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    It looks like Gabi isn't jumping in the trainings. Someone on twitter asked Zé if Gabi was playing week 2 and he just said they have to be careful so that they don't lose her for the remainder of the competiton.

    Brazil MB Lara Nobre tore her ACL. We already knew she had injured her knee during one of the pre-VNL friendly matches against Japan, but we were all hoping it wasn't that serious.

    I know most of you aren't familiar with her, but this is extremely upsetting for all of the Brazilian fans. Lara is 34 and was playing the best volleyball of her life. The day she got the call for the NT was probably the only day I've seen peace on volleyball twitter, because everyone agreed that she deserved this so much. This was her dream and you could tell she was giving everything she had to be there. And judging by what we saw of the trainings, it looked like she was going to be a starter for week 1 too.

    For the Uzelac fans, this is also a huge blow for Fluminense. Lara was their most important player last season.

    One more: Lara (MB) confirmed this tuesday after exams that the injury she had in Japan is ACL, so ofc she is out of the NT and may even lost the 1st half of the club season. I feel so sorry for her, almost the same feeling that I had for Glayce when the same sh*it happened to her, two players who was doing amazing in SL and could help us in NT playing roles we need so much.

    Nooooooo wth.

    I can't believe this, she was at her peak. Life's so unfair.

    If anyone's interested, the U21 girls are currently playing against the military team

    EDIT: To make it a bit easier to follow, I'm going to list out the U21 girls who are playing:

    MB: Julliana Gandra (#4, 2004), Luzia Nezzo (#9, 2004)

    OH: Helena Wenk (#15, 2005), Aline Segato (#10, 2005), Luiza Vicente (#14, 2004)

    O: Jaqueline Schmitz (#6, 2003), Gabi Carneiro (#13, 2003)

    L: Lelê (#20, 2003)

    S: Maria Clara Carvalhaes (#11, 2003)

    Sometimes I think about how good Naiane could've been right now if she hadn't spent five years on the bench... Like I'm not going to say she made the wrong choices for her career because I'm not the one who's paying her bills, but she was just a baby when she became a starter for Minas and it looked like she was for sure going to be the next big thing.

    She's still young though, she can fulfill that potential... All I can hope is that Paulo Coco won't bench her for Claudinha :S

    I think Thaisa is going to be there, but she probably won't play every match. Lara's condition is still a question mark, but if she's fit by then, she should go too.

    Rosamaria too is supposed to be recovered I think? So probably her instead of Lorrayna.

    Naiane :flower: Idk if Roberta will be fit for Brasília, but this might be the last we see of her this VNL. I'm glad she got to end it in a positive not after the double touch call (which was kind of harsh tbh) in the fifth set against China.

    So apparently Bradesco STILL haven't decided if they're playing the Superliga A or not... We're in June. This is ridiculous.

    If they give up their spot (and, let's be honest, chances are that they will), it goes to Taubaté. But the thing is that Taubaté can't start planning for the next season without knowing which division they'll be playing, and the more time it passes, the harder it will be to build a competitive team. The vast majority of the players they could go for must be signed by now.

    So it looks like we're going to have another Abel Moda next season.

    Zé clearly doesn't trust Lorena, because Carol wasn't even supposed to be there (Zé asked her to come because of Julia K's injury) and yet she's playing every match. Everyone can see that she's struggling. Lara's injury was really unlucky, she was probably going to start alongside Diana judging by the trainings.

    Macris and Kisy also had literally like no time to rest and they look very tired as well.

    But watch Zé play the same team against Croatia anyway because that's just the way he is.

    lol só Tainara Will be a bench player?

    My pipe dream is that Praia loan her out to Sesc so that she can work with Bernardinho, but I doubt that will happen.

    But it's such a waste to see so many good players become backups in Praia out of all teams, because Paulo Coco always plays the starters no matter what. I'm still sad Pinheiros couldn't keep Gabi Martins...