damn, that's really sad. I really liked Ha Hye Jin because I remember she used to play in the U18 National Team, together with the twins and she was really good then. (Thai vs Korea match was soo good, with Ajcharaporn for TH and the Twins during their pre-debut days). She's been mostly bench in Hi-Pass, which was typical because Korean coaches like to do that to local opposites.

    I really thought she was gonna have a resurgence on AI Peppers, but that boomer coach of theirs made her into a middle blocker lol

    It just confuses me how Cesar and his team never noticed this...? They should have been able to screen this prior to the competition.

    I don't even feel like writing much about the elections lol Can't even get excited for the WCH too (not that I was watching much anyway). Bolsonaro might lose in the end, but his supporters are stronger than ever, so Lula winning would be bittersweet regardless. We're knee deep in fascism and truth be told, our population consists of a lot of really horrible people and I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. The whole situation is just hopeless.

    I can relate to this a lot, except our battle has already ended here in the Philippines. 100 days in his office, and President Marcos has only been partying non-stop (recently watching an F1 race in Singapore). Doing this while our country just recently experienced a destructive typhoon and a massive increase in prices for basic commodities and other goods. And despite all of this, his supporters are stronger than ever. Fascism reared its ugly head on the internet and bred these cult-like supporters, fed with fake news 24/7.

    " catholic churches " R U sure about it?

    In my country though, a large majority of Catholic churches have been pretty vocal about calling out President Marcos and the Duterte clan, so in that sense, they've been quite "left-leaning" here (despite their anti-abortion and divorce stand). The evangelicals though and other Christian sects like our local cult (INC) have openly endorsed Marcos and his cronies running in politics. :gone:

    A male rookie who was just drafted today had past school bullying in his school records in middle school... and his punishment was that he couldn't participate in 2 rounds/ 12 matches...

    Jaeyeong doesnt even have any on her record but is indefinitely suspended. Truly, what a shame.

    Men getting away with anything in Korea. Truly setting the standard for equality :gone:

    Korea v-league will be introducing the Asian Quarter from the 2023/24 season onwards (source)

    Wow. This came out of nowhere (for me anyway)

    I thought they were gonna introduce a second division league first for the men's team. Seems Korea's lackluster performance and Thailand's rise to the ranks made them wake up a bit. Pimpichaya and Thatdao really grew a lot while playing in Japan so they may want to experience how other Asian teams are playing.

    Who do y'all think gets immunity treatment among the current girls thanks to the idol culture?

    Definitely those that participated in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I can see some people will still defend them. Even I would choose to keep them in the NT roster (maybe some more than others).

    Definitely they need to start investing on new talents. As we can see even the youngsters just aren't too convincing in play. And KVA needs to keep the clubs in check as well.

    I dont get why fans are so harsh towards Cesar, this team obviously lacks talent and I don't think even Guidetti could help this team🤦 there's not much a coach can do when the bunch of players he has are very limited

    Are you perhaps referring to some fans outside this site? Coz I don't think a lot of Korean team fans here have a bad opinion of Cesar. Most people here, myself included, merely state the fact that Cesar can be used as a scapegoat for the failure of this current team. I think many fans here can see some of Cesar's merits. Although if we are being honest, if he is compared to recent Korean team coaches like Lee Jung Chul and even Lavarini, Cesar doesn't have that spitfire attitude that his predecessors possess (which may or may not have an effect on how players play).

    Some people may also be honing on him more than they should because, 1. This is his first position as a coach of a team and 2. He is currently coaching a team that has lost 10 times consecutively on the international stage. These reasons alone would really put an easy target on his back from haters. I agree that time is needed to fully evaluate his capabilities, but the process is very painful even for the patient and persevering.

    I still expect a small(er) group of fans to be waiting at the airport ready to take photos and greet their favourite players saying "you've worked hard" and give them gifts (and more snacks lol)

    You're forgetting they are idols, not athletes

    Well, I guess the players are safe. But Cesar though, is an easy scapegoat to this mess. A "foreigner" who made some digs at the organization and clubs. A sort of "renegade".

    Uptight Korea wouldn't like that, but still, KYK's open support to the group may still save them from the backlash.

    But I wonder if KYK is secretly frustrated about this whole situation. Like, her legacy and hardwork for years are just gone in a few months.