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    Totally agree. I would not complain if they were coaches in other countries, because the foreign rules could avoid an accumulation of high level players from the same nationality in the same club.

    Yeah, that is a situation I could get on board with too, its better than in their own country for sure...but still I think I'd prefer if they didnt coach same gender.

    I'm pretty sure they wait for good offer. Chemik paid 600 000 PLN for Malwina's contract in 2016 (~ 150 000 EUR) so I don't think they will loan her for free :D

    For sure....I dont know how is Bergamo budget for next season, but if Smarzek go there, they will definetly pay something to Chemik, plus the salary.

    Are you guys in Poland sure that Smarzek wont play in Bergamo? Cause I keep reading news from Italy, and they all pretty sure she wil be part of Bergamo next season.

    Ive recently read that the club will announce soon, Sirressi, Smarzek, Sara Loda, Megan Courtney and Camila Mingardi.

    I can understand this questioning, honestly I dont really like coaches training club and Nt in same gender...I do think it makes an impact on how players approach the club. Even if its not intended, and even if the coach in question does not use that "advantage" in any form, it kind of makes a pressure on players. Its hard to refuse a proposal from NT coach, cause if its not Felix, Im pretty sure managers will raise that doubt so it makes harder to refuse it. The same happen in Brazil and in Turkey....I think its something it can be avoided

    Sesc - RJ has made official almost the hole team for next season...only missing the MB, though they are known already...

    to be confirmed

    SESC - RJ

    S: Roberta (BRA), Carol Leite (BRA)
    Opp: Monique (BRA), Natiele (BRA)
    OH: Kosheleva (RUS - Galatasaray), Drussyla (BRA), Peña (DOM), Kasiely (BRA)
    MB: Juciely (BRA), Bia (BRA - Osasco), Mayhara (BRA)
    L: Gabi (BRA), Vitória (BRA)

    which players have stayed in Osasco amongst the Brazilan NT players ?

    There arent much news yet, cause they had a problem with sponsors, so I guess will have more news after the new sponsor is announced. But the rumors are that Mari Paraíba and Camila Brait should stay, and they will sign setter Claudinha (ex-Praia Clube). There are rumors involving MB Wal as well.

    I dont know why people still trust Hooker honestly, she is a great player, no doubt, but she never showed to be a team player, or a club one for that its always a risk to have her or to go after her, it could go well, but it could also go really wrong... If I were a team manager, I wouldnt take that risk...she is not the player you can rely on.

    Anyway, seems like she will go back to Osasco. they will announce a new sponsor next week..and she will be their main reinforcemen for next seaon.

    After this weekend Im pretty sure Lucarelli and Busa have something going on. Maybe they are not officially in a relantionship yet, but they do have something...

    Lucarelli posted a photo with her, and when I checked her instagram, he commented in EVERY single photo of, other players commented like they ship them together and so on.. :lol:

    Bernardinho on Kosheleva's arrival, it will be really interesting to see them working together.

    "For what has come to our knowledge, she is aware of our work, she has some good references and has shown a lot of interest in working with us. And that makes us very proud. To see a player of that level create that expectation, to have that perspective of working with us. Our intention is to have her in the best possible condition and at the right time. We will not rush any deadline, because the most important thing is the integrity and the athlete's career. Then we will think about how we can use her in the best possible way, so that she can be the reinforcement that we believe she will be. We are already in direct contact with the staff responsible for her recovery. It is important that the both staffs are speaking. We received some videos from her and we saw that she is at a point of recovery even better than I imagined, due to the short time since she had the surgery. We'll keep talking and working together to see what will be the best time for her to arrive in Brazil.

    It's an honor to have such a player on our team. We'll adjust so she can perform her maximum, so we can introduce her well on the court. So that her knee has a good recovery, get her in shape and go back to being one of the main attackers in the world. We'll work as we always did. To develop the player and, with the quality she already has, hope that she can help us fight for titles this season."…recuperacao-de-kosheleva/

    Love Kosheleva, but I'm terrified for Sesc's reception line and I'm sure Bernardinho wouldn't want another Buijs situation. Curious to see how he'll work it out.

    I think Monique could help receiving, she has the skills...I think they could have done it already last seaosn when Pena was on court....but.....dont know if that is something Monique would be willing to do....

    We will see...but I do think Kosheleva is what they need... I said before Sesc needs a big heavy hitter, everyone in that team is short.. I was thinking maybe Rahimova. But Kosheleva still can pass. Brazilian fans does not like Russians but they do love Kosheleva.

    No, I agree, having a strong attacker will help for sure..

    Tbh I dont think Kosheleva will be the solution Sesc needs...but it will be definitely very fun and entertaining to watch her play here if she recovers well. I think Brazil is a good place for Tatiana...she wont have hard time adjusting it. Maybe just to the heat if we have a hard summer next year..but other than that...she is very warm i think she will get brazilian lifestyle pretty fast.