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    My guess is that Serbia's golden era will end here :/ Gio hasn't achieved anything with NTs so I'm sure he'll keep that tradition. Surely Bianka can't play the same level two summers in a row anyway. (I won't say her last name which has the sacred letters)

    serbian youngsters have difficulty to make it senior team recently:/ katarina (dont want to write her last name which has the sacred letters) was a good prospect once but didn't live up to expectations

    My guess is that Serbia's golden era will end here :/ Gio hasn't achieved anything with NTs so I'm sure he'll keep that tradition. Surely Bianka can't play the same level two summers in a row anyway. (I won't say her last name which has the sacred letters)

    Agree☝️, i had same point☺️

    To be honest, the only part I agree with these warnings from Janko is the ones about you writing here in Turkish 🤦 this is an international forum and English is the forum language, I can imagine how annoying it could come across to non-turkish speakers when they read your semi-turkish posts

    Okay but its not the first time is happening in this forum. Sometimes serbian and brazilian and even chinese users do that, they share something in their native language. Again, he isnt the only mod who can warn us about that. if he's quite fair i expect the same treat for his compatriots too. we always feel under pressure as you said he threaten us with closing thread, banning, deleting posts he doesnt like..:whistle:

    The level of hypocrisy: telling me ignore volleySrb troll posts and asking 'why do I even bother to reply to him' and few days later replying to all of elvin s posts and bashing Turkish NT along the way 🤦either don't tell me ignore some users, or do it yourself as well

    Day by day it is getting more evident that Janko is using his mod rights to intimidate any users that he doesn't agree with. You can't just involve all the discussion with the same level of off-topic posts and once it is others' turn to reply, then threaten them by deleting posts or closing the thread. Instead, lead by example!

    agree with every words of you. that poster every day trolling around with putting buşa or lazoviç in vakıfbank roster. but theres no any restriction for him. but me is using few turkish words or letters really touched them and as a result i get warning, almost all of them bashed me for that🤦

    we cant even express our point in turkish team thread, immediately turkish team will be bashed by certain users. the most unpleasant part is that its tolerated here. if i answered them like this way, i would be banned many times ago.:rolleyes:

    Objective opinion, Serbian team keeps producing young prospects almost every generation. If your follow CEV and FIVB U16 U17 U18 U21, you would find out they have lots of prospects in terms of OH, much better than rest of European countries. They girls are born with extra power LOL . Serbia is one of the least to ever have to worry about lack of prospect with extra talent. ( This coming from their constant rivalry - fan of Italy,

    but i didnt see their making the main team. only lazoviç is playing but she never played major tournaments. my main point that they wont be as good as they are now lol. dont expect boşkoviç will save their ass always:whistle:imho their level will decline say after paris with boşkoviç getting older. it will be extra difficult with mirkoviç

    serbian roster is older comparing with italy and türkiye. needless say drça and ognoneviç 35+, boşkoviç is geting older. mihajloviç played well until 30. even that praised buşa is almost 30. okay, serbia will be the one of candidates to gain gold in paris. but after paris? they wont be top team unless they find another players with extra talent. boşkoviç wont win every game single-handed for serbia every time

    Chill. No one is blaming anyone. Just stating facts that Guidetti is a better coach than Busato and the language barrier being a part of the difficulty in Russia's part. You are taking offense where there is none.

    Okay, get your point Guidetti is a better coach than Busato. i didnt say or claim opposite. İ didnt take it offense but my point rusia is under a ban and their return is still unknown

    From now on, only write in English. I will be deleting parts of texts in Turkish.

    i write in english, only add a few words in turkish and thought it wouldnt be the problem since this thread is türkiye related. your compatriots also use some words in serbian and it wasnt a big problem here and there. i want to believe this warnings has no connection with new destination of santareli. you became a different person since that day.. salty and bitter about turkish team but okay... thats your choice

    Turkey is like Japan. Almost there but not getting there.

    also a team like Russia (Busato's Russia); they are their own worst enemy in crucial matches. Losing 5 setters they could have won etc. Russia has an edge over Turkey in the sense that they have more "reliable players." Turkey could have done much better with a coach like Guidetti. Compare it to Busato who can't speak Russian properly and can't communicate well with his players. And those questionable subs in a lot of matches.
    Overall, Turkey is a team that has everything to get to the top (they have the best club training ground where top players go to play), top coaches etc. But they flop when it mattered the most.

    aman tanrım bizim suçumuz ne yaa:D did we force rusia to buy him ? :gone: blah blah we are alwayz the one to blame. Santareli chose us and again its our fault🤦 X/ your point, rusia doesnt have a reliable coach, right? but is it our fault or problem? :whistle:

    Türkiye advanced to 1/4 final of olympics without a big name but serbia before boşkoviç period was 6th place in their pool at olympics. we dont overrate we write our own point of view on this subject. i never belittle serbia or Italy teams but the fact their level drastically raised with the arrival of egonu and boşkoviç. Before that, i repeat serbia had only one bronze medal at w.championship 2006. their all medals coming with boşkoviç period. İtaly had only one gold in 2002 before egonu era. Recently, silver and bronze medals coming with arrival of egonu. They still dont have medals at olympics. Needless say they gained first gold with Agüero in europe. i don't say they were weak teams but nothing spectacular, not even a medal contender at world stage. i still stand behind my wordz. Agreed or not its up to you. doğru konuşanı yedi köyden kovarlarr🤷

    So you heard on TV and you believing is true...

    This story was talked about many times, even by Boskovic parents itself. They wanted to play for GS, but when they traveled to Istanbul, GS basically give them ultimatum, they can sign for GS if Tijana play for Turkish NT too. They parent said "thanks but no thanks" and returned to Serbia where Tijana signed for Vizura(serbian team). And this is only truth.

    both boşkoviç sisters along with iza mlakar could represent azerbaijani nt, they had all agreements but it failed. i said you could play against her today not with her. say you were lucky, federation refused to pay and broke the agreement. okay

    Ignoring elvin and any of his "points"/fantasies, I do have to address how supposedly Gui's defeatism and his tendency to praise his opponents and downplay his team's chances in the media has influenced the team's results, since even some other Turkish posters have brought this up.

    Maybe this past year, but then again I think 2022 Guidetti was fundamentally different from 2017-2019 Guidetti, in more ways than one. Huge scrutiny from enormous popularisation of volleyball in Turkey in the last several years coupled with a psychologically crushing defeat against Korea in 2021 Tokyo (and everything that resulted from that) soured Guidetti's enthusiasm and will. After that, he was a man simply floating, going through the motions, and as far as that goes, meatballs and those like him who chastise Gui for that are right...but only for 2022. Prior to that, I contend that all his statements about how opponent is simply too good, much better than his team, but they will try blah blah...those were nothing more than mind-games designed to hopefully lull his opponents and get them to lower their guard. A classic case was 2017 ECH SF, where Terzic recognised the tactic for what it was, and descibed it as such in his subsequent statements to the Serbian media.

    your problem is that you have one-sided opinion and the rest is euphoria for you. İ write it the last time. you get me wrong but okay... my point is clear and obvious, i wanna say serbia won only bronze medals at world championship in 2006 before boşkoviç, and zero medals at olympics, thats cv of serbia before boşkoviç (not mention about europe). two gold medals, silver and bronze at olympics coming with arrival of tijana boşkoviç. thats my point. you can ignore me, thanks

    Maybe in your dreams. :lol:

    Btw putting this turkish letters on Boskovic name is literally provocation on a national basis, so stop it. She is not turkish player, never was and never will be.

    i swear on my mums life i don't lie, boşkoviç sisters were close to be naturalized but it failed becauze federation didn't obey the rule and payment, it was mutually broken. i don't say it for provocation , i write what i heard during broadcast, it even was shocking to me:) but again accept it or not its up to you:) so money is important for her too

    Why anyone taking this troll for a serious after this? :lol:

    He is one of this fools that thinks that anything can be bought with a money. :cheesy:

    but money is important for human being. even your beloved tijana boşkoviç could choose to be naturalized for that money if federation didnt refuse to pay, today you could play against her not with her;) say you were lucky

    having an opposite opinion make me troll, a bit strange but okay..

    okay, i said i saw serbia and italy before egonu and boşkoviç. i will most likely see them after boşkoviç and egonu. İ don't say they were weak teams, actualy they were good but not come even close to today's serbia and italy with egonu and boşkoviç, thats my point. Boşkoviç and Egonu added a great power to them. agreed or not, it's my point. i have my point you have yours.

    Okay this guy is just an embarrassment

    İ'm not salty and bitter. i have my point and you have yours. Before the post i said it agree or not, its your business not mine. İ saw serbian and italian teams before boşkoviç and egonu. İ will likely see them after boşkoviç and egonu too. İ didnt say they were weak teams but not close to today's serbia and Italy, thats my point.

    me saying she isn’t as good as Tijana or Egonu is not me saying she’s not good. It’s clear you don’t have anything more substantial to say and that you’re just salty and bitter. This response proves that…

    really? for whom? at least she is less error prone than say egonu :whistle:

    well your point is just poorly constructed and wrong and why does it even matter ? Vargas isn’t as good as Tijana or Egonu anyway so it doesn’t make sense to directly compare the teams before and after them plus adding a new naturalized player to an established team can cause problems as well

    Lolz if vargas wasnt good why serbia tried to naturalize her ? silently envy:whistle:

    Even just counting the last half a decade prior to Boskovic/Egonu, Italy was 4th at 2014 WCH (better than Turkey ever did) 5th at 2012 OG (Turkey never did better) while winning 2011 World Cup (needless to say, right?). Serbia won 2011 ECH (again...this becomes monotonous, no?). So no, Turkey has not been as good the last couple of years as Italy/Serbia without Egonu/Boskovic (and that was a historically poor period for Italy, the weakest in the last 20 years).

    you again didnt understand the point. i dont talk about european championship was held in sserbia 2011, they barely beat germany infront of home crowd. after two years, belgium surprisingly beat that team. 2012 olympics they were crushed by every team. as jelena said today we can put türkiye as 3rd strong team in europe but it was not the case with serbia and italy before egonu and boşkoviç period, its just my opinion. For me today's Türkiye is playing better than 2012,2013 Serbia and İtaly before egonu and boşkoviç period, thats my point.