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    serdar I think when it comes to NT Hande's role gets bigger and people expect more from her. If comparing Maja's style of setting and Cansu, who do you think uses MB more? My opinion is Maja. In blocking they may be different, but in terms of attack, I think both sets of MB are pretty close. When Hande attacks more balls on a compromised block on the other side - her attack is more efficient, when she is at the NT she gets set a not so good balls more often with a very well formed block on the other side - she is less effective. I didn't say she doesn't play well with Meliha/Seyma, I think her average of play is really good, but when it comes to the important moments she can get very rattled and lose her focus, and she is the type of player that makes series of mistakes, and having a more dominant player beside her that will be responsible in those moments helps her. She improved a lot in the last few years, she really works on herself and it's paying off. I just don't think she is mentally there yet to be a great player. I think there is a difference when she only has to think about doing a perfect pass, rather than thinking about having a good reception and then attacking the ball because Meliha sure as hell ain't getting the ball in the last moments of the set. But I digress, we will see how she does this year in NT, Santarelli might be a person that can get her in better shape just like he
    did with Busa last year. :flower:
    We agree on most of your points on Busa. I don't remember her being that bad in FB, but I'll take your word for it.

    I haven't watched many Cukurova games, how is their reception? I was hoping Lazovic would go for a mid-level team rather than at the top. It doesn't seem like a bad transfer, but we will see. I hope it works out for her.

    It is not about Maja or Cansu's setting style. Last 3 years turkey nt is playing heavily with MBs as scorers rather than outsides. There are even many batches Eda or Zehra were the best scorer in NT.

    About Çukurova, they are relying on Leyva a lot. Ryhkliuk having a nice stable season so far and when Leyva is on her day, they can make surprises (they won most of their target games) I think their mistake was hiring both Güldeniz and Bosetti who are both libero-like players with none existing offense. So lazovic will be an upgrade at that Department however I doubt that she would be able to cover Leyva as much as Bosetti did this season🤷

    I also think that she could have been a better fit to Aydın. In Çukurova, her role will be more taking responsibility on defense rather than offense.

    I disagree with you on Hande's role in Eczacıbaşı and NT. She indeed is 3rd/4th option in both cases. Turkish NT has better MBs than Eczacıbaşı's MBs. NT relies on scorer Opp and MBs even more than Eczacı does. So I don't think playing with Voronkova could be a reason her good performance, especially considering her best performance in NT was while playing next to Meliha or Şeyma Ercan who are not dominant attackers at all. Hande is improving year by year but she is not at the consistency level to be compared some of the top outsides but I think she is getting there.

    I won't be opposed to having Busa as back up player in Vakıfbank instead of Bajema. I think both Nika and Bajema are very similar style of players (attacking OHs, liability at reception) and Bajema is just a bit worse version of Nika so signing with both was wrong. Especially when the only local player at bench is the same style of weak receiver. So Busa instead of Bajema is fine but only as a backup player. She played in Fenerbahçe and crumbled. Even her reception was bad. Some players only shine small clubs once they have less pressure.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, Busa is a system player. She could be very useful in the right particular system that she has to cover a big area in reception line (comparable to Meliha rather than Hande or maybe Ilkin)

    The level of french players are increasing ever year thanks to the youngsters they raised inlast years youth and junior championships. Although not having a flagship club like Cannes hurts their chances in CL, I think it helped league to grow since more teams can dare to invest more knowing that they could have a fair chance to win.

    Also many interesting American players start their professional journey in french league and climb their way up.

    Considering last couple of season I would say

    french league should be in tier 2 with polish and German league.

    I dont remember Busa/Ezca, i remember when we talked Busa in Fakif as fantasy transfer.

    But Busa is another level above Gorecka or any Ecza OH.

    Comparing Lazovic to Meliha and Derya is provocation :P

    Busa better than Hande?😂😂😂 Good joke, do another one:roll:

    She had only a few good games in the beginning of season against weakest teams of the league and then quite mediocre recently. Stop trying to make Busa narrative happen. She is a useful player in certain team setting but definitely not in caliber of top teams in Turkish league. You are extremely biased against Serbian players' level anyways. Very crovolley vibes

    Nilüfer is a team that plays really solidly, they have a really balanced line-up and even though they don't have great stars, Heynen glued this team together nicely

    By the way: Elif and Sıla this season :heart:

    I like that nilüfer is trusting foreign coaches. They did it with Tore 2 years ago and he did a great job too.

    Outside hitter: Aybüke Güldenoglu

    They are aiming to play fast but Mitchem and Paskova are bad passers. Also Klimets isn't great, can't kill out of system balls, need fast balls. They play with Rahimova but she needs high balls and that effects the team play

    I think Klimets was an unnecessary transfer, they should have use that money to get a better outside than Paskova.

    Yes, but problem is that she is not good receiver, she is not bad but not good too. So i not see her contributing more than Bell now, basically player less on court.

    What's your 'good receiver' criteria? To me she is pretty good receiver, just as a reference point for you: busa receives with 51.6% positive reception whereas Ilkin receives with 52.2% although ilkin received way more serves😉

    Lol I never said higher level. I said higher potential. She's just a child and a top 10 opposite already.

    She is almost 20 and players like egonu, boskovic, Haak, Vargas, even Ebrar was better than Carutasu at the age of 20.

    I like her a lot but I disagree with the higher potential claim

    Good list, I agree with most of it. I think Neriman could be still called, we need some experience players on this position.

    Middle line up is good, I don't want to see Beyza again in NT, it makes sense to give chance to yasemin who is younger and has more potential

    For libero, I would invite Dilek Kınık and Melis Yılmaz, next to simge and Gizem orge. Both are having good seasons.

    Guidetti wanted Ebrar to be an outside hitter and her passing drastically improved when she was in VakifBank. Now let's not pretend Santarelli will eventually make a genius move of this happens, because Ebrar even changed club in order to play opposite. It was Guidetti's first guess.

    I hope Turkey goes all the way in for Carutasu. Her potential is higher than Vargas and Ebrar IMHO.

    Carutasu might have bigger potential but currently she is not any better than Vargas. Especially this year sitting on the bench didn't help her development. She should first prove herself that she is better than both Vargas and Ebrar. Now it doesn't make sense to bet on her while Vargas is on such a good shape. Moreover, Vargas can plas as OH while Carutasu can't

    I think best option is using ilkin as receiving opp. She has experience in this role from Jr nt as well.

    Both logan and anthi are much better from zone 4.

    Gomes I didn't hear something on Ana. She stays probably.

    This makes sense, anthi can also attack from 6 very well and Ilkin started her career as Opp initially so this switch shouldn't be a problem.