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    Chinese food...yummy !

    We don’t get much news on the Chinese community in S America.... usually they come from Peru, but I have read about the ‘Chinatown’ in Sao Paolo. Btw, some of us have a pet name for this thread....”Chinatown” :lol:

    Oh yeah, São Paulo has a pretty large Asian community overall. Here where I live, when we talk about Asians, there are much more Arabs. Not too big, but there are a few neighborhoods composed especially by Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrians. Chinese started to come way more recently and there are a few from both mainland and Taiwan, located downtown. They are very good in commerce and restaurants.

    Malaysian of Chinese ancestry.....Malaysia is a multi racial country, bit like Brazil. Most people who live here are Malays, but there are also people with Chinese and South Indian ancestry as well as other communities :)

    Ah ok, got it. Pretty nice! I've heard the Chinese communities are spread in this region. There are a lot in places like Singapore, too. I've met some ethnical Chinese here as well, especially when I used to attend a Buddhist temple focused in their community. Not easy, almost everything was in Chinese mandarin lol but I loved their food.:heart: Part of them came from Taiwan too, where this organization was created.

    Just a little bit off topic, but can you explain me better why they have changed the game style and biotype of Chinese players so much? I do have a big affection for Chinese volleyball and try to follow them as much as I can, because when I started watching the sport in early 2000 and fell in love with it, I admired a lot their style. Their generation consisting in Feng Kun, Zhao Ruirui, Yang Hao, Zhou Suhong and Liu Yanan, among others, was fantastic. Too many quick plays. They were complete. And a few years later till now, they seem to have preferences for taller and "heavier" players who let their game overall slower and very different than the traditional Asian style.

    Every team faces injury problems, but they usually have reliable backups....many of us feel the coach could have done better in team selection. Nothing can be done now, we’ll just have to live with it....

    There is a Malay proverb “Nasi sudah menjadi bubur” means “the rice has turned into prrridge”...

    I see. That's a real issue. I just think in China they push them pretty hard. It's sad to see several stars retiring very early full of injuries. Too many key players inured at the same time doesn't help too. But let's keep seing how far they're going to go. I think especially in Asian Championship to check their level against the other top Asian teams (currently, I only see Japan and Thailand as a treat).

    Are you Malay?

    Guys, tbh with this current team I didn't expect too much from China. Actually, expected losses to both Brazil and Japan. But the team is still very competitive. Won against Japanese in straight sets and they all gave a very good fight against Brazilians. I know you're reasonably very critical (as we Brazilians) but the reality is that when at least Zhu or Zhang are back China will definitely be among the title contenders in every single championship.

    Li Yingying is simply amazing. Her angles are insane. She's already a reality, a star. Gong is so technical, pity she's injured. The only weak links are th libero (I missed Wang Mengjie quite a lot), the setter and OH2.

    One thing that Karch does so well along with the other staff members is creating a whole system where all the players are involved in the best way possible. That's why even though some of them don't necessarily have the best club seasons, when they come into the NT they practically start playing like machines. Congrats to them! Still the favourites.

    Kim Hill died so Frantti could be on the A team

    Yeah. I've always thought Frantti has a very similar approach than Kim Hill. They both are very much alike. Alli is just not as good in serve receive, but on the othr hand is way more aggressive in hitting.

    GOATTINO :obey::cheesy::rose::super::heart: First time on court and scoring her point.

    Pity that Van Ryk and Gray are not playing well at the same time so far in this championship.

    A little bit off topic again guys but well we all know after Lang Ping's retirement it'd be a gap in the Chinese WNT. I also know you're talking a lot about who should be the new head coach and I was always wondering Lai Yawen would be a really good choice. She was Lang Ping's assistent twice (I do remember in 90s too when Lang first took it) and also during Chen Zhonghe' years there. At least she could keep the work which gave them many victories, has a very good experience and I'm sure she has the trust from the players.