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    True strength of Milano -> their middles. Gio managed to neutralize that a bit in the 2nd match where the setter block position was more toward the middle than usual and really great service pressure. Castilo with incredible defense and huge contributor to her team.

    So far not a very high-quality game tbh. A lot of errors on both sides and quick points. Fener needs more help in block for middle attack, especially in transition plays, and reception needs to be better. They had like 4 overpasses that Drca could do nothing with.

    Busa's best match of her career. Maybe that match vs Bulgaria in WCH but this was even better considering the competition. She might even still be the best scorer or close behind Gabi. :cheesy::heart:

    Great team effort from Vakif, and a horrendous performance from Ezaci outside of Tijana. :flower:

    Ezaci's gonna need to pass much better if they wanna stay in this match. Overall a pretty good attack performance but the reception is making everything harder than it needs to be. Considering how bad Thompson is playing Ezaci needs to take chances they are offered.

    Vargas attack from position 4 is still a big weakness IMO. I distinctly remember Turkey losing 1st set vs Serbia in the first week of VNL last year on back to back blocks on Vargas from position 4, one even after a timeout. She still has room to improve and it's honestly pretty scary because she's already great. :lol:

    Van Ryke is great today. While I like the variety from Macris, all of her platform sets end up 1 or 2 meters inside the court...

    Did she ever report the first incident? Management should've, by all means, relocated her in a safer neighborhood. I'm sorry she had to go through that, it's absolutely unacceptable especially as an athlete's safety should be top priority. She could even sue if she wanted to

    She reported the first attack to the police with her friend right after the incident, but nothing was done about it. She says that the club is supportive and that they are helping her, as well as her manager.

    She lives in Rio de Janeiro which has a very high rate of crime. It's not like they can have her with an armored guard 24/7. There's not much they can do since stuff like this happens so regularly. It doesn't make it right but the only solution to eliminating this kind of risk is to leave.

    Great point!

    Honestly i didn't even write anything, but i'm feeling awful just because i neglected the fact that she is maybe going through something outside of volleyball and "judge" in my mind her poor performance lately.

    Hope that she will find the best solutions for herself to feel safe and sleep well first of all.

    I've been shaking for like 20 minutes now just from reading the article. I can't imagine living it. I really hope she gets professional help and that she has the right support around her that is gonna put her wellbeing first. She is just 19, My God...

    Uzelac might leave Brazil after the cup game vs Minas?!

    There is an interview published today with Mozzart Sport with Uzelac about how she recently survived 2 armed attacks. She was with a friend both times. In the first incident she was attacked with a knife while on a bicycle and in another incident where her taxi was stopped by multiple vehicles and motorcycles and men with fanthom masks and guns asking for money. She, her friend and the taxi driver luckily escaped without injuries, but the friend did lose her bag and documentation as well as key to the apartment. Both incidents were in the street where Uzelac is currently living.

    She says she is having panic attacks at night and that she is struggling with sleep so she is using pills for it.

    She will make a decision whether to stay after the cup game.

    I would also like to just say as a reminder to everyone, including me, how we really don't know what these athletes are going through day to day. I've recently commented on how her performance is dropping and the decision to leave Brazil is wrong and I honestly feel awful after reading this article. I hope she can make the best decision for herself and that she manages to leave this huge trauma behind her.

    It's safe to say that Elif passed Maja's Boskoball academy with flying colors. :lol: She destroyed Scandici block by overloading on Tijana and then spreading the play in the 5th set.

    Jelena Nikolic said last night that roster for Paris is prepared, probably around 15 girls.

    And added that all program for Olympic preparations with dates and staff are done. :)

    (To breeee! :lol:)

    That suggests a 90% chance that we are playing with young players. :cheesy: I wonder about the staff though, is Gio gonna be with them or not? I don't really know if the dates for the main roster preparations are gonna clash with the 3rd week of VNL.

    *Edit: Well, I can't read apparently. I misread that the roster for VNL is ready. :read: I still think there is a chance that means that they probably won't be playing VNL as well or she would have mentioned it also but probably not 90%... :gone:

    Looks like Uzelac will not stay in Brazil for the next season afterall.. I was hoping she would go to Sesc and work on developing for 1 more year

    All good teams in Italy/Turkey already had their starters signed, and I would prefer for her to invest in developing with great coach rather then playing in mid level team or be bench player in big team.

    I can only see THY as good option rn for her, maybe..

    I see Poland is also mentioned and it would honestly be such a big disapointment imo.

    Well, this is kinda disappointing if the story of other top Brazilian clubs having offers are true. I still think she could have had at least 1 more year of development under a good coach before going for the bigger clubs. If these are really the only options then I would prefer Italy since they have a bit better coaches overall compared to the ones in the Turkish league.

    Markova looks like a great fit for this Novara team, she may relieve some of the pressure on Akimova with backrow attacks :super:

    The Markova-Boseti duo looks really good so far. There will probably be big oscillations in both of their games, age and inexperience respectively, but the peaks will be incredible.