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    Natthaphon Srisamutnak “ Coach Ya “ has replaced Danai Sriwatcharamethakul “Coach Danai “ as head coach of the Thai Women’s NT. He will lead the team in their VNL 2024 campaign. Wilavan Apinyapong one of the famous “Fab Five” legendary players will be the new assistant coach. Danai will take up a coaching position with an Indonesia club.



    Nice that wilavan will be part of coaching team! I hope onuma and thinkaow will be trainers in the future.

    I actually liked danai! Do you think new coach is a better choice for the Thai team?

    It is win or die for PTT tomorrow and Çukurova still has a slight chance to reach out top 8. It will be an interesting game!

    Yeah, but MBH was a big and strong player, so she was good at blocking among other thing, if you play Gabi with Kelsey then Kelsey has to be a power attacker and I am not sure that will work, basically you will create somewhat similar issue as with Frantti.

    One of the OHs don't have to be a power attacker. In such system, MBs would score a lot as well the Opp. OHs would get solid reception and defense with occasionally attacking. I would say Brazilian NT a decade ago was playing like that

    I think Cansu losses her confidence when JT gets blocked couple of times and maybe that could affect her passing. However, I don’t believe it is fair to blame her only on this matter, after all she had CL championship with Haak, and Egonu.

    Yes I agree, it is easiest option to blame the setter but JT is just not a top opp, doesn't matter which setter she is playing. It was obvious that she wasn't the Opp Vakıf needed from the beginning of season.

    Kelsey is playing very well indeed, but I don't think you can really compare her role in Conegliano to Gabi's role in Vakif.

    Kelsey is the third option in attack and is almost always set in system. Meanwhile, Gabi is the first option and is the go-to player for out of system sets, especially at the end of sets. And she does that in addition to covering half the court in reception.

    And this is not a drag on Kelsey by any means, she is pretty much the perfect OH2 in my opinion. But I think that everyone can agree that Conegliano is a much more balanced side that Vakifbank, and that should be taken into account if you want to discuss their individual performances.

    That's true, Kelsey is sometimes even 5th option at offense since Wolosz plays with middles a lot that's why most blockers don't check Kelsey while she is attacking whereas Gabi is go-to player all the time since they don't have a good opposite and offensive oh

    Maybe it wasn't Guidetti who called first, Derya wanted to return to Turkey to recover better from her injury.

    She said she was fully recovered from her injury so I don't think it was the reason but it is a very bad signing from both sides. It ended with a bitter taste so I'm very surprised that Gui wanted her back and she accepted the offer. Smart move! She deserves to spend the rest of season at bench and ruin her Olympic chances while İlkin, Hande and Tuğba are having a great seasons. I can't believe Steven12453 blamed ilkin for not accepting Vakıfbank's offer. How dumb decision would have been for İlkin🤦

    As I said before she need to give us sucj performances in an important match. Nothing of this has not matter if she ca not put out this good self in the highest level. The last year she was wonderful until the forst match in the play offs of VNL. She had a bad chocking out of nowhere and in the Eurovolley she was terrible and she could not even receive decently sometimes. And suddenly became amazing when the championship started. She has not show us yet that she can play difficult matches. If she does it I will be the first who will cheer for her because I like her. But unfortunately UNTIL NOW only choacking and this is not enough for the Olympic roster.

    That's sooooo not true. Did you even watch her this summer?🤦 She played amazing against big teams, got a lot of 60+% attack ratios with perfect reception. Her performance dropped a bit in euro volley but she wasn't terrible as you refer to. I wasn't sure if she would keep same level in her club or if it was only Santarelli effect. But she proved that she really stepped up her game and had very good matches in a messy team like GS. She proved herself enough both last summer in NT and this season in GS so her starting position in NT is almost guaranteed unless she gets injured

    Santarelli likes to rotate OHs anyways but there's no question on whether she will be in Olympics roster or not

    I disagree. Derya was not good. She was just bearable. Nothing more and she was completely chocked when the time for the important competition ( Eurovolley) came and she lost her place in the starting six. A competition like the Olympics needs more than anything players with expirience. Players like Ilkin and Derya they will not be able to meet the requirements under any circumstances. They drown very easily and so there will be no substitutes at all for the important matches in OH positions. They will be useless. To see Ebrar , Hande , Meliha , Neri and Tugba It would make a lot more sense to me than to see players like Derya and Ilkin .

    BTW Ilkin threw away an unimaginably great opportunity when he rejected the offer of Vakif. As far as her skills as a player are concerned, she is really of a very high level. one of the best . The thing about her is that she has to learn to perform under pressure which she clearly can't do (she's actually very weak in that part) and she's not going to learn that in a team like GS. The vakif would have been a perfect choice to grow spiritually but unfortunately she did not chose it. Too bad because talent alone is not enough, the player has to do the right choices of clubs otherwise she will not became better.

    I don't know how I can express how wrong you are about İlkin 🤦 she is THE BEST Turkish outside hitter right now. To me, she is indeed second best in Turkish league after Gabi, considering balanced OHs who can receive and attack. Her Olympic slot is more solid than even Ebrar or Hande. Tuğba, derya, and Meliha will be fighting for 4th oh slot. There's no question on ilkin's selection. Just watch a few GS games, you will see how phenomenal performance she is showing this season. There's no other local outside like her who can both attack and receive well

    Staying in GS and not accepting Vakıfbank's offer was probably THE BEST career decision she made.

    1.She is taking a lot of responsibilities as attacker in GS, she wouldn't get such role in vakifbank. She is literally carrying GS this season and probably will have similar role next year as well.

    2.She has the chance to be an iconic player in her club like Gözde in Vakıfbank or Eda in Fenerbahçe.

    3.Guidetti would let her rot at the bench like he did for Tuğba and Derya before. Playing regularly as a starter is more important for a player at her age.

    I don't think she has any chance to get to the Olympics unless someone gets injured. Santarelli last summer choose to bet on Derya as the other attacking OH and it paid off so I think he will stick with it (plus, Derya is younger and has more feeling with the current NT). I do think she might get called again in the wide roster but I don't see her making the final for any competition.

    I understand that santarelli wanted to bet on a younger player like Derya however Olympic Games require experience and at certain clutch points I would trust Neriman more than Derya indeed. I always think that if she was in the Olympic roster against Korea, we could have beaten them. All other outsides were young and inexperienced. I'm afraid same can happen in Paris too. We should have an experienced good attacker for clutch points. We can't rely on only Vargas who is recovering from a serious injury.

    What do you guys think about Neriman in NT again? I feel like she still got IT! she has been underused in NT due to Gargamel but she is a true power attacker with so-so reception. Besides, she can play as opp. We don't have an offensive OH who could play Ebrar's role in case she would get injured or in a bad shape.

    I was very excited when her name appeared in the initial wide roster of Santarelli but then very disappointingly, she didn't play even a single game with NT last year :hit:

    What are your thoughts?

    So Beşiktaş wants to build a stronger team next year. They signed Rozanski already. Apparently they also interested in Alexia Carutasu. And some sources say they are close to sign her.

    She was rumored to GS but her recent form might’ve caused some question marks in GS side and fans. Basically fans don’t want her and want someone better. I don’t know if they can find a good OPP tho. Even Vakıf is struggling with that.

    It's not only about finding someone better than Carutasu is very hard at this Opp market but also for a club to be able to afford to play with a foreign setter, they really need a local opp. So it wouldn't make much sense for GS to get a foreign opp slightly better than Carutasu. She as local is very valuable in Turkish league. And being a backup opp in a top club is totally different than playing as a starter opp in GS which carutasu has already played before.

    I'm cautious about Besiktas, they once in every 5 years invest in volleyball and build a good team but then they don't pay to their players so either there are a lot of court cases or they end up relegating the year after. Their volleyball branch has been very messy in last two decades I've been following them. So I won't get too excited about them until I see them finishing the season with same roster

    The biggest problem is that she is supposed to be offesnive option as she gets A LOT of cover in reception and she needs to deliever in offense to make up for that. However she has only 1 good shot and it’s in rather faster system which they can’t have cause they have Cansu and bad pass with Frantti.. and once you defende diagonal then Frantti is useless in attack because she can’t attack down the line or make block-outs.

    She can dominate weak teams because she is physically superior to most of the lower level players, but once you have good MB on the opposite side then she becomes unable to score..

    I agree with your point about Frantti. I kinda liked her at the beginning of season but what you say makes sense indeed

    Bad for Cuttino. She had her ups and downs in the start of the season but after that she became really great. She became better in a way which makes me think that she will have a chance against Drews this Summer for the OPP position. Too bad. She has a lot of talent despite the fact that she was messy the last years.

    Don't think so, she had only a few good games but plenty of VERY BAD games. With such hectic and inconsistent performance, there's no way she will challenge Drews, not that she is great either

    Arkas and Resovia had easy wins over their opponents. I dont expect any suprise in second leg.

    It'll be an interesting final between these two teams. Arkas suffered a lot from injuries and made many changes throughout season, cause of that their standing in Turkish League is bad. They are very dangerous team when everyone is healthy and on form.

    Efe mandiraci is in a great shape. Hope he will have a long and injury-free career from now on.

    It’s not just this game, she is having a great season, compared to average season from Gizem. And it would be insane to bring Aykac over Simge, at least in terms of libero position

    I'm not a fan of Ayça. Actually she is one of my least favorite ones and I always thought she was overrated by Guidetti. However, this is literally her best season of her career. That's why I said the competition is on for libero position. Although gizem's season is not as flashy as last year, I feel like she will be back to her VNL/ECH performance this summer. She would still be my first choice and second slot would be simge vs ayca