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    What do you guys think about the reason why Germany have so little death rate compared to other countries with similar infection numbers such as Spain, France or USA 🤔

    What do you think is the reason for Serbia not having good generations recently. Between 1990s till 1997s, Serbia was incredibly successful at junior competitions, constantly. All of a sudden, starting from generation 1998s and younger, they are not medal contenders unlike Italy, Russia and Turkey. Of course results at junior level does not necessarily translate to senior level but I think it is a good indication. Was there are fundamental change at youth academies recently or it was just unlucky years for Serbia. To be honest, I was expecting even better generations to come up after glory times of Serbian NT in last decade since more and more girls would probably start playing volleyball thanks to this success. (This was the case for Turkey, a lot of young girls started to play volleyball in 2003 when turkey won silver medal at Ech and since then we have very good generations upcoming

    Are you really like that in your real life too? :aww:or is it so much easier to behave like that in forum ? Get a life please instead of attacking everyone that is not having the same opinion with you.

    I agree with taylor10 that the minister is doing a fairly good job with this coronavirus thing. I am saying this as a doctor in emergency service in Istanbul.

    Why are you guys so butthurt? He said something dumb and I called it out. And yes I would do the same thing offline as well

    Radenkovic play in Altay together with Milenkovic, but she just didn't reach that quality to be able to count on her for the biggest competitions.

    I would say that she was unlucky, in the sense that she is a couple of years younger than three Serbian fantastic setters but not young enough to be managed as their succesor, she is now an established player, she did not have her chance in the national team (she played in European the league seems to me to have been in the broader squad), and now it has been stagnant for a couple of seasons and I dare say that it plays for shade and worse than before.

    This golden generation at its end, if is not after Olympic then after Eurovolley next year in Belgrade(final phase), Serbian national team will look different (at least without Maja and Silvija, quite possible Blagojevic also,....).

    You forget only to mention third middle blocker from this year olympic squad for Paris olympic squad, be it Popovic or Aleksic( this is maybe the hardest decision for final roster, IMO that should be Popovic but i love Aleksic too that i have no problem if she will be in Tokyo).

    Thanks for the info. What do you think about Savic, I thought she was playing solid very solid last couple of years but she never made it to next level like Popovic or Stevanovic did before.

    Serbia has many prospects that were great at youth level but never reached to next level, besides Radenkovic, Sara Klisura and Drpa comes to my mind

    By the way you are right, I forget about Popovic. She will be only 30 during Paris OG. 4 experienced players are good core to start another Olympic cycle

    Really good job again for Rasic, people wrote off her too soon(i mean she is obviously dont superb like she was on her peak but she is still one of the best), I repeat, same as Vakif after defeats against Fener, Ecz and Scandicci at the begining of the season, look at them now.

    I am one of those who criticize Rasic for underperforming but I also stated that her underperformence is still better than many top MBs!

    I imagine she deleted it herself. I never looked but I’m sure she was getting a ton of critical comments which can’t be a lot of fun and I can’t say I like that side of social media. I’m not defending her comments but she was just expressing her opinion and it’s never good if people feel like they can’t express their views without being shouted down, even dumb views (unless they are trying to spread hate).

    Well if you post something on social media because you are seeking for a reaction, otherwise there's no point of sharing it right? And sometimes the reaction won't be as what poster desires, in this case as expected. Thus I find the reaction to her quite fair. I hope she won't end up with the same destiny of Rudy Gobert since Karma is a bitch

    ironically, he made fun of the virus a few days ago. He didn’t think it was a big deal and Touched all the microphones deliberately during a press conference. Lmao

    Talented and dumb:aww: valid for many professional sportmen/sportwomen

    What happened to Radenkovic? She was considered as a big prospect and then I haven't heard anything from her for a while. Did she quit playing? Also why is Savic missing?:teach:

    This roster is quite old by the way. Among the final 12 players, only Boskovic, Milenkovic and Busa will be in the team in Paris :white:

    Probably this was the reason why Turkey out of blue accepted they have Coronavirus cases🤣

    GS does have a good bunch of young prospects so I think investing on them for next 2 years would be a good move. The reason for them to be constantly 4th for almost a decade is their core local players which most of other mid-level teams can't have. However recently some good locals started to sign with mid level teams instead of sitting at the bench of top4 teams. Thus I expect GS loose their 4th spot next season if not this season

    Well everyone knows I'm the biggest hater of our government but fact is that Turkey was the first, or one of the first to take 'radical' measures and closing borders and cancelling flights with all big danger areas. Western Europe back then was saying it was a flu on tv (not anymore) and that masks have 0 work (because they were out of stock and not anymore again) The virus seems to outside from the far east and Iran have reached Western Europe particularly anyway (or the east lies completely which is not that far-fetched knowing them) and yet I still agree that they probably lie about the numbers. There are rumours that Turkey and Bulgaria report people with light symptoms simply as 'Flu' to make the number seem smaller, I believe this tbh.

    You have to realize, the entire world is lying about the numbers atm, in the Netherlands our government is even open to the folk about the numbers being mainly wrong lol because they did not test any family members for example of infected people and it's almost a surely given that they are also infected. So 1 entire family, counts as 1 person.

    This is so NOT true! Turkish airlines was one of the last airline that cancel their flights to Italy, same to İran as well. Indeed there were transportation between Iran-Turkey even after they claimed that they closed Iran border

    Turkey didn't take any radical measure. They just lied about the real numbers and refused to test many suspicious case. Probably things start to get out of hands that's why finally they had to accept it now.

    Crovolley please stop using other accounts, we have only one dummy slot per forum

    Despite the relocation of the matches to Maribor, all matches involving Italian teams are "postponed until further notice".

    Now I feel like it was unfair to Stuttgart. If they have the option to postpone matches till further notice why didn't they do it for Stuttgart 😒

    Isnt Asli kalac also a done deal? If so, I would rather have an MB1 who can do slide attacks. Sinead Jack sounds good, can she already play as local status since she is married to a Turkish guy. This could increase her market value drastically.