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    It will be interesting to see who the USA brings to this tournament.

    I doubt they will field a very strong team. Most of the girls in this age group with National Team potential will either be playing in college or will have already started training with their professional teams. I suppose those who play in Puerto Rico may play in this tournament since the PR League starts later in the season.

    I wonder what the hell Faucette does in NT. Every time she's in she collects mistakes. Now she got blocked and she touched the net. :down:

    A couple of observations about Faucette since I've watched her play since college:

    1. She is a rhythm player and plays best when she's on the floor all 6 rotations. With the USA team, she only enters the game with the double-sub and she doesn't look comfortable coming into the game cold. But that's a role that she may have to get used to if she wants to see the court because I don't see her beating out Hooker or Murphy for the starting role.

    2. She is most comfortable hitting on the left (at least for now) and is still adjusting to hitting on the right side. Even with Yamamay Busto, she was hitting mostly from the left side even though she wasn't passing on serve-receive. The USA's system requires the left-side hitters to pass in all rotations and she is not able to do that, therefore, she was moved to the Opposite position.

    I think it may take some time for Faucette to really gain confidence hitting from positions 1 and 2 on the court. She is playing professionally in the Chinese league with Evergrande this upcoming season, but she may not see lots of playing time if Kozuch is also on the team.

    Thank you for your post! It is nice to hear the things that we cannot see from the video feeds.

    I agree that Kim Hill did not play well in this match. She looked tired during this match and made many errors. But even with that, I think she is a player to watch out for in the future. This is her first international competition as a starter with the USA team. At the Pan-Am games, she was a sub off the bench.

    What is most exciting to me is that this is her first year playing as a passing left side hitter. In college, she started off as a MB and was later moved to a non-passing OPP. She focused on playing college sand volleyball her last year in school and then started training with the USA team.

    I am very happy with her progress and hope that she continues to improve in the next quad. :win:

    Yamamay fans,

    What position do you think Faucette should play on the team? Is she better on the left-side or as Opposite?

    In college, she played on the left-side but did not receive-serve. Is her ball control still inconsistent?