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    🤔 There must be something wrong with CB’s brain or /and his eyes. Why is he not broadening his choices? Afraid to take chances on new faces? Bring in some new faces and test their abilities rather than the mediocre faces for similar or declining performances. This year’s international competitions should be the time to introduce new potentials and gear up for Paris 2024.

    yeah I agree- boring. Not a risk taker

    I think he’s mostly banking on ZT and LYY to make the headlines. The lack of good supporting players will come back and haunt him.

    Zhu won everything not just because she was (/is) the Best but also because she had the support of huge squad with incredible players such as ZCN HRQ YN DX and fearless YXY. A complete team where she could shine brightly. Unfortunately, in comparison, LYY has WYL and JY, injuried GXY and no MB…🥲

    Hopefully ZT can join her: the most lethal duo.😎

    For the remaining questions I think Yes DX will retire, hopefully she can contribute as assistant coach. Young players need to play more… next year especially cuz we got nothing to lose 😅

    I agree- ZT was able to shine brighter with a great supporting team where everyone pulled their weight. OG 2016- sure ZT got most of the points from attacks but the others played well too. Good serves, good blocks and great reception. The subs played well too. Ie LXT

    LYY and her current support team is a different story. But I’m willing to bet YXY will play way better if ZT returns. will probably boost her confidence. YXY is so unrecognizable this year…

    My thoughts:

    1. Yes prob after the 2024 Olympics. I think she can hang on for 2 more years

    2. 100% no. The pride of China, will never ask a foreigner to lead one of their most prestigious teams.
    3. Yes will train with CNT. Maybe VNL 2023 I hope WYL and JY will be off the team by then, otherwise they won’t make it far.

    5. She will if she can rest

    Honestly, they should just replace that duo of JY/WYL. Sure WYL played above my expectation, but her technique is just odd with that body twist in her attack. JY was just on for a bit here and there throughout the tournament but she seems fearful and hesitant in all aspects of her game. I agree with the above, maybe give the younger players a chance. Ie WYF

    I’ve been following ZCN for awhile now- I’m impressed with her performance in WC 2019 and VNL 2021. Like many others, I expected her back this year after taking time off and doing her surgery. Prior to VNL 2022, she posted an update about her recovery and multiple injuries she is still dealing with- her shoulder, ankle, back and her mental well being. Sad that the CNT over plays such players and the lack of longevity in Chinese vball players. Personally I would be thrilled if she makes a return for the OG 2024 but realistically, can she physically AND mentally? We often forget about the mental aspect of such high profile players. If she’s not there emotionally, might as well not be there.

    Regardless, if she does come back, i think she is one of the better defensive players CNT has. Both receiving and blocking. I don’t mind her hard hits either!