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    I can't believe Anja will be out again!!!!!This sounds really strange...cause she is why is she out?!!! ?(

    Well...anyway...I hope Serbia goes well...and that IVana come back in time....

    and also....I think Terzic could called Pavlovic from Perugia...she is playing well!!!

    Yeah...I also think of a bad date!

    Not only for the European quali but is a very hard year!!!

    Cause of that I didn't vote for any player of Bergamo...cause I prefer they rest... :lol: ..althought I think at NT will call most of them... 8|

    If I remember well..I voted for Berg and Skowronska, Furst and Bown, Costagrande e Francia

    It surprised me that they went to the finals, and they were beaten by Perugia so easily...

    Maybe, they surprise this year too, but I seriously doubt it...



    Now.....I'm really liking this Pavlovic from Perugia...she is so young....and is playing really well....another great younger Serbian!!!!! Do you people think she can be called by Terzic? She and Velikovic are playing better thahn Krsmanovic!!!!!In my opinion!

    And what happened the last game against Chieri....did she get injuried? Cause I saw she left on the fourth set, but then she got the MVP!!!So....well...but if she did I hope is nothing serious....I like Crisanti too...but is always good to see new young players there are playing good....

    Yeah....IT looks like!!!Cause Cannes has a great team!!Always have....Ravva....Centoni....Yaneva.....

    And I had never seen this team PILA...before....maybe that the reason I was surprise!! :lol:

    But I'll look better next time! :roll:

    This is really absurd!!!! The players should have the right to decide that...even cause how you are going to do something well...if you don't wnat to be there!!!!!!! ?(

    This looks like Cuba!!!!If you don't play is cause you don't love your country so or you leave the country or you go to prison or worse!!!! This is to old for my mind!!!!

    But anyway...the players also accepted that...cause they signed! :|

    And I'm glad to see Calloni in court! hehehe! I agree, she's much better than Gattaz (specially serving - I guess you know I'm talking about, Joana)
    I was reading some stuff in italian forums, they are like, blaming everyone Maybe, the problem is the team... not just some "thing"...

    Totaly agree with you!!!!!!! :lol: ...yeah...I do know what you mean!!!!! :what: is terrible....and also the spike...cause in my opinion Gattaz only have one single ball! But anyway!

    I read that people in Jesi were blaming Marcelle....but I don't think is just her at all....cause she also can't do much if the reception is not working!!! I think the team has to grow together...they have great individual players...but they are not working together!!!!! And I don't know much of Abbondanza's work...but I have to say I didn't like what I see till now (from last and this season....) :down: ...even Jesi coming in second last season...

    But....two seasons ago....he did a great job in Pesaro....that is true....but maybe that was just only cause Sheilla was playing a lot and no one knew much about her.... ;) ....just kidding :lol:

    Hope Foppa continium like this!!!!!!!

    Everyone in great shape indeed....and is so good to see Croce back!!!!!And in what Micelli was thinking to let Rosner out for Fiorin!!!!!Great thing he came back to his good sence!!!!! :lol:

    GO FOPPA!!!!!Forza Foppa!!!!!!


    And someone can tell me what is happening to Jesi??????!!!!!Let's see what happen tomorrow against Busto...but I don't see a good future for them!!!!! :what: Although I cheer a lot for them to get better....I like I cheer that Abbondanza gives her more chances...she is definetly much better than Gattaz!!!!!! :mad:

    Germany and Poland has great teams...and both can win the championship, like many others!!!!

    I didn't know that SWIENIEWICZ was going to play...I thought that I read somewhere that she wouldn't...but I definetly read wrong...cause I definetly don't know more of Poland than you guys!!!! :lol:

    And about Baranska...well...Agree that is great to see her back....but I don't agree with the way this happened...I think she should get back only if she wanted....and I agree that this can be bad for Poland if she is going to be forced to play or anything....but I hope this least to see a good championship...although I won't cheer for Poland.... :lol:

    So sad to hear that Ivana's problem was in her knee!!!!! ;(

    But like you said samba player...luckuly wasn't that serious....

    thanks for the information guys!!!!!

    Do you know how many time she will need to you think she will be able to go to european olimpyc quali?

    And yeah!!!!They look very close!!!!!REally cute....I admire this team!!!!! :heart:

    Thanks for the site!!!!!

    even day more I understand less FIVB!!!!!! :mad:

    These qualification tournaments are so unfair.... :down:

    I really don't agree.....there are so many players and teams that won't be able to participate a Olimpyc cause of this!!!!!!!! :(

    I'm so sad for Djerisilo!!!!!!!!!! ;(

    So samba you have any news about it???Was really serious?????

    And is true that Anja cried???...this is cute....all Serbia team seems really united!!!

    I was really glad with MArtinus results till now!!!!
    I think they have a great team...and I think they can be champions!!!!And I'll cheer for that...eheheheh

    I was really surprise with Murcia loosing!!!I mean...of course Citakovic and Metcalf can make difference...and they did....but I thought Murcia team was much stronger....but looks like JAque isn't making a good championship....and Also I think thye should have a stronger oposite...I don't know the girl of the team very much...but for this position should be aomeone more strong....

    And JEsi finaly won....I mean...a gimportant game...cause they were not very good in Italian I didn't thought that they would won this match!

    But does someone know why Calloni didn't play???????I love her game...much better than GAttaz!!!!hehe :lol:

    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    This new image of the forum is beautiful!!!!Loving it!!!!!

    For the ones who don't know name is Joana, I'm from Rio!

    Love a lot of players and teams....but in Special: Bergamo (sorry Lothie...but is the best one....hhehehe....but also like Novara't worry!!!hehehe), Martinus Amstelveen from Holland (of course...I love the Dutch team!!!!!) and Metal Galati from Romenia (cause of the Serbian setter Ognjenovic....the cutest person I ever met!!!)

    well...and being from Rio...always followed Bernardinho's have to cheer for Rexona!

    Italy, Serbia and Holland are my favorite National teams

    and my favorite players....long list...just knowing me better to discover...hehehehe

    :D I think after this Olympic games from Beijing...SERBIA and NETHERLAND are the great teams out there....both have young, experient and talents players....loosing just one player or another.....

    For me Russia will loose a lot....and also Brazil....only cause of Fofão will leave and Zé didn't make any work of giving expirience for a younger setter....and for me a setter makes a lot of difference on the team....

    but out that I think Brazil can go well too....after all most of the team is still really young....but definetly need another coach!!!!! :D

    And there is always Italy...if Barbolini continium...they will keep strong....but I think they will lost a lot (and I don't mean by results...I mean the team) if Gioli, Picci, Del Core, Leo decided to end their carrer in NT!

    Yeah....I also heard that....

    she played beach volleyball for a while...and later was doing vollyball clinics for children....

    what I that is good to know she choose to come back for the court volleyball!!!!and the beach volleyball!!!!!hehehehehe


    The great american libero Sykora is going to play again in Italian league....Altamura signed with her!!!

    This is going to be great for the Lega!!!!!IS good to see her back to volleyball!!!!And not beach volleyball!!!!hehe