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    There must be something wrong for the whole Serbian team, because they have almost 30 errors so far. They are spiking out even when Maja leaves the spikers 1 Vs 1 or without the opponents' block. Flu?

    Boskovic isn't clearly in good shape. Her swing is weird. She has troubles to serve a ball in. Yesterday she didn't train in order to do physiotherapy. :(

    no She is not. She is great, top 3 for sure but if Mazzanti didn’t make such a stupid decision She wouldn’t have time to play that good in last two sets.

    What do you mean? This sentence about Mazzanti doesn't make any sence. What could he steal from her game? :/

    Elisa Sahin was such a game changer: in the third set Cansu's setting was very poor, no one could kill a single ball.

    Also kudos to Baladin for her service, reception and defense; her attack looked in point as well.

    Which broadcast? She also seemed a bit slow to me in that match vs Chech Rep. Maybe that heel pain is back... I hope it's not anything serious but just precaution considering some heavy load matches coming up. Thanks for the info.

    It was on Sky (Italy). :win:

    I hope she's fine too. She's probably my all times favorite opposite. :heart:

    On TV they just said Boskovic almost didn't train at all today: she did physiotherapy most of the time. It could explain why she wasn't able to serve against Czech Republic. Despite scoring like crazy yesterday, I had a feeling there was something wrong with her; of course she didn't look the way she did during the CL final, where she was totally unable to swing, but the way she approached the ball when serving looked weird to me. ?(

    It's like 8 hours since I wrote my last post in this topic and you are still fighting for the very same silly reasons. And just not to miss anything, the naturalizations drama is now on again. Seriously guys? :white:

    A huge hug to the moderators. <3

    This is so boring. It's the whole time the same:

    Italian league Vs turkish league

    Boskovic Vs Egonu

    Turkey Vs Serbia

    Italy Vs Serbia

    The world Vs Ebrar

    Whenever one of the components does something (even irrilevant), the opponents start biting.

    Once upon a time we used to talk about volleyball on this board...

    If Ebrar's attitude is so bad, I wonder what some people in this topic would say about iconic cuban legend Daimi Ramirez. :heart:

    She, having a fight almost in each game, was main reason why I watched brasilian Superliga back then... There are entire compilations of her afrontes on YouTube. :obey:

    And when fighting with the opponents wasn't enough, you could find her punching her teammate in the face after a game at the olimpics games. :cheesy:

    Such a sweet heart. <3


    Little to say: Serbia is the team that is impressing the most...

    If you don't put them in trouble in reception, with the ball in her hand, Maja is still the best around and makes any opponent dance...

    Let's see tomorrow if Italy will show some progress...

    Giovanni Guidetti. :teach: