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    Julia's looked like hyperextension to me and her knee gave in while she was jumping on the side, doesn't look good. I hope I'm wrong and it's not that serious.
    Carol is probably gonna try to come back in the next set since she is jumping on the side as well.

    Also, I don't know if I'm remembering correctly but other players got green cards even if they admitted touch after the other team requested the challenge. I personally don't think it warranted the reaction from Ze tbh.

    This match is going exactly as I expected after seeing our starters. :rolll:

    Cofi I disagree about Bjelica. She didn't score outside of tips! The team had no security with her on the court since she's unable to attack in transitionvs high block and even on a perfect pass gets blocked. She's at the exact same level as last year and that was a problem then, it's gonna be a problem this year.

    Milenkovic was about what I expected so I can't really say she played bad for me.

    Mirkovic was also really bad when she came in the 4th set. As I said, Miljevic wasn't as good in the 4th but I'd suffer a bit more with her trying to get in rhythm with other players than go back to mediocre Mirkovic.

    My only fear with Ivanovic getting discouraged with how well Thailand plays defense, but she is our most powerful attacker on this roster if we are being honest, and she needs to play more in the next game if the other OHs play this poorly.

    Just rewatched the game, here are my thoughts. (mostly the same as Cofi )

    Bjelica and Lozo were atrocious tbh, and if they continue with this kind of play, we might go with 0-4 match score this year again.
    Mirkovic was okay but not great and made mistakes in the most crucial times. The fact that we won the set with Miljevic and Gio put Mirkovic back in is so disappointing tbh. The gap in setting wasn't that wide.
    While Milenkovic played as expected - only worth playing in reception, we weren't able to use that advantage since our wing attackers were horrible and Kurtagic unusable in attack until the 4th set.
    Osmajic with an excellent game considering it was her debut.
    Popovic was okay overall. I wonder if Gio is gonna be changing liberos every match.

    Also, shoutout Ivanovic. I hope she starts the next match.:heart:

    The thing that bothered me the most was the double sub for the diagonal that literally worked 1 time out of 5 or 6 that it was made. Bjelica is in an awful shape and I honestly don't think Bukilic could've played that much worse but who knows at this point. Miljevic deserved to be on the court and doesn't need the sub at the net IMO, she had 2 blocks in the match and isn't a liability there. While she struggled a lot with behind the head sets, she was using the middle a lot more compared to Mirkovic, had some really nice pipe sets, and great defense. I personally think it was worth suffering a bit more with her than forcing Mirkovic that clearly didn't have it tonight.
    Our blocks movement and placement was also disastrous. The number of times Dominicana was hitting in the gap between players in the block and scoring without any resistance of our back-row defenders was honestly baffling. We were making triple blocks while their attackers were hitting right beside it and scoring with ease. I understand it's the first time for Kurtagic and Osmajic, but it's not like they were playing vs Thailand that has much faster balls then this. Block need to be better if our attack stays this bad.

    I will say the managing of the league is really strange. You had to approve the people in the league, then approve rosters, just weird.

    That's because it's a draft league - no repeat players for any user, so that is why you have to approve everything in advance. I joined after you posted the code and it still says the league is pending and I'm unable to make a team.

    I could make the regular fantasy version if anyone is interested but there would be only half an hour left to sign up.

    And i thinks this is lost in translation, may the 20th are 10 days from now. He said for Paris roster ideal number is 18, but no more than 20. He said when young group go to play W3, others will make paris group, so somewhere around middle of june i think. If they have 1 week rest after w2.

    My bad, I'll remove it.

    List of players for the first 2 weeks of VNL:
    S - Mirkovic, Miljevic
    OPP - Bukilic, Bjelica(C)

    MB - Kurtagic, Osmajic, Kirov, Malesevic

    OH - Uzelac, Lozo, Lazovic, Milenkovic, Ivanovic

    L - Jegdic, Pusic, Popovic

    Gio said he can change the roster every match. 3rd week is gonna have a few more younger players.


    I didn't see her in like 2 years... It looks much worse than usual... :huh:

    I didn't want to be rude. She actually scared me at first sight.

    (NE)OČEKIVANO: Odbojkašica Silvija Popović ostala u Rumuniji
    (I think this picture is from eurovolley 2021)
    The lighting and filters probably make it look a bit worse in the first picture but she always looked like this. :lol:

    I really don't understand why it seems to be so normalized to change NT like it's a club. It would not be better for Haak to play for the Turkish (or any other than Swedish) national team at all. I am happy she herself agrees on that. "A good deal?" I'm sorry but that is not how it works in international competition. She has zero links with Turkiye.

    That is exactly my thought on this whole thread here.
    It's so interesting how Turkish users are glossing over the fact that Turkey tried to naturalize 4! foreign players to fill their opposite position in the last decade. They managed to get 2. Not to mention the fact that they already had Karakurt who was playing very well in the last couple of years. They're very lucky she played OH with Gio, but I have no doubt in my mind that they would still naturalize Vargas even if Karakurt wasn't able to play as OH, which is just sad tbh.

    I belive that karma always catches up, so enjoy it while it lasts people. :drink:

    About Alexia, I trust in her with my eyes closed, since she will be a full time player and if you remember, she had a great season at Galatasaray in 2021-2022 season taking the title as best scorer in the league.

    Looked up Caratasu's numbers from her time in Gala vs Vakif:
    in VakifBank 22/24 - 43,1% attack on 29,5% eff.

    in Galatasaray 21/22 - 42% attack on 26,2% eff.
    So I honestly don't understand what you are projecting based on her time in Galatasaray since her numbers are basically the same.

    That said, Logan played OP as well as Alexia in her Gala days(maybe even better) so I think the main differences compared to this year's team are gonna be the middle blockers that are significant upgrades and I do think Bongerts fits the team better than Tashiro did with this year's team. From what I watched of Bongerts, she plays a very quick style and loves to involve middles. So imo, their success is gonna depend on Kalondadze and her reception. If they can spread the play and involve all of the new weapons at the net, they can have a better season.

    In conclusion, I think they are gonna have worse reception with higher offensive upside in OH and MB positions, better block(Yasemin) and backup options in Lazovic and Timmerman. I expect Lazovic to play often as a back-row sub so they can get as much as possible from their middle attack.

    L: curios about plan here, i guess there won't be much space for youngsters, as Popovic/Pusic/Jegdic is fighting for Paris, but again i guess some of them will join A team so Pakic/Gocanin can have some playing time.

    My best guess is that he's gonna bring only 1 libero to OG, so VNL is gonna be used to decide on which one currently has the best form.

    Excited for the battle of getting those final roster spots for OG. I'm gonna be detailing my full thoughts below, so if you don't like long posts, look away. :lol::wavy:
    Gameplan for this NT summer

    I'm really happy Gio isn't doing the half-assed approach like last year where he brings main players+youngsters. He mentioned before how it took some time to get to know Vanja Bankovic and for them to get on the same page. He also attributed the 0-4 start in the last VNL to bad physical and tactical preparations since his whole staff came too late to prepare fully. I think this is the best option since our main players are most familiar with. This way they get the most rest time and know exactly when they need to get into peak form so they can plan their weight and physical training accordingly. As Madden54 mentioned already, they're gonna be having friendly games with Russia before OG which is pretty high competition and there isn't a coach who knows these players better than Terzic so maybe he can make some suggestions and observations to them and Gio.


    I'm mostly happy with it. Some names that could have been there:
    Jovana Mirosavljevic - basically at the same level as last year, choosing a bench position in the bigger league isn't gonna convince Gio to invite her next time so I expected this outcome tbh. Also, if you have Milenkovic there, that would be an overlap in skillsets and roles.

    Tamara Miljevic - I expected her on this list after that game vs Vakif but I guess her height is pretty limiting and she isn't the most polished player. She's probably the one I'm most upset about not being here since she's had 2 really great seasons and deserved it more than Bukilic IMO.
    Kockarevic - expected her invitation since Gio mentioned her by name after last year's test practice, but I don't really care either way.
    Kocic - sucks that she isn't gonna get another chance because I really do think she's a good player but Kurtagic basically has the same strengths but with a much bigger upside and room for improvement and is younger. I'm not sure how much Kocic can still improve compared to her.

    Punisic - I think she would have gotten invited if not for the 3 libero spots taken with 'veterans'

    The only ones I think didn't deserve the invitation are Cvetkovic, Bukilic and Vidacic. But I also think they are probably not even gonna make the team for any of the weeks so I don't care about them being there just for the preparations.

    Surprised to see Silvija Popovic on here also. I mentioned after the series Lugoj vs Jedintstvo last year that she's still good and could contribute to NT again. I thought that train passed last year when she wasn't invited by Gio, but I guess she wants a chance at the OG again. Excited to see her again in the NT jersey. :heart:
    I don't agree that Busa had the 'worst season' and that she needs to play VNL. She played in every competition for 2 years in a row. While she didn't play every game in Vakif, I still think she deserves rest and I don't doubt she's gonna be able to get in form just like every other time.;)

    Drca is playing really well and her connection with Erdem is incredible.

    Simge and Gray's reception is tragic. Nobody is able to catch any attacking rhythm. Defense is also nonexistent(edit: forgot to mention their serve that's in the same category :lol:). It's gonna be a tough road to a win if Fenr doesn't lower their level and Ecz gets some boost from the bench, Voronkova and Kisal.