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    Just a quick question - why on earth is Milenkovic still there? Nothing against her, but she simply doesn’t belong to any NT level.

    It kinda reminds me of Guidetti keeping his weird favorites, like Matthes back in German NT.

    It seems she only enters game as backrow sub that doesn't attack. Today Maja set her only because everyone else was on the floor and she hit it right into the block. It would be smarter to use other libero as sub

    Someone knows at what time will be a friendly between France and Dom. Rep.? Do you know if there will be livestream?

    Yes, all matches will be streamed on polish Polsat Sport 1, but i don't know exact schedule of games

    Is that Stella Nervini, the girl that was playing in U22 team recently

    meanwhile Jovana had 1 point in the 2 sets she played….

    She is not starting player, but sadly she can't even contribute from the bench. Maybe as serving sub but other than that she should not go to Paris. If she stays like this even after tournament in Poland Giovanni should remove her from roaster.

    They should’ve left İlkin home and let her recover instead making her travel. They should’ve bring Meliha to replace İlkin. I think that would be beneficial for both sides. I dont know why we went with 3 liberos all the time to take only Gizem to Paris.
    Injuries changed everything for us

    Agree, i think santarelli got totally different roaster in his mind but had to make some alterations due to injuries. Ilkin was supposed to go for sure and he was going to take 2nd libero i think, also zehra's bad condition made him go with beyza as reserve.

    Ilkin out??? This is so bad after such a great season. Well done for Meliha . She made it. Anyway to bring Derya is a bad decision. She is not useful to anything.

    Meliha made it, but she hasn't trained whole summer, only last 2 weeks or more and she didn't play any match and it seems risky to take her to Olympics.

    I don’t see many people mentioning Serbia as a gold medal contender since they kinda disappeared from eyes but imo they will be one of the heavy favourites to win gold.

    They certainly have the same chance as ITA TUR BRA etc, I don’t think they are a level below.

    Considering every team will come highly motivated to win medal, we really can't say some teams would be cut off from race for medal. Although, i would say for now that i see Italy, Brazil, Turkey, USA and Serbia (even though they haven't played proper match yet) as teams in race for podium.

    Thanks! As I thought, the friendlies with Poland, France, and DR replaced the friendly match with Russia. Such a shame. Would've love to see Russia NT in action even if it's just in friendly games. I hope that the Russian Volleyball Federation would organize friendly tournaments like Yeltsin Cup in the past and invite teams like Serbia, China, and Brazil so that Russia can at least get some international experience while being banned from FIVB competitions.

    Yes, it is indeed shame for Russia but right now i see it amazing that serbia will play with some potential rivals at Olympics.