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    And just as I complain German fed posts a news :D
    GER - ITA 3:2 (25:18; 19:25; 25:16; 25:16; 11:25)
    GER started with Apitz, Kozuch, Fürst, Silge, Beier, Brinker, Dürr. All players except Poll and Pettke entered during the match. Kozuch 19 pts, Beier 11 pts, both with 50% in attack. German team only with 5 attack errors from 139 attempts and 10 aces with 11 serve errors.

    Any stats form Italian side available?

    Pomì Casalmaggiore wants to transfer Anastasia Guerra already in January. She is currently playing in Club Italia on loan, but she is property of Pomì.

    It would be a great mistake wasting her on the bench when she can play as a starter all matches, because I think when Picci will come back from the injury Bacchi will be the first substitute and Guerra the second in any case.

    Toksoy is doing very well so far in Scandicci, at least in attack maybe she have to improve in block but I can't understand why Cansu has always been prefered to her both in club an NT. Hope she could take her spot in NT again, she is still young.

    I absolutely agree on Frigo, she should have a chance, but I understand very well why Plak is on the bench more often than on court: she's too unstable on the second line fundamentals for a team that already has so many problems. Of course Sylla is not a master herself, but you can tell she has been working and she's trying also different attacking solutions, right now is not paying off, but this is just the beginning (and I'm sure that as soon as Barun will find her best shape, all the other players will benefit). Maybe it's just me, but I always feel uncertain when Plak does everything else than attacking, I always wonder what kind of movements she will do, in which position she will find herself; sometimes her roughness is even funny, but if you think she's playing in Serie A is not that funny anymore. She has indeed an incredible potential, but if she wants (has) to play as an OH her power is not enough; her technique in every fundamental has to improve a lot, she's still young, it's true, but this is the time to do this kind of work.

    Plus I wonder who taught Plak the awful block technique that she showed yesterday :mad:

    I wonder why Sylla and Paggi start over Plak and Frigo.

    I wonder the same,too. Plak can't be on bench, Bergamo needs her power. And Paggi is too old now to be starter in a team that want to win something again. Besides Frigo showed good thing in her little time on court during the last match.

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Netherlands : Slovenia 3:0
    Italy : Poland 3:1

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Belgium : Hungary 3:0
    Turkey : Azerbaijan 3:1

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Bulgaria : Russia 0:3
    Croatia : Belarus 3:1

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Czech Republic : Romania 3:1
    Germany : Serbia 1:3

    Day 2

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Netherlands : Poland 3:1
    Slovenia : Italy 0:3

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Belgium : Azerbaijan 3:1
    Hungary : Turkey 0:3

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Russia : Belarus 3:0
    Bulgaria : Croatia 3:2

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Romania : Germany 0:3
    Czech Republic : Serbia 0:3

    Day 3

    POOL A Apeldoorn, Netherlands (Omnisport Apeldoorn)

    Poland : Slovenia 3:1
    Netherlands : Italy 1:3

    POOL B Antwerp, Belgium (Lotto Arena)

    Azerbaijan : Hungary 3:1
    Belgium : Turkey 0:3

    POOL C Rotterdam, Netherlands (Topsportcentrum Rotterdam)

    Belarus : Bulgaria 1:3
    Croatia : Russia 0:3

    POOL D Eindhoven, Netherlands (Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven)

    Germany : Czech Republic 3:2
    Romania : Serbia 0:3

    I think the kenyan Mercy Moim deserve the possibility to play abroad in a better club, why no one is interested in her? If I'm not wrong some Algerian players play abroad (in France I think) but Moim, with good trainer and high level training could become a strong player. Some average level team should consider this, in my opinion.

    EDIT: She plays in Finland :rolll:

    Their roots are from Italy for sure.
    Argentina is an immigration country, over 90% were from Italy and Spain
    and Italians were taking the major portion of the immigrants.
    Soccer become popular in Argentina due to the Italians who brought the sport in.
    the King of football Diego Armando Maradona is pure italian.

    I'm Italian and half of my grandfather's brother went to Argentina in 1950, is very common in Italy :D