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    I think, I am right, that Novara will meet Moscow in the quarters and that there are just three possible outcomes for the draw for the three others?

    1. Conegliano vs. Stuttgart, VakifBank vs. Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    2. Conegliano vs. Fenerbahce, VakifBank vs. Stuttgart, Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    3. Conegliano vs. Scandicci, VakifBank vs. Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi vs. Stuttgart

    How do you know?

    Year after Olympics is the best year to make a generation change. Most other teams would be doing the same as well so it wouldnt make Thai team look bad. To me, generation change works best if 1 or 2 veteran players from the starting team would stay with the team to lead the rest of youngsters, just like Eda and Naz are doing this in Turkish NT

    Lol she’s too tall for ANTM.

    Speaking of reality shows, I hope one of the girls who retired/will retire join Survivor. I’m such a big fan of that show and have always wanted a USAWVT member to be a castaway. Lol. Maybe Destinee? 🤣

    She can definitely provide the drama that's very much needed to be in that show:lol:

    I hope turkey won't reach their top form during the VNL and performa bad during OG. This is exactly what happened during 2018 WCh:down:

    Rumor has it that both Imoco, Novara, and Busto are interested in Ebrar Karakurt. It's not a credible source though but let's see!

    I would be more than happy if she would go abroad and play as a starter at such a early age just like what Haak or Boskovic did. I think this helps a player grow a lot. But I really really doubt that the club would let her go because of the rule unless federation all of a sudden would change this rule:what:

    I agree that the level drop of Asli in second half of season is because of setter change. She was constantly beast mode on when Çağla was the setter

    I think Asli should be the 3rd MB for sure. She has never get a real chance to play in NT before. But she is in a great shape this season. That's why she should definitely be a starter with kubra during VNL to show which one of these two deserves it more. I don't see realistic chance of Beyza going to Tokyo. I think Gui should invest in Yasemin more instead of Beyza who will not be anything more than another version of Büşra Cansu:whistle:

    I think OH positions are also up for grabs. Hande and Meliha will be there most probably. The last two could be either Şeyma and Fatma or Gui might take one of these two and use Aylin Sarıoğlu as defensive specialist.

    I hope Gui will give rest the following players whom I think have a safe spot:

    Naz Aydemir-Meryem Boz

    Eda Erdem-Zehra Güneş

    Simge Aköz

    I think VNL core team should be as following:

    Cansu Ozbay-Ebrar Karakurt

    Kübra Akman-Asli Kalac-Yasemin Guveli

    Fatma Yıldırım, Şeyma Ercan, Tuğba Şenoğlu

    Aylin Sarıoğlu

    This team would be still competitive to reach final 6 and some bench players could show if they deserve to be in final Olympic roster or not. I wouldn't be surprised if Gui would play with Hande in VNL since she is still young and spent half of season on the bench.

    I agree that Derya Cebecioğlu and Cemre Erkul should be with the team in VNL

    This was an affair in the heads, no doubt. Dresden worked better as unit and was better prepared for this match, Stuttgart with only very little options to change players (Thompson and Kästner injured, Lee not eligible to play). But this is really bad matchplay by Stuttgart in sets 4 and 5, which they had to win, but Dresden managed to play without any pressure indeed, fully exploiting weaknesses of Stuttgart in the finishing part of the both last sets.

    In the end this is not that important, so 6th cup win for Dresden instead fourth of Stuttgart, no big deal, Stuttgart has to win also for the league (CEV points) on Tuesday in CL. Van Gestel is too tired at times I think, despite she is giving it all, it is difficult especially for her nearly without any pause. Lazic was not that bad I think, in fact nearly the same quota in attack as Rivers (which comes as slight surprise, optically the difference seemed bigger to me. - The pure statistics suggest, Stuttgart should have won (virtually all numbers were in favour of them), confirming also it was a matter of the heads.

    For Waibl this is a very great win: he should stay as coach in Dresden now, everybody knows, that Dresden can't win the championship this year.

    why did you say "Lee not eligible to play"?

    Brakocevic is shadow of herself, am I the only one who thinks Novara was playing better without Brako as opp?

    Another disappointing performance from Firenze. It seems like they will be the flop Of the season with Bergamo. Any comments on UUngureanu I haven't watched her yet, seems like she has good numbers so far:teach:

    Hope that she will keep playing for Sweden. With Haak and Lazic sisters they have real chances to make it to the ECH. Maybe some Swedish girls will follow her steps and SWE will become another world class team, who knows? Volleyball will never be more popular if BRA, USA, CHN and ITA/SRB will keep winning everything.

    Europe desperately needs more challenging teams considering the fact that Azerbaijan is fading away. Thus I hope Sweden can build a good team around Haak just like Azerbaijan did before.

    It could be interesting to see best 3 players of 2000generation in the same team but I wouldn't want to see her in a messy team like scandicci:whistle:

    Sorry but after this season I don't think that Smarzek is on the level of Lippman, Goncharova, Fabris, Stysiak, Sloetjes, Tandara,Vargas, Haak...

    Her club season is not great and her performance for NT was so average....

    Hers is bad but sloetjes and Sytsiak are good in this season?😱

    Smarzek is one of the top opps. Egonu and Boskovic are simply on a different level. So anyone would look bad compared to them. But if we are talking about top opps, Smarzek belongs to the group of Goncharova, Haak, Vargas, Lippman, Tandara

    On the other hand, I agree that she is having quite a disappointing season so far. Clearly playing with a setter like Mirkovic doesn't help:whistle:

    Firenze should move Daalderop to opposite and have Santana as the other OH. Nwakalor is not cutting it.

    Definitely agree!

    Im impressed with Chieri. Their roster wasn't impressive at all but now they are 7th in the ranking ahead of favourites Firenze and Bergamo👏👏 Poulter seems to be doing a good job. And Perinelli was playing like a Libero before, but now she is improving her offense as well:white: