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    against Chemik and Rzeszów in the friendly tournament in Poland.

    Jack and Naz were very good, but I did not like Voronkova, she was struggling a lot in reception and she was not that good in attack. I feel that Grey and Czyrnianska may add more than her to the team, especially Alexa

    Yes I know these but when I am asking where i meant the site or channel.

    Lanier didn’t got cut She got smaller injured so She couldn’t compate with others. :(

    But this is her season to shine. If She can take starting position from Plummer in Imoco if She perform on the bigest stages as WCCH and CL on highest level I don’t see any reason why She should be in Paris. But their is a lot of if moments.

    Take the position from Plummer? This is more like a wishful thinking than a realistic scenario . With Robinson being so awful Lanier will have a lot of chances to start but in the place of Robinson . Plummer has a decent reception and Lanier is better than that. Santarelli is a clever coach and if Kelsey continue to play like that sooner or later he will do exactly what he did to Courtney who actually btw was better than Robinson when Santarelli replace her with Sylla from who she did not have any great difference. The only reason which Santarelli will try her if he tries her as a starter right now is her name and nothing else.

    If Plummer and Sylla worked back then ( both were worst receivers than now) then also Plummer and Lanier can work , and Imoco will have a crazy block with so many tall players. Even Paola would suffer a lot against them. The only case in which Lanier can take the place of Plummer is only if Robinson will be like before , with a good all around game with good attack , reception and defense, if Lanier is in a good shape and if Plummer will be bad for a long time. Not a realistic scenerio.

    Do you want a hard copy, listen for yourself..I don't know which one..

    They didn't give names..What I heard was Guidetti told in WCH, 2 first6 players if they keep underperforming he will cut them..

    I guessed Eda&Hande..

    If you have a better guess, let's have it..

    Eda was still good at least until the end of NT season in 2022. In Fenerbahce she was bad but not in NT. Two players who underperforming back then was Meliha and Simge.

    It is unrelevant but I do not know where I have to ask it. Mel nasimento geoblocked my country and I can not see all her videos. I am looking for the song in the video Alexa Gray vs Scandicci. If someone knows it just send it.

    Im sorry why dont either of them 'deserve' such salary. I am glad to see the top womens players earning big contracts because in reality even this boskovic contract is nothing compared to other sports. Shouldnt we as fans of the sport be rooting for the athletes to make a lot of money?

    You have right in this part. Volleyball players should be pay more money but I a taking about what is valid today.…kluba/2023092710202320848

    I don’t know if this is true but this article says that Tijana Boskovic is earning around 1.400.000euros for this season only. :what:

    Yes this is not something new. This information exists from the moment which we all learned that Boskovic sign again with Ecza. This salary is huge exaggeration for her. Not even Paola who is the most succesful player in clubs does not deserve such a salary.

    Asli is much better from Aycin right now. Her performances in the finals was just WORLDCLASS and this season manage to lift the weight in Fenerbahces middle if you think that Eda was terrible before the NT season . I believe that Asli is much better than the people think. From the other side Aycin is just a talented player right now. Nothing more. When she is playing with good teams she can not stop to chocking. She has a lot to do if she want to be a starter in the NT. Yesemin is much more reliable right now .

    The end of Manzatti is a really good news. I hope that the new coach can bring something new to this team and to try new players and combinations because is a team who can win the gold in the olympics.

    In my opinion some good changes could be : First of all the captain. Sylla is just not the right person. The captain is always one of the the best and stable players. Sylla is too messy to be a leader and it is really stressfull for the other players to see the captain to collapse literally in almost every important match and moment because despite her expirience she does not know how to play important matches. Moki could ne the perfect person for the job.

    The second could be the return of the players who cutted this season like Bosetti ,Fahr , Moki , Chiricella , Egonu. They can add so much power to this group,

    In the setter position the locked player is Orro. The other position is open to three players in my opinion : Bosio, Malinov and Signorile. Maybe it may surprise you, but I've always liked Signorile as a player because she seemed quite calm and steady, which is missing from the setters in Italy. I think that she deserves a chance to proove herself. Her expirience could be really useful if you think how fragile seemed the other Italian setters. For me Malinov is her best shape we all know that she can be great but she is the least reliable due to psychological fluctuations and lack of composure. Ι will never forget that in WC final when the score was 14 12 the match end from her bad set or what happened this season in Scandicci. Her character is dangerous for the team. Bosio from the other side was great in club season and I could say back then, that she was the missing piece in the setter position in Italy but as we all know she was not the same in NT. Maybe the problem was the coach but in any case is impossible to write her off because if she plays at its highest level then she can even take a place in the starting six.

    In the OH position things are complicated. Sure after her performaces this season I can say that Pietrini has a sure place in the roster. Bosetti also has a sure place because of her reception ( Of course, the new coach of Novara gives me the feeling that he does not intend her as a starter, so if she spends her whole season on the bench then things will be complicated for her). The other places are also open. Omoruyi should have the third place because she is young and more stable than the other option. The other place is more difficult. From the one hand there is Sylla who has fail so many times but she is inpriring and gives energy to the team. From the other side there is Villani who was really good with her club and her attack ( specially her oos) is so important for the team. And the last solution Degradi who is so powerful and talented. If someone learn her how to limit mistakes and keep her cool she can be WORLDCLASS. Difficult choices and I believe that 5 OH could be a great solution for Italy. In anycase the form in the summer related also with their form in club season sprecially if you think that a lot of players probably they will have to face with the fact that they will not have much time in court. Bosetti probably will be on bench if Greta can attack better , Villani has a lot of competition and for Sylla I could say that if she had not Gaspari as head coach she would be the 4th option in Milano. Omoruyi also has to face stronge teammates.

    In MB position there is also too much competition. Maybe this could cause drama to the team but if I was the head couch of Italy I could die to bring a player like Folie to the team. The things could be more complicated if the coach decides to bring 5 OH because he will need to cut from an other position which will be probably the MB. In any case none choice will suprise me in this position. NONE. The only locked player is Danesi. The others will needs to fight. Even Fahr because we do not know how to be with the setters in NT and she is a risky choice because of her injuries.

    In the OPP position will be Egonu and Antropova for sure and there is no reason to try other players in the olympic season. Not even Nwakalor or Nicoletti who deserves a chance.

    In the libero we all know that will be Moki if she decide to come back. Otherwise Fersino,

    Manzattis end also means that ( thank God) we will not see again other crazy option like Parrocchiale , Mazzaro, Gennari and Dodorico.

    Only in papers. Maja is playing terrible and she has no connection with the most of the team. To play Boskoball in tournaments like Olympics does not lead anywhere. So yes. The setter is your biggest problem and everyone from the players who mentioned before could be an upgrade compare to Maja. To win you need the whole team and you know that Maja can not use them all. Drpa could be the solution but Guidetti has obsession with Maja and he is not going to invest in Drpa. So if Maja does not change the game plan for 100% sure Serbia will not get the gold.

    I don't think so. She has always been a great blocker but she struggles with her attacks a lot because she is a versatile attacker, she has only one attacking style. She had a few good games here and there but she has never had one good season as a dominant attacker in her club or in Italian NT. Again, from pure blocker perspective, she is very good at that. However her attack has never been comparable to Eda, Zehra, Thaisa, Ogbogu, Yuan or Lubian

    I never said that she was dominant consistently. None MB is dominant all the time. In her good shape Danesi is a complete player. Maybe the fact that she is not hit the ball so hard can create a false image of her but she is between the top middle blockers right now. From the other side a like Chiaka a lot but she is not a dominant attacker or a top player because she is completly unstable and unpredictable. In one match she can score almost 20 points and the next day to score 2 or 3 points. And she wasn't like that for a period but for her entire career. When she stablelized herself she will be considered as a top MB.

    This is not a surprise right? Everyone knew that lubian is a good attacker but a terrible blocker. Danesi is other way around. It seems like Italy can't produce MBs anymore who can both block and attack like good old days. Fahr is the only one who can do both but she is constantly injured so we don't know her real capability yet

    Danesi also can do both but she just is not in a good shape this summer. When she finds herself she will be like the last season in WC.

    a lot of things sound crazy to you but at the end they are the bitter truth. Just like a month ago you claimed that turkey won't repeat their vnl success and they will only play worse. You said it is crazy that they will win ECh and here turkey won both ech and Olympic qualifiers by playing even better than their VNL performance:roll::win:

    Maybe I am wrong but I do not remember to said that.