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    I think Greek coach made a mistake to leave Anthouli out today. Unless she is injured or something. Ok, she wasnt making a good championship. A bit slow, but she has potencial. And Greece had faced Bulgaria and Poland, you have to take that in consideration..maybe against Spain she could have done better.

    Russian reception was terible in second set, but France looking very nice, Im liking their game despite being such young team.

    I saw Brovkina injuried in the end of first set, but I wasnt paying to much attention...I guess maybe she twisted her ankle..hope is nothing to serious...Russia destabilized a bit after that.

    Hey guys, Ive been away for a while from volleyball..trying to get back to is the decimals in points about, is the turkish league couting the junior league points again?

    Usa is coming to Brazil with almost the same players that faced Japan recently. Only changes are Bartsch, Gibbemeyer and Dixon also coming to play here.

    I remember watching a couple of games from Vanjak couple of years ago on NCAA, she was quite strong OH.

    Brazil will host 4 friendly games against USA next week. All matches will be broadcasted by Globo and Sportv. I dont know yet which american team Kiraly will bring to Brazil, I just know so far that Larson wont come.

    12/08, 10h - Brazil x USA - Brasília (DF) - TV Globo

    14/08, 19h - Brazil x USA - Uberaba (Minas) - Sportv

    16/08, 20h - Brazil x USA - Uberaba (Minas) - Sportv

    18/08, 19:30h - Brazil x USA - Rio de Janeiro (Rio)* - Sportv

    *its will be the first volleyball game in Maracanazinho since the Olympics finals!!Kind of crazy to think it took so long for us to have any volleyball games there again...

    Orro was with Nt in the last VNL group. She was in the stands, so I imagine she is training with NT still...but she is the youngest of the setters, so maybe Mazzanti doesnt wanna get ahead of things, plus Malinov and Cambi are doing a good job.

    Hey guys, did you hear anything about Giba working in some club in Poland, or maybe for the Polish federation? Cause he posted in his insta stories today that he is moving to Poland. He just flew out of Brazil...and I saw that he will play an All Star Game there, but no one moves to another country just for one game.... did you guys hear anything?

    Cause here everything seems really suspisious....he and Pirv are in a legal battle because of their kids pension. Giba didnt pay the pension the state determined he should for a few months, and for that Justice even released a order of prison against him (here that is something really serious and justice act very fast so dads can provide for their children), after that, he paid everything he owned so he wouldnt end up in jail of course. But he released a statment saying he didnt have the means to pay everything it was settled anymore and that he missed his kids and that Pirv wouldnt let him stay much with them...and so on....

    But now he decides to live in another country? ?( I dont know what to think, but it does feels suspisious, a lot of people here thinking he might be escaping everything...and of course his image is not as clean as once was around here, cause of all the pension problem, so maybe he might find a better job there dont know... do you guys have any info about a possible job for him there?