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    logan tom is a very notable name for USA volleyball but Kiraly seem to say that Larson is the best player they've ever had. I didn't follow Logan very much. So i don't know if Larson really surpassed Logan?

    did KYK pay for all these athletes to participate or did they pay for their own travel etc?

    Lazareva is de-Russkyfied. Smiling and all. Goncharova is like the old soviet look. Still grumpy🤣

    Skills don't go away just because they didn't play for VNL. Larson didn't play for an entire year and look at her performance now. Still there. She merits that space in the NT.

    Japan for sure doesnt want to go to Paris of all places! There is, in fact, even a disease called "Paris Syndrome" which is coined after the many cases of Japanese people who have traveled to Paris and then became affected by "severe cultural chock", experienced nausea, hallucinations, dizziness and sometimes even commited suicide due to it. Apparently roughly 50 individuals from Japan commit suicide in Paris on an annual basis, which made the Japanese psychiatrist Hiroaki Ota coin the term and write books about it.

    Japanese culture is typically polite, with raised voices and apparent rudeness to strangers an incredible rarity. It is suggested because of this that Parisian quirks ordinarily laughed off by tourists from Western cultures, such as Parisians getting flustered if a tourist does not speak fluent French, are deeply and genuinely upsetting to Japanese people.

    Oh no, it will even be harder for them at this time. Lots of immigrants with whom being loud is the least of the Japanese's problems. 🤣 encountering a flustered and rude Parisian will be the lesser evil.

    That's true, indeed karch played a gamble with both poulter and Drews. He didn't peak players based on their current shape but based on their capacity/potential. So he assumes and hopes both of these will reach their peak in 2 months

    But Drews is the only other opposite thag can sub Thompson though

    I don't want to believe that such a rich and professional organization as the Italian volleyball association didn't think to employ high-level psychological and mental care for these players...

    Mental health is not as "progressive" in Italy as it is in other countries. Nonetheless, i'm sure all federations have psychologist consultants.

    I just feel sad to see great players like Pietrini get limited by injuries and lack of mental toughness.

    Regarding Omoruyi, I don't think hier problems are only related to the ankle injury...

    It seems to me that, especially at the end of the season, the girl showed many symptoms of impatience, she was even kicked out of the team...

    I hope she just needs to refocus and get back to work with serenity, because she is a talent that we cannot waste...

    There seems to be lots of drama within this team.

    pietrini also had the same issues before.

    I like her as a player, probably not so much outside the court.

    banning people will ruin this page. If we ban people just because they hurt our feelings, then this forum will end up as a sounding board for only like minded people. Someone mentioned not finding more Brazilian users anymore. Because of this banning spree. We get to a point where we can't joke anymore.

    UNLESS, that person is not contributing reasonable arguments and just straight up terrorizing people.

    I can only see 3 or 5 people liking each other's posts and sharing the same opinion most of the time. Then there's another one with the Boscovic defenders and Serbian cheerers.

    Then there's the Japanese weabos on their little Japanese sub group. Then of course the Turkish steamrollers.

    That's it.

    And if we call for more bans, this forun will be left with 5 people 🤣