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    Guidetti is still the best in the world and as Santarelli said they have no quality:lol::lol::lol::lol:. The problem for Vakif are the players and nothing more. Today Vakif was better prepared and more assertive and determined. From the other side Imoco was not in their level and Santarelli was not prepare them to play their best. Just the quality won today nothing more.

    Zehra first of all has burned from fatigue. She is like a corp with no motive. Like nothing has matter for her like she has given up from volley. Also something similar from Cansu. Too mess today with terrible sharing specially on Jordan. Generally she is becoming worst day after day. THEIR TIME IN VAKIF IS OVER. They have win everything and a lot of times and they have no motive. They need to change an enviroment immidiatly. This was clear at the summer when Zehra was really good and nothing to do with this shape.

    Also the foreigns and specially Frantti was a bad choices. They need to build a new team. That why they sign with Caliskan and Deniz. I am sure that in the back side of Guidettis cunning mind they are replacements for Vakif because he is not stupid he knows that the river is not going to come back fro Cansu and Zehra in this team.

    But generally I can say that Guidettis ambitions and wrong decisions made the team to come to this. To let Haak was terrible desision , not only because she shone with them but mostly because they had build an AMAZING TEAM CHEMISTRY all together. After for the same ambitions he did not give time to Egonu and when he started to looking for replace them he lost her too. Well if he comes to reality someday and give up his ego he will do unbeatable teams.

    As for Zehra again she will not loose her place in NT. Sure she will come back when she changes inviroment. Some other points is that I belive that Van Alen is much better player from Cansu and she is the setter star of the future. Teams like Scandicci and Milano in Italy who have space for foreign setter will regret the fact that they do not sign her and this is annoying if you think that they have Maja and Orro.

    All that writing for nothing bro :whistle::sos: you obviously didn’t understand what I wanted to say

    BREAKING NEWS: Vakifbank SK istanbul says farewell to their long time coach Giovanni Guidetti after being eliminated in quarter-final of Champions League. New target of Vakifbank will be arguably the best coach of today and Club World Champion of 2023/24 season- Ferhat Akbas


    Can we have this please? So I can sleep well

    Okay, no team this season managed to mess Imoco’s passing as much as Vakif is doing now

    It’s still huge adventage for Conegliano cause of first game, but Vakif came to compete and it shoudl be very interesting match i hope

    Can we chill till Vakif-Imoco happens tomorrow? :lol:

    Nobody, not a single soul believed that Vakif could take Fener in semis last year, especially after how Fener beat Imoco before that. I don’t think they can do it now but let’s wait and see..

    It’s too early to pronounce Imoco as winner, finalist, or even Ecza’s opponent in semis when they still got very good team to beat in 1/4 finals first

    If they had signed Stysiak for Antropova, they would have had a chance to advance further. In fact, if they had money, they should have signed Boskovic but they are obviously less money than clubs from Turkey.

    No, they just wasted that money on Zhu Ting, she gets almost the same as Boskovic does in Ecza

    Do you think they got Antropova for free? Lol

    She is valuable as local before all, second best local OP in Italy, she gets good money for sure

    Scandicci has more expensive line up all around then Ecza

    Boskovic literally refused to lose today. She was not gonna be stopped

    It started when they refused to give shot of that ball in/out moment and only showed fast motion version.. she really took that personal. I think she was 100% in attack for the test of the set after that