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    During the technical meeting yesterday was announced that the doping tests in F4 will be blood tests, not urine tests (source).
    My medical knowledge about this stuff is zero, maybe someone else can tell what consequences this brings and if/how it could be related to Kazan's absences.

    "Blood doping is the practice of boosting the number of red blood cells in the bloodstream in order to enhance athletic performance. Because such blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles, a higher concentration in the blood can improve an athlete’s aerobic capacity (VO2 max) and endurance.[1] Many methods of blood doping are illegal, particularly in professional sports."

    I think this type of doping ( have you ever heard of EPO in cyclism?) is difficult to detect through urine test.

    Borodakova and Vasileva, interviewed after the match about Gamova and Startseva's absence, said "Don't ask me about this". Plus, Del Core said that nobody knows where they are, they had lunch with the team and then disappear. The team is floored and expects explanations.

    I'm not a native italian speaker but let me try :D

    They are talking about their NT that already qualified to Rio 2016, the interviewer asked them how they feel in Casalmaggiore, Jovana said that it's her 3rd season in Italy and she feels really good, even though it's a small city (Casalmaggiore) she likes the atmosphere as it's a family like society. Gibby also finds the city perfect to stay and likes friendly people of the city. Since they have been playing a lot of tournaments at the same time, they want to win all of them.

    Jole is hilarious, they were asked what they do out of court and she said "We block" :rolll: She seems to have perfectly adapted an italian sense of humor. Back to her question, Gibby travels a lot and went to Venice and Florence together with Jole. Venezia is Jole's favorite city, Firenze is Gibby's on the other hand. They also said they love italian cuisines, Gibby is into sweets in particular everything that includes chocolates :D Jole also likes sweets. What's so funny is that they think it's Carli's fault being addicted to sweets (chocolates mostly).

    Altough you are not an italian native speaker you understand it very well! :super: The translation is correct except for the answer to what they do out of court, Jole said "we don't block" :D

    Sirressi is so far the biggest talent Italy has got after Piccinini. She hasn't famous parents or sponsors, so no one calls her in NT. And her club as well is new to high level volleyball, so it can't make pressure to have her in NT. That's all.

    It's a pity, hope she will be considered for the future. She has not famous parents, but her mother was her first coach and a valid volleyball trainer. The team she has been training here in Apulia (italian region where Sirressi comes from) has won so much at young level. I still remember her playing OH durign teen age and be the best :super:

    Many thoughts! Kosheleva without any awards is out of this galaxy! Pretending a team like this was real, Ozsoy and Egonu as receiver would be as scary as hell :white: :D plus Sansonna as a L who didn't show so much in receive during this tournament ( Malova deserved it, no doubts). I agree with the choice of Egonu because she has been the surprise but Oszoy instead of Kosheleva is very difficult not only to understand but to think as well (even my grandma could have choosen better).

    Then the MB. They have choosen simply the wrong turkish MB and De Kruijf who is not a cardin in Dutch game like ita was Guiggi on italian side. Setter is another awful choice, you can't give an award to a player that is constantly replace, better to Dijkema. And the MVP for me is with no doubt The Queen Tatiana Kosheleva :super:

    As always individual awards are choosen by BOH, I can't find a word to name this people :down: :D