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    2 European teams, Japan, 3 Asian teams, 1 American team, 1 African team.

    In 2004 the teams were:

    Asia = Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Thailand
    Europe = Russia, Italy
    America = Puerto Rico
    Africa = Nigeria

    Four Asian teams???????????!!!!!!!How absurd!!!!Should be four european teams!!!!!!! :x

    Even if Asia don't get one continental their problem...they can have all tournaments there (World Championship, World Cup, Grand Prix) and can't make a continental qualification??????!!!!! :roll:

    If Russia get the European Qualification, for example, witch european teams would be able to participate of the World qualificatons???

    Ho whtey choose that...for the world ranking...or from what place each country stays in the European qualification.....

    and how many countries can play the world qualification???

    Really Dinamo must had been without a lot of players...Tom, Liktoras, you know if Borodakova came back already?

    Maybe this explain the results....but when this players come back....definetly is going to be one of the strongest teams in Europe...

    Some one knows any site on internet that I could see the matches...without being tvtuga...where passes only the matches of Serbia???

    I think there were no surprises this first round....I mean....

    Italy, Serbia and Cuba had the easiest matches and won with no problems....and should!!!!! :shock:

    USA did a great game good to see Logan back!!!!!And strange to see Sykora out!!!! :? .....but Davis is also a good libero....and she was playing the last touranments for USA...and I don't know how is Sykora's condition right now! Only miss Metcalf....why she is out the team????Anyone knows?....I had heard that already....but I still can't understand why......

    Poland can play much better than what the girls did today!!!And I'm sure they will!!!!I expect maily over Cuba!!!!hehehehe.....but they were bad at reception....and on the other hand Brazil made a wonderful game!!!!!There was time since I saw this team playing like this!!!!I guess Jaque does make a lot of difference!!!!!And of course Fofão and Wal!!!!
    I liked to see Rosner as capitan!!!!! :)
    And Glinka did a good game...but I still think she can play better....
    Brasil played really well in all fundaments!!!!And I hope they continium like this!!!!! :wink2:

    On Italy no surprise....but I hope to see Picci on the starting six!!!!Nothing against Secolo, but I just prefer Picci!!!!!

    A little deception over Dominican Republic game!!!!!A lot actually!!!!!What they are doing there???
    Hope they can show a little bit of the game they showed two years ago....

    Really strange if Saori goes being setter....but I guess it won't....

    I think Jaque IS going to play at the world Cup!!!!!!She traveled to Japan....actually 13 players traveled.....but I heard...that she is even on the starting six team!!!!And that Gattaz will be cut!

    the team that will start is problably:
    Fofão - Sheilla
    Walewska - Fabiana
    Jaque - Paula
    Fabi (L)

    Agree with you!!! I hope Felipe chage things over there in Minas.... :wink2:

    WEll...I can say to much about Minas fans...over here we never had problems with them....

    And I hope this things get really we hear a lot of bad things about Finasa's cheer.....specially for the players...but this is hard to change...It think everyone has to do your part!!!!
    Here in Rio even the cheers of soccer are getting in one of respect more and always support your I hope things just get better and better!!!!

    That's fine Felipa....but that is the difference between your cheer to mine.....we never sing a song this kind.....related to a girl from can be sure of that!!!!

    We only sing songs about Finasa or São Paulo...nothing to the players....I doubt that you could tell me a song about a Finasa's player that Rexona's cheer has sang any matche!!!!

    But that's something we try to take control of!!!!We just dont let people do that....but of course is much easier to do that since our cheer is smaller and we dont have cheer from soccer! :wink2:

    I just think this things should stop....players have nothing to do with that!!!!

    But....let's hope this year you two make some difference...and ask for Finasa's cheer to stop with that!!!! :D

    Now we have to find someone from Mionas!!!hehehe....they really get over the edga!!!! :wink2:

    I totaly agree with you LothiePG!!!!!!!

    It is really ugly!!!!!!

    Here at Rexona....we try to cut that off....and is easier since with have some guys responsable for the cheer and stuff....but is not always control....since sometimes there are so many people....but you can Rexona we never sing anything for others players...only for the team....but even though this should stop!!!!

    Sometimes some cheers get over the edge with this singing...I have a friend that cheer for Finasa....and he told me that games between Minas and Finasa are much worse then the ones between Rexona and Finasa....cause Minas cheer is very disrespectful!!!!

    I dont know!!!!

    I always like to say that the cheer should help your team...and the only way of doing that is singing for YOUR team...and not for the other!!!!! :wink2:

    Since you remember this song....I have to say the version of Rexona's cheer!!!!!

    Sorry.....I didnt resist....

    is...the same song of Ivete...

    "Fiascooo....Fiascooo....Fiasco....time de Osasco!!!"

    and here in Brasil Fiasco mean something like a disillusion...disapointment

    the original song is this....

    I dont have the cheer singing....

    there is another one...that every cheer here sing....being soccer or volleyball....
    is a famous music...but I cant remember the name right
    "Ooooo o oooooooo oo ooooo...que torcida é essa?"
    que torcida é essa=what is this cheer?
    stay something like this....

    Quote from "Justyna"

    3rd team on EC (in men's and women's volley) is qualified for Qualification Tournament automaticly. Thats why Russia doesn't play in Prequalification Tournament.

    :roll: everything makes sence!!!!eheheh

    Thanks Justyna!

    And Russia???????
    Wont participate this tournament??????Because I didnt saw Russia's name in any group....and since they didnt get the qualification to the World they are gonna qualify to the olimpic games????

    Quote from "yingcheng"

    nope...only the finalist can be classified to worldcup. so the chance of seeing poland in worldcup is very low (crying again :( )
    i think russia will get the wild card coz they are 2006 world champion