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    If you mean Kuzeyboru, apparently there are other things happened there. Apparently a player caused some drama bcz she wasn't playing.

    Allegedly he got fired bcz a staff member and a player were in a relationship. President got mad at him for letting this happen and he got fired.

    But yeah overall he failed with this season's Kuzeyboru

    Oh thanks for the tea!😜

    I didn't watch L.Bosetti's match in the Turkish League but last season she was the starting OH alongside Gray in Busto.

    Poor Gray had to received tons of balls and then spike tons of balls by herself. Neither Bosetti nor the libero would help to cover a little bit. We have questioned the whole passing system for so long. Seems like the same thing happen again LOL.

    Gray would definitely understand the burden/pressure that Leyva has right now.:rolll::rolll: Gray came through and became a better OH tho.

    Gray is great at attacking but to me she still looks like a huge liability at reception. Do you think her reception improved over years?

    From matches that i had watch (honestly just a few) they don't even trying, it seems to me like that is the coach decision to not play that system and we all know they should.

    I have to admit that i don't see Lazovic as an upgrade in Cukurova, i mean yes better then their current bench OH's, but nothing more than that. She is not better attacker then Leyva and i think that Leyva and Lazovic against stronger team will be hot mess (i'm not even talking about Vakif and Ecz).

    Rummors about LKS had sound better IMO.

    You are right, it might be indeed coach's decision 🤦 I think bosetti is one of the rare OHs who can actually cover other OH successfully

    This is not Bosetti's fault. Any team would serve on Leyva, considering she's a weak receiver. I would give a chance to Lazovic and Bosetti together. Less points (?) from the outside hitters and more perfect passing, which means more balls to the middles and variety in their game. When Lucia is under the net, you can sub her with Leyva and have more power. Even if Leyva plays with Lazovic, any team would be serving on her.

    Any way, do you guys know why Cukurova has the football team in its name this season? They are called everywhere Cukurova Belediyesi Adana Demirspor.

    They don't have strong MBs so having perfect reception wouldn't make a huge difference for them. They need another scorer next to Ryhkliuk and Leyva does the job very well so far. Unfortunately Bosetti and Libero are failing to cover Leyva at reception line. Subbing Leyva would be a suicide for Çukurova. Lazovic could only be sub for Bosetti, not to Leyva. By the way, although Bosetti doesn't receive much she is contributing so much at defense, it is like playing with 2 liberos:obey:

    Is THY under expectation? With such roaster they’re the 4th team on paper anyway. They made a good move to sign the precious and possibly the best local setter Naz, but did nothing else to upgrade their roaster, especially their vulnerable OH lineup.

    This loss to Aydin is their only loss to a lower ranked team so far, and lost their matches to Ecz & FB, which were kind of expected even FB was messy. Their position right now is more or less the same as expected imo.

    I Agree, their roster is made for 4th place, nothing less and nothing more. Unless Eggleston would upgrade GS drastically, THY will end up 4th, as expected. They don't really have an A-level player in their roster other than Naz and a setter is not enough to make a team a medal contender

    Thank you.

    Me calling Dixon overweight and hard to move is not an insult, ut is stating facts — especially when she is playing one of the most agile positions on volleyball.

    You calling someone overweight is fine and just stating facts but me calling you out for asking things that you can very easily find by googling makes you resentful?:roll:

    Isn't the same people against "body shaming" say that BMI is not an accurate representation of someone's health?

    Anyway, athletes aren't ordinary people though. Their job requires a higher percentage of fitness than the regular person that's why any slight changes can affect their performace. So in the argument about fitness in high level clubs, fitness shouldn't be a touchy or emotional subject.

    Going back to my example, Voronkova won't be called obese in 2018/2019 either. But she was slow. Look at her now. She lost weight and got faster and better. It would be dishonest to say that her weight loss didn't help.

    No it is just you basing all your argument on one example with a big assumption that her performance improvement was because of losing fat.😉 As if Eczacıbaşı was waiting for her to lose 10 pounds so that they can offer him a contract finally 😂

    Tbh I feel like Tugba would actually fit the current Vakif. One of their biggest issues this season is that they have 3 very similar OHs: young, with potential in attack but vulnerable in reception. So even if Guidetti knows that the passing is what's bringing the team down, what is he going to do? Sub Derya in?

    Daalderop also doesn't get a lot of kills against top teams (iirc she had around 5 points vs. Conegliano), so she just becomes a liability in reception without much to offer in return. At least Tugba can stabilize the pass so that Gabi doesn't have to cover half the court.

    I agree that they need a defensive OH but not necessarily Tuğba. She is not a bad receiver but not a great one neither. I wish Vakıfbank could have get Yaprak instead of Eczacıbaşı this season. Eczacı is overloaded with good Turkish OHs while vakıf is only relying on worse of this bunch, Derya. Even Şeyma or Meliha could have been more useful as a bench player in vakif than Derya this season

    In retrospect, I realised that a lot of what you are doing and writing is trolling. People who compare you to a Serbian crovolley entirely miss the point. You are more like a Serbian version of serdar. It's just better "masked", ironically because your English is poorer than his.:rolll:

    I feel betrayed Janko ! This comparison is even more wild than Caric vs Boskovic :hit:

    Or people cannot understand joke?

    "Busa can play in Vakif" is not a joke, but "Busa is the best OH in the world" is obviously just a joke.

    For example, few days ago, there was some discussion, i just joked "prove it" and people got offended in 5 seconds. ^^

    Even your serious opinions could be a little too 'wild' sometimes, maybe that's why some people don't realize whether you are joking or not😂

    Oh didn't notice Pietrini was having such a bad season. What's up with her? Isn't she supposed to be an 'offensive OH'?

    If people think Buša is bad they're free to think so. Personally I don't even think she is bad and even like her but some people had even called her best OH in the world before when she does well. It's ok to have personal biases, I do too and some people make fun of me for it.


    I guess it is one particular member making exaggerated claims about her and triggering others. Kinda new crovolley/Fabris case

    As for Busa and her suitability for Vakif, I personally would not like to see it, but it's very rich for some people here to make fun of the very idea, because those exact same people have claimed recently that Busa is a good player in "Serbian system" (by which they mean playing alongside a dominant Opp). Well, guess who is a starting opp for Vakif?

    Generally people don't refer dominant Opp game as Serbian system. Indeed Serbian system is generally referred for teams who are playing with two receiver covering other outside hitter who can't receive. To me, for example Çukurova belediyesi could be considered as 'Serbian System'

    I mean we all have a level of bias here. A lot of people that aren’t Serbian fans use her as a meme because she really has been poor in the past. I use to not even want her on rosters. I a biased for her now but the truth lies somewhere in the middle. She really has improved and when she’s having a good day she is a very very good player in all areas except blocking. She is a very good serve, defender, and passer. Is she a world class top 5 outside ? No. Is she a top 5 outside to compliment a high volume attacking outside like maybe an Anthi or a Herbots ? I think so. She could benefit vakifbank with her reception and defense and she can be a good weapon on offense especially if she has that much help around her.

    I agree that she had good matches but she had also bad ones that's why her overall stats is quite mediocre so far.

    My point is that even if she would have had very consistent good performance whole season (which she didn't) it doesn't mean she will perform similarly in a bigger team like Vakıfbank. We have seen this many many times: a player would have a superb season and then would transfer to one of the big 4 next season and her performance would be mediocre. In Busa's case this already happened in FB. That's why i would refrain exaggerating a flashy performance of one player from a low level team.

    My intention is not to downplay her performance but trying to respond to false advertisement done by some biased users here