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    I might agree with your added part that Busa shoulda been included but she’s not been nearly as bad as you’re making her out to be

    She is . Her reception % ( which suppose that it is her main skill) is the same with this of Bergmann ( and players like her as Anthi for example) with the difference that Julia has 3 times more receptions. Her reception was bad her attack also bad and unstable . So yes she was in a really bad shape this season. What left to say?

    WTF is happening with Serbia again!!! It is a big mistake the fact that they ar enot going to play in VNL. The team will be out of rythme in the Olympic games.

    Also Busa should have been in VNL roster for 100%. She is in the worst shape of her life and will be really bad if she will stay without matches for so long.

    This was the match of the season in the volleyball world!!! I am just with not words. All played great (exept Parrocchiale:lol::lol::lol:).

    Seeing Antropova playing like this must make Egonu fear.... It is not the points because she had really a lot of errors ( 17) but her determination which was scared me. She played free tonight. About Haak I would say that she touch the perfection again if she did not make this stupid errors in the end.

    Maja , Wolosz and Moki was out of this world.

    Degradi is a player I liked to watch but she's much error prone....she has some good games and a lot of bad too and she's capable to made 29 points with 10 errors so that's the reason she's not consistent

    Lol 10 errors to 29 points are pretty reasonable specially for an OH.

    I still hope for miracle that Folie is only rested during VNL and then her name will appear in the OG roster.

    Yeees. It would be so shame if she will not be in the team. Italy looses a starter who is in crazy shape and she looses the chance of writing her name with golden letters in the volleyball history , because we all know that Italy has real chances to get the gold.

    Yes, it's very likely...

    It's equally very likely that this team can get off to a good start with two defeats in the first week...

    I do not understand whats the point of getting Nwakalor and specially Mingardi in the roster??? I thought that every victory matters now. Also why so many experiments before the Olympics? It seems to me stupid strategy. They just should try to work with the the players who are going to be in the Olympic roster. I do not understand what they trying to do. The roster is obvious and the players who are not have a sure position but they will fight with someone else are also obvious. It will be Omoruyi vs Degradi , Cambi vs Bosio and Lubian vs Bonifacio. Just this.

    I do not know what is going on and with this roster except the fact that they will loose from Turkey and Poland for sure they are also in dangerous to loose also from Germany. Is not this strategy dangerous for the qualification in the Olympics???

    Eda was insane in this match. Bojana and Vargas was also amazing. I think that I never did it before for this result but now I will definetely accuse for Ferhat. He was 100% responsible for this chaos. If he just could kept the usual starting six he probably would win this match. Fener was playing with only two attackers. ONLY TWO. Dear lord. Arina and Ana was completely out of the match and he was not able to take advantage of this BIG opportunity. The fans of Ecza must be furious right now.

    Godina (Moscow's manager) attacks to Ebrar and Brovodikina (middle and rumors say that she is dating Ebrar) with reminding LGBT is forbidden in russia.

    Disgusting behavior after losing on the court. These 2 girls has done nothing against Russia's law on the court. Moscow and Godina is playing dirty.

    Pathetic reaction. If you want to critisize Ebrar just do it based on her behaviour abd her action and not based her sexuality. Nobody has the right to judge who she loves and what she is doing in her bed.

    what a stupid comment.

    You are the stupid one here crying about why noone can set to your princess because you are blinded with your nationalistic support to her. Among top 4 opps, she is the only one who can't attack with fast sets while even Vargas is attacking with fast balls nowadays.

    For sure the level could be better than this. It is not necessary to write like this. Also better not to start the conversation about who are judging the players based on their nationality because then we have to blame the half forum included youself:S:S:S. I don't know if some of you write as you write on purpose or because it comes out spontaneously but it better to admit that a lot of people here are biased,

    what a stupid comment. Boskovic is the least picky hitter in the world. The problem is the timing. Naz either sets the ball Super fast or super high at random moments or past the antenna. Boskovic literally attacks balls no other opposites would dream of from 25 feet off the net. Calling her picky is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read

    I agree but not completely. To say that Boskovic is picky is madness. She is playing a pretty unorthodox and difficult volleyball that probably can't be played by anyone else in the world. But he has some point. I mean she can not play with quick and short balls which is the easier but at the same time the most effective volleyball and this is a gap. Anyway despite this fact if the ball is high she can kill anything literelly even if the ball is setted from the stands. She has a increadibly rare talent to do the most difficult things.

    Ok, maybe I exaggerate, but in the end they are opinions...

    Instead, the fact that Bosetti tore her left ACL in 2018, not in 2021 is a fact and if you don't at least know the facts, it could be a problem to have opinions credible...

    I however reiterate what I said: the fact that the Italian national team depends on Bosetti is only a sign of the big problems we have in the OH position and, regarding what will happen to VB, I think we will be able to discuss it in the next 12 months...

    I remember when she tore her ACL but the summer before the Olympics had also an injury which was responsible for the drop of her performace. Also had an other after the Olympics just I do not remember exactly what it was. She came back in full power after her ACL in 2018 but never came back in full power after this. Probably you forgot the facts because I was talking about this injuries and not about the ACL of 2018.

    Bosetti has always been a difficult player for me to classify: too strong to play in a medium-level team, but too weak for a top team... In a top team she could be a luxury wildcard, but nothing more: for me a top team, to be able to define itself as such, cannot have her in the starting six... Thinking of replacing Gabi with her is truly ridiculous and even more ridiculous is that there are those who really think so...

    Exaggerations. Bosetti was an all around top player before her injury in 2021. And now is one of the top OH in the reception and defense and her attack is still at least decent or even better than this. Also is GREAT at setting and generally really technically gifted.

    Nobody is expected from her to carry the team just like Gabi did in the past because she has a lack of athleticism but she can be pretty nice. Sure it could be better if they had a turkish OH like Ilkin , Hande or Tugba ( specially because they would be abke to use the foreign MB) but they can still able to win with her if Markova and Kiera will be in good shape.

    I thought Gabi would leave VB only for a Brazilian club when she was next to her retirement . I dont know what happened. If she wanted to have an Italian adventure before come home after accomplished everything with VB and she is already not young and couldn’t wait more or if something happened there.

    VB Guidetti and her effort and dedication made from her a player that I would have not expect to see ever. She become really good on defense and reception but besides that a player with really solid attack.

    Who know maybe her thirst for trophies made her leave. I mean she realise what was happening. They lost Haak and Egonu and Zehra just made a ridicoulus fall. Cansu also stop her development. Maybe she wanted to play in a all star team like Imoco. A perfect inviroment and a team favourite for everything. This team was Vakifbank before. Now the flow of wind has change and Imoco is that team. I think thats why she left. Also, as an extension of what I said, I believe that she will shine on a personal level like never before. The imoco game system is perfect for her. Wolosz and Moki will make her attack like a beast. I believe that this is the reason. Not the money or anything else. She seemed that she was like she found a second family in VB.