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    If this politic don’t change but Felix and Federation he kill all German young players. Thinking only about future of club is not good for National Team.

    I hope Drewniok doesn’t stay with him. I understand that they want win but he build team like this and change now and pay a lot of money for sure on Lippmann. This all make me said.

    Well he gave chance to Drewniok for half of the season which is already good for her but clearly she is not enough to carry a team to championships while there's a contender like Stuttgart. Thus I think it was a good move to sign with lippman

    She will comeback to have talk with club and decide what to do. I heard that club doesn't expect her to play this season.

    To be honest she wasn't doing anything special so far. Having Hande as a starter will give them a more stable starting 6. Not that Hande is better than KYK but at least they don't have change their starting 6 every match and gibbemeyer can play as starter, hopefully with yasemin güveli next to her

    Great great player, I still can't believe how fast She is for such a tall player...

    We are gone miss her but Conegliano is ready to be even better :flower:

    How can it be even better without Hill? She is one of the rare all around outsiders who can facilitate Conegliano's special system. I can't think of many outsides that can replace hill. (Maybe Robinson or gabi)

    Thaisa was forced to play, just like Rasic was forced to play CL final 4 while still injured, and Boskovic was forced to play against Conegliano while sick.

    But Thaisa should have sued Vitra and the doctor. What they did was not right, and they can (probably will) do same thing to another person. I`m not saying they are bad people, but you can`t do things like that.

    I feel terrible every time I see her with that knee brace.

    Im definitely not buying this BS argument of club forced me to play with injuries. You're an adult, you should be responsible and fully accountable for your actions. If a player doesn't feel good about her health, she should have the balls to say no to a club. Let's not pretend like the clubs are evil entities and players are slaves with collAr around their neck. Especially star players like thaisa can stand up to any trainer or club agent and say no, I'm not playing. If she didn't and still has chosen to play this is 100% on her responsibility.

    Injury are always unfortunate and no one's fault mostly but it is childish to blame other's for one's own decision is childish

    In my opinion, Annie Drews have the internal quality to challenge Egonu or Boskovic but talent-wise. I don't believe she has it. Karch rejecting her in WCH 2018 roster for an unprepared Lowe hurt like a second-hand smoke. I felt for her that day but in my opinion she has the right mentality because at her age, she would have probably retired, got married and raised a family but instead she persevered and improved to an MVP opposite. That's some kind of chip-in-her-shoulder gene that's not very present among the american players.

    Thompson has the talent but she grew up in an era where the system in place can actually limit her possibilities. I don't know if she'll ever have that fire to improve. I guess time can only tell and she's still young.

    what do you mean by internal quality and how is it any different than talent?:what:

    Is pope really this harsh towards the USA players? I feel like that he/she never really like a single 1 player in this current USA squad.

    Just asking beacuse Im new here. Thanks

    No he generally has crazy conspiracy theories whenever someone says something nice about Americans. Moreover he is as bias as crovolley to fabris when it comes to Serbian players, he generally makes fool of himself when he talks about how great Mirkovic is. So his comments sounds extra ridiculous to me🤔

    She said she was forced. I'd rather believe her than believe on the club.

    Well it is always easier to blame others instead of taking the responsibility of one's own actions. No one can force a player to play unless she agrees.

    She wasn't getting much playing time due to her disappointing performance, that's why probably she didn't want to miss the chance to play that day but it was a wrong decision clearly

    He also clearly said Piccinini won't be there. So only option left is Caterina bosetti unless there's a personal issue going on between these two

    Eczacibasi forced her to play when she needed knee surgery. They gave her painkillers before each game. Don't you remember that drama?

    Noone can force someone to play while injured, a player with an average IQ would know that she should say no in the case that she has a serious ongoing injury. Either her injury was not serious or she didn't care about her own health.

    Thaisa would never sign back in a club that almost killed her career. I'm glad she's getting back in her good form, I don't think she'll ever be back to her peak when she's the no. 1 MB in the world, but at her best at this moment she's still easily the best MB in Brazil, and in the Top 10 in the world. Did she retire from NT? or is she still in the pipeline for Tokyo 2020?

    What did Eczacıbaşı do to her?:what::white:

    anyone knows if Antonijevic or ZIvkovic will return this summer?

    I would prefer Mirkovic in Tokyo for her to gain experience. But at the same time, Ana is playing great with Pomi, and I love her connection with Mina Popovic.

    Would be heartbreaking for Mirkovic, but I guess I would take Ana "just be safe".

    Wow! Finally you realized your beloved Mirkovic is a hopeless case 😂

    What a joke. On one hand, FIVB has just claimed that they would prioritize over athletes' health. On the other hand, they made such a decision to force each federation to send their A squad to this tournament 5 or 6 weeks in a row.

    I don't think this will force federations to send their A teams. Probably all the Olympic teams will make two teams, one for VNL and one for OG. I wonder if this 16 players rule also apply for the final round or is it only the group stage:teach:

    Best Polish setter?😱 Sounds like you haven't watched Magdalena Śliwa:white: