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    omg. Nagaoka? i thought she will even retire this season. I almost expected to see her bestie Yuki Ishii next to her.

    kinda hoping Akani Yamagishi made it.

    Hammy was promising but I guess she dinked her chance.

    I wanted Kurogo to redeem herself. ||

    To say that the NT has to contain only players of their nation is racist????? Hooowww.

    It does sound racist. Specially since it is allowed to have naturalized players. As i said, even Japan who doesn't like foreigners recognized that talent is not exclusive to their own kind only.

    you said it is bad for NTs to do that. Bad? How?

    Besides, they even have a quota where they can't use two in a tournament. So yes, you sound racist.

    True. Same with Arina. I can see a bit improvement in her pass compare to before which is a good thing. Hope she keep doing that. Well yeah reception was not easy. People may say it's easy but when they learn it they will know.

    for Arina, it seems more believable that her reception rate is not suddenly great like Anna's.

    Yeah i guess so. They're the best attacking trio right now. I mean which team right now has 3 players like them?

    I'm kinda find Anna's sudden high reception effeciency a bit... hmmm. I mean not 4 games ago, her reception rate was pitiful against not so powrful teams then all of a sudden she's hitting high reception rates against strong teams? I thought reception is a skill that's hard to learn so I expected a gradual improvement.


    ??????? It is more likely to start when her competitor is Akimova . With Egonu she has no chance. Also my opinion is that it is not good to play for Italy because her country has a good team. I do not understand this. I can show some tolerance in cases like Alexia or Vargas because their countries does not play in big competitions but in a case like this.... If they allow to her to play for Italy , then many player will start to do the same and then we will see national teams with foreign players:wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko:

    How many opposites does Italy have on her or Egonu's level? In Russia, the competition in this position is stiffer. Goncharova is still there. Akimova is not far off in skills. And then there's no shortage of up and coming ones that can be in contention as well.

    What's wrong with national teams having "foreigners?"

    Even the ultra homogenous Japanese are now open to "foreigners" in their national teams.

    Your last statement sounds a bit... racist?

    The expected ruling on sports citizenship is also based on the fact that she has NEVER represented her country of origin.

    If the sentence were in her favour, given for certain at this point that she has never played for any national team, she would not have to wait two years as it was for Juantorena in Italy, Leon for Poland or Vargas for Turkey (just to mention the best known cases).

    once the "sporting citizenship" has been obtained, as soon as she obtains the Italian passport,she can immediately go to the national team.

    Anyway let's see…

    Smart choice though. Lots of competition in Russia in her position. And she's surely more attuned to Italy in everything that counts (culturally etc).

    I think she was rumored to be getting 7 figures when she signed for Vakif, so I don't think it's that. My guess is that it was a case of good being better than best. Vakifbank tried to get Boskovic and Vargas to replace Egonu, but they both said no. That probably didn't make Egonu feel very valued by the team. I mean, she's a star, not a backup plan. This whole thing could've probably been avoided if they began the negotiations with Paola first instead of trying to steal the current hot opposite from their rivals.

    Or maybe Paola didn't really want to stay in the first place and made it known right away so Vakif had to find someone.

    Federations in Japan impose very strict rules to athletes that represent their country especially when it comes to their personal life. Active and working athletes like Erika Araki are not even allowed to show their families on social media for safety reasons with the exception of family members who are either sick or deceased. Unless athletes are already officially married they're not allowed to do any kind of flashy stuff that may hint to them dating someone especially if it's another public figure.

    So either this guy is just a fanboy or he's Mayu's friend.

    Is it the same in Korea? They seem to have the same kind of culture around things like these?

    It seems that antropova results gonna ve positive

    Idk why the media are talking she can play at Italy NT and it has started some months ago

    So she's gonna be fully italian?

    I think it's unlikely soon. She'd have to wait 2 full years after changing federation. And it seems like the issue only started recently.

    If Arina plays more than 2 sets maybe she can get 10 aces and more points. AnaC played 5 sets so she got more points than Arina. But MVP is not only by the number of points. In the 1st leg Arina is the top scorer but the MVP goes to AnaC. So it's fair. Now Arina really deserves it too. Those Brazilian toxic fans😂

    Yeah, good call from CEV lol

    Arina deserved that MVP. She made the most damage in an area without help (serving). 8 aces in just 2 sets is insane