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    Playing a different team, for each tournament gives many more players an opportunity to experience international volleyball...but I feel they should at least field the strongest selection for one or two major tournaments, otherwise we’ll never know the true strength of the Philippines. I’m thinking maybe...the Asian women’s volleyball championships end of the month ? :/

    With how the federation has been for the past few tournaments, I doubt they'd send a strong selection, they could keep this current team and maybe add a few more players, or just invite Creamline (the representative from last AVC iirc) once again. And even if they do send a good team, the current Brazillian coach isn't exactly the best coach that the Philippines can offer.

    Edit: I'd like to be positive though, and will continue to hope that they begin inviting more of the best players across collegiate and pro level and get a competent coach.

    I believe Lavarini won’t overuse Wolosz to avoid worsening her wrist injury. Wenerska will have her time in ECH & OQT as there will be lots of matches.

    Didn't know she has an injury, but with Wenerska's performance from last VNL, she's still gonna play a big role in the team even if Wolosz came back, maybe Lavarini can experiment with her and Smarzek as double sub for Stysiak-Wolosz until they're ready for ECH, OQT and hopefully until Paris (saying this coz for some reason I want Smarzek to make it to the Olympics lmao)

    I think Smarzek fighting for the 2nd OPP spot vs Galkowska is the most likely scenario here. What I think Poland needs to work on right now is to raise the level of play of the bench players (which they are doing very well right now) and improve on their overall defense.

    They are all 176cm instead of 173cm. It adds up :)

    And #3 Miku Akimoto is 183cm. She's a swinger too

    Wow, they all are actually taller than what I expected! That #3 looks like she's taller than 183 though. I saw another player during the start that was pretty tall as well, it's nice to see Japan youth teams getting taller and taller.