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    Shall we go back to talking about Turkey and its national team? Some people are saying that ebrar can play wing-spiker, but if she comes back, who would be the second opposite? Please, I don't want to see meryem anymore.

    How is burcu in Germany? Yagmur in Hungary? Is Dalia Wilson playing somewhere? Did she naturalize in the USA?

    Also, I'm very curious about santarelli's relationship with the more mature players like naz, eda, neriman, gizem orge and asli, as well as whether he will give chances to players who have recently been in the U20 - U18.

    Gizem orge and Naz are the most crucial ones. Gizem orge has a beer with gio but I don't think naz's reason was Gui, so she probably wouldn't be back. Would love to be wrong🤞🙏

    A very fine post. I have some quibbles here and there, but I won't do it, because such a well-constructed argument deserves to be encouraged, and by contrast shit some of your compatriots have thrown here to be discouraged so kudos from me.:thumbup:

    Thanks Janko, my posts sometime might give hate and love vibes to some Serbian users but you guys are some of my favorites in this forum. 😂

    You made a fine rebuttal considering the weak position you're forced to adopt, but what is so very far fetched about this hypothetical scenario? You've already naturalized all the other players discussed; contrary to what Beri says below, Turkey demonstrably naturalizes more players than other countries and like clock, every couple of months lately some Turkish users bring the topic of naturalizing Egonu. And I don't blame them; if we are already player shopping (kudos for coming up with that term :thumbup:), it makes zero sense not to buy the best player you could hope to buy.

    The reason that I've called it far fetched hypothetical situation is that Egonu is only playing in turkey for half a season (unlike Vargas or Carutasu), she already plays in a NT that she can compete at high level international competitions (unlike Vargas or Carutasu). If turkey would really go for 'player shopping' they would try Boskovic probably rather than Egonu since Boskovic has been playing in turkey for many years, she loves the culture, Istanbul and she can even speak Turkish a bit. So she is a more likely candidate than Egonu to naturalize to Turkish in that sense. However player shopping doesn't really work in real life. Players are not slaves and do have freewills to decide not to accept any offer coming to their ways. Even clubs can not sign with any player they want even after offering them shit loads of money, let alone a federation could force a player to naturalize. Only thing a federation can do is to make an attractive offer to a player and then it is up to the player to accept it or not. A player can accept to be naturalized or herself can demand it. There could be several reasons:

    1. Pragmatical reasons: her current NT doesn't participate international tournaments (Cuba, Russia) or her current NT is a weak one that she can't participate to big tournaments like Olympics or WCh (carutasu from Romania, Haak from Sweden or Jack from Trinidad & Tobago, Mihajlovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    2. Sentimental reasons: she married with someone from the prospective country (Natalia hanikoglu from the past, Sinead Jack's current situation, even Leon could be considered in this category). Or she played in that country for many years and feels close to the culture (Carutasu, Sorokaite, Costagrande)

    It is not necessarily be only one of these two reasons, indeed it is mostly a combination of two. And at certain cases a player decides to be naturalized, like Carutasu or Vargas and at certain cases they don't want to, like Haak from Sweden, Boskovic from Serbia.

    All in all Turkey is not forcing anyone to naturalize, they are just use their resources to get their program the best success which is something all federations do. Also we should keep in mind that, in naturalization cases mostly clubs are heavily involved too since they have a big incentive as using that player as local, so it is not only Federations initiating or driving the process.

    I don't expect turkey to naturalize more players unless clubs propose it to use their players as locals. The only one I can imagine being possibly naturalized in the future could be Arina if Russia's ban from international tournaments would be prolonged further. She is very young and too good to be excluded from international tournaments. And she has already played in turkey for a while. But this is only my speculation/wishful thinking. I didn't hear any rumours about this possibility.

    Cazaute and Butigan are having great seasons so far. I wonder if either will go to bigger clubs next season. Cazaute is what Novara is missing this season

    Also kudos to Ebrar for being best scorer and best server of the first half on top of receiving many MVP awards 👏👏

    Wow what an overdramatization Janko🤦 and based on what? a very far fetched hypothetical situation of naturalization of best player in the world😂

    There is NEVER EVER a guarantee to play in NT when someone is naturalized. Players make the judgement themselves and take the risk. This is very pointless for the cases like Jack's who just Married to a Turkish volleyball player and get the citizenship right. I don't think she expects to play for Turkish NT anyways, considering her age and position.

    Carutasu's case is different, she explained in one of her previous interviews. Romanian Federation literally threatened her to play with them otherwise they wouldn't issue her international license and she wouldn't be able to play for a club. That's why she had to play with senior NT couple of years ago. But She mentioned that how bad the conditions were in Romanian NT and how badly the NT trainer treated players etc. On the other hand, she was enrolled in Vakıfbank's youth academy at a very young age, which helped her to be the player she is now. She made the decision to switch her passport knowing that Vargas or another person could be naturalized as well in the future, there was no guarantee given to her. By the way, naturalization already brings a huge advantage to foreign players by allowing them to play as locals, which increases their market value drastically. So even if a player never gets a chance to play in NT, there is still a big incentive for her to make a switch (independent of feeling culturally closeness to the country, which is the case for Carutasu considering her interviews)

    For Vargas, she has already played in Turkish league for many years and she doesn't have any option to play with Cuban NT so it perfectly makes sense for her case. Naturalization is a win-win for both parties.

    As you manipulated, the situation is not like turkey is going for 'player shopping' every year to naturalize. Even if they do, no one can blame them since this is something Italy has been doing many years, same with Serbia (let's not forget that even Serbian Federation tried to naturalize Vargas)

    I know you are butthurt because of Santarelli issue, but I think you can do better than this far fetched hypothetical naturalization theories

    S: Hilal Kocakara, Lila Şengün, Sıla Çalışkan

    O: Melissa Vargas, Dalia Wilson, Ebrar Karakurt

    OH: Hande Baladın, Şeyma Ercan, Derya Cebecioğlu, İlkin Aydın, Melisa Bükmen, İdil Naz Başcan

    MB: Zeynep Sude Demirel, Ayçin Akyol, Zehra Güneş, İlayda Uçak

    L: Gülce Güçtekin, Gizem Örge, Pınar Atasever

    What a random list :what: hilal is not even a starter in a low level team.

    Pınar is nothing special and she is not even young. Why would someone invite her to NT which she never been called before?🤦 Especially while Dilek kınık and Melis yılmaz are having such good seasons.

    İdil is playing very mediocre too. Carutasu should be invited anyways although she can't play with Vargas at the same time but they can rotate

    Not very sincere to act like you are above drama but then being the one that always feels like they have to have a say in every ''drama'' imo, you know to the point you are speaking of it when you feel like there is actually none lmao. The forum has been semi-tame for a while now, instead of bringing attention back to the negative I encourage you to raise that attention to whatever you supposedly do feel has a positive impact <3 You could have responded to madden's post f.e. instead of leaving this off-topic message <3 peace.

    Exactly! It is not like this member is writing any volleyball articles here, most of his contribution is about players' nude leaks🤷 so I find this complaint not sincere at all

    Santarelli confirmed Turkey for Sportski Zurnal and said that he is waiting for a federations agreement (whatever that means).

    So probably after that "agreement" we will se oficial news.

    Since he still has an ongoing contract, probably they are negotiating the fee TVF has to pay now

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Madden54 It has been a while since such review was shared here.

    It was never perfect but at least you got to read some volleyball centric comments. Now it is mostly just condescending or bashing other users, or constant comparing teams or players or coaches or certain users asking for the same fucking link for the millionth time. Even the admins are doing it.

    Or randomly asking the name of every hot trainer/statistician/referee someone sees on TV:roll:😂

    Guidetti did great things with all the NTs he worked with, and made all of them better than they were before.. so I don't know why you guys are sad about it, really...

    Well Karch won gold medals in both world championship and Olympic games with USA NT but there are still some people complain about him, right?🤷

    Do some of you all honestly think Serbia is the winner in this coaches swap? I am not too sure of that really, Santarelli made you World Champions only a few months ago. Of course the biggest part in that have the players on the court, but I'm not convinced Guidetti would have made the same choices (in the roster for example). It's only 1.5 year to Paris, Serbia is on the perfect path for a gold there

    I really don't understand it from Santarelli's perspective either. It cannot be anything else than money related. Or does he think the chances of getting gold with Turkey are higher than with Serbia:S

    Every volleyball fan in Netherlands must have a deja vu now that Turkey snatched a head coach again lmao. On top of that any possibility of Guidetti's return is gone now as well

    Just wait until Guidetti fights with half of the team and exclude them from the roster. He generally has problems with veterans and try to start with unknown players so that he can claim the success for himself 🤷

    I don't see such egosentric attitude from Santarelli. He indeed did the opposite and brought excluded players back to NT. I hope he would do the same in Turkey NT too so that we can see some players coming back for Olympics

    This is such bullshit. It's a classic movie bully move of trying to buy success with money with this "transfer" spin trying to act as a paper over for such antics. Turkey was my 2nd favourite team in the world, but if this is true, I now fervently wish for them to crash and burn as long as he is coach (and I would gladly accept Serbia not achieving any success if that is the price for that happening). TVF can go fuck themselves and you reader, the one who thinks this is all good and normal? You can go fuck yourself, too. Just keeping it real and honest.:)

    How will you have the face to warn someone in this forum as an admin while you tell people 'go fuck yourself ' just in case they have a different idea than yours?🤦

    You don't have to be so bitter just because some people don't have the same criterias while choosing their career paths.

    What is La Laguna? The club is called Haris. No one would say London instead of Chelsea or Arsenal in football, as much as no one would say Instanbul instead of Fenerbahce or Galatasaray in volleyball.

    Of course this is not against the user Seweryn1908 (:win:), but against CEV and its amateurish communication. :hit:

    Indeed Fenerbahçe or Vakıfbank are referred as İstanbul by CEv and doing some broadcasting as well, I can imagine your frustration

    Obviously it is not only about Italy and Türkiye, but this format is just too much. Cev Cup should be more highlighted, these teams (like Plovdiv) could play competetive and high quality matches there with real chance. CL should be a little bit more closed, I am not saying that it should hve like 8 teams, just a little less than now, because these are basically one sides matches all around Europe for what?

    And I am saying that with all respect for teams with less chances, I even have a team from my country who has basically no chance against Developres and Imoco.

    Definitely agree, it is really pathetic to see supposedly highest level of volleyball is accommodating so many weak teams. What do they gain at the end anyways? Playing against b team of Eczacıbaşı?

    I agree that there should be like 12 teams with top clubs competing and making second Cup more marketable (like giving a CL wild card for the winner/finalists of this cup). Especially this year without Russian clubs, the level of tournament is extremely low. No need to watch most of the games until quarter finals🤦

    I don't believe anything posted until it comes from a reliable source like TVF or the coaches themselves. (not from magazines)

    Well tvf won't announce their salary offer right? So at this stage it would be just speculation anyhow.

    He is probably making good amount of money with Conegliano so I don't think he is desperate for money but at the end of the day this is a job and people can make their career choices based on their priorities.

    He is obviously best trainer a NT can ask for, so I would be happy if he chooses Turkish NT but I feel like he will reject the offer