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    I watched the match vs Dominican Rep and I have some thoughts.

    It seems that our serving has gone to sh*t, to put it lightly. The amount of errors and points we are giving away is honestly alarming. They had 21 service errors in the match vs Czech(5 aces) and 15 errors today(only 3 aces). While I understand that with high risk there is high reward, it's clearly not working. I don't think this team can sustain both Uzelac and Boskovic going jump serve with both of them making so many mistakes every single game. Boskovic is much improved from last summer, but she either makes an ace or a mistake, there is rarely an in-between. I would probably suggest Uzelac serving float since she was also pretty effective with it before.

    Another concern I would bring up is Maja. It's so painfully clear that the team works better with Mirkovic on the court. They almost came back due to sub of Mirkovic in the 3nd set but in the end he put Maja back in, and what do you get - a set from Maja to Boskovic with a very well-formed block in front. Not to mention the fact that Tijana struggled to score the whole second part of the set. Also how little she used MB was surprising considering the fact that our reception was pretty good overall. (68% posit., 56%perfec. according to stats on the OSSRB site)

    Uzelac looked good in the first 2 sets, maybe even great by her standards, but she opened the 3rd set very badly and she stopped risking. Any ball that wasn't set perfectly she was tipping or constantly getting slowed down by the block. While I don't think she was that terrible, it's just the fact that these are the growing pains of a player who is playing at the highest stage for the first time. She needs time and patience, but it might just be that the 2 year runway on which NT Serbia needs her is too short for her current starting point.

    Blockers were pretty bad today, especially Aleksic IMO. She had some great blocks but her overall game was very bad and I wondered why she wasn't subbed out sooner, but then when Mina was on court in the 4th set I saw that her thigh was heavily bandaged so that must be the reason. Stevanovic contributed a bit more but overall a pretty average game.

    And at last, to mention Jegdic and her great performance today. She was really good in reception with 100% positive and 79% perfect.:heart:

    Our block looks pretty bad at the moment. Combined with bad reception, a few point behind Turkey.

    Also, both Ognjenovic and Jegdic look slow from the start.

    I would just like to know why he went away from his double OH sub. That worked so well in the group stage and he just suddenly abandoned it. We have stronger serves in those rotations and more attacking power. And it bloody WORKED. So, why? :read:

    To be completely honest, this has been the way we've been playing for 3 games now. The only difference is that the opponents got slightly better each time from 1/8 final to 1/2 final. If we show up with this game in the finals, I doubt we are gonna be able to get up to 15 points per set. :gone:

    Maybe I'm exaggerating, but Guidetti seems kind of lost. I feel like he hasn't fully come to grasp with the team yet. Surely they're looking like post Olympics Games in 2021 physically speaking, but I've seen some uncommon mistakes from such an expert team.

    He relied too much so far on the fact that Tijana is gonna get us out of any problem...

    Lozo has made so many errors, my God...

    Also, it seems like Van Alen is the best setter around right now because our blockers don't know which direction the ball is going half the time. :rolll:

    Leading by 3 points -> setting Boskovic every attack.

    Lossing by 8 points - let start setting Lozo.

    Also, benching Busa after that service error is the stupidest thing he's done so far. She is basically doing everything from reception to backrow defense...

    Don't get me wrong, I feel very sorry for the girls because they will be the scapegoat if we'll play a bad match. But I said in other occasions, one can't simply put all the blame back to the players. But enough of that, I think I bored you way too much about the topic.

    I completely understand that your frustrations don't lie with the players. I just wouldn't say anything would be a failure at this point considering all of the other circumstances around the team. I just hope it gets resolved quickly for everyone's sake.:heart:

    I'd rather expect a Turkish cakewalk than a great match. That's how low my expectations are for tomorrow, thanks to all the talking about everything but volleyball we've experienced the last two years and neither Mazzanti nor FIPAV has stopped.

    I'm really sorry for all of the off-the-court stuff and drama. It really sucks that there were so many negative influences that could affect the team and performance. Politics and sport don't mix well together and the fans are the ones suffering the most.

    But those girls still deserve respect because NT is voluntary and they still showed up and played. All you can ask for is that they give it their 100%.

    On TV they just said Boskovic almost didn't train at all today: she did physiotherapy most of the time. It could explain why she wasn't able to serve against Czech Republic. Despite scoring like crazy yesterday, I had a feeling there was something wrong with her; of course she didn't look the way she did during the CL final, where she was totally unable to swing, but the way she approached the ball when serving looked weird to me. ?(

    Which broadcast? She also seemed a bit slow to me in that match vs Chech Rep. Maybe that heel pain is back... I hope it's not anything serious but just precaution considering some heavy load matches coming up. Thanks for the info.

    No people are hating Turkiye because they are wining now and they are afraid their beloved team is going to lose. GOOD, If the Serbians don’t like playing in Turkish league that is their choice.

    Actually, every former and current Serbian player really loved living in Turkey because it's very similar in culture and food. But I'm sure that is the case because they weren't meeting people like you on a daily basis. It's actually kind of despicable the things you all have been writing these few days.

    It's concerning how you all are acting whenever you get any pushback on your opinions and views, like it must be because your NT won against that person's country like not one person is able to have an objective opinion. I'm pretty sure you all don't even know what that is after these few days. These comments just show the way YOU are looking at the world around you and probably the way you've secretly, or not so secretly now, been feeling about other NTs and countries all these years. I think you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel the need to be so demanding of other people to acknowledge your success. Instead of enjoying it, you are wasting energy getting upset that other people aren't happy for you. It's a really toxic place to be in and it's ruining this forum for everyone because it's a place to talk volleyball, and it's used for anything but that.

    Uzelac and Stevanovic are complitely out of the game. And as worned in many post before, this ball distribution had to catch up at some point.

    Our block also got tooled too many times.

    At least act like you've been there before, geez. :gone::lol:

    How about commenting on how good your players played rather than trying to stick it to people?

    Ebrar still holding up in the reception and defense, and it's really impressive so far. I really don't know why aren't people trying to serve Hande a bit more, since she was the main target in previous years. She gets pretty shaky if she has a few mistakes in a row, like those few stuff blocks in a row.

    Vargas looks really good and when her serves are hitting their mark it's really hard for the opponent. This is also probably one of the biggest reasons for that tight match vs Belgium where Vargas wasn't contributing in that segment at her usual level.

    I'm really looking forward to the matchup vs Italy since they at least have a player that can go toe to toe with Vargas.