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    Hi all,

    I wonder if you can help me. I need all the results from the 5 consecutive FIVB World League editions - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. All i got for now are just the final standings of the Intercontinental Round plus the finals. What i am really trying to get is breakdown of the results in each of the groups in the period 1994-1998 (5 editions in total).
    Does anyone know where i can find that info? Will be waiting for your reply.
    Many Thanks :drink:

    I am so happy that our team made it to the finals!!! Congratulations to all of our players, coach, assistants and supporters! Great win tonight, huge comeback even though it was clear earlier in the afternoon that we are going to Argentina. A win for the fans. :) Congratulations to Poland in making this game a beautiful one to watch.

    USA-BULGARIA 1:3 , congratulations to our team for this hell of a victory. Bulgaria tops group A now.
    Congrats to France as well for winning against Brazil yesterday 3:1. :)

    Don't be worried, Argentina, that's kind of normal situation when it comes to playing in Bulgaria ;) Next weekend would probably be lucky for you, earning some points on defending champions, who's going to be the last team in group, seems to be easier, than you think (as a laughing through the tears :S ).

    Well that is for sure not true. ;) And quite offensive suggesting such a ridiculous thing.
    There was no block-out of Skrimov, it was really hard to be said but still ..and Sokolov didn't spike behind as it had been stated here in this forum.

    Tsetso served in Victor's head :lol:
    Poor Victor!
    Bulgaria won in 3. How did we get that second set is a mystery. From one of the biggest chokers now we turned into mental giants :cheesy:
    who would have thought that.

    Great result for our team, still lots of mistakes though..i was surprised by the french team, was expecting way more in the second game. It was not that bad game for our team but it can't be said that we totally outplayed them..still i am glad, waiting for the home games against Argentina! :)

    Radostin Stoychev announced the Bulgarian team roster for the league. It consists of:

    Setters : Georgi Bratoev (Tumen, Russia), Andrej Zhekov (Galatasaray, Turkey), Konstantin Mitev (Pirin Balkanstroi)

    OTs: Matej Kaziysky (Trento, Italy), Valentin Bratoev (Trento, Italy), Todor Aleksiev ( Istanbul BB, Turkey), Metodi Ananiev (Vibo Valentia, Italy), Nikolay Penchev (Pirin Balkanstroi)

    Middle blockers: Hristo Cvetanov (Lokomotiv -Izumrud, Russia), Konstantin Gadjanov (Pirin Balkanstroi), Viktor Iosifov (Roma Volley, Italy), Teodor Todorov (CSKA), Nikolay Nikolov (Vibo Valentia, Italy), Svetoslav Gocev (Pirin Balkanstroi)

    Opposites: Boyan Iordanov (Panathinaikos, Greece), Vladimir Nikolov (Kuneo, Italy), Tscetan Sokolov (Trento, Italy), Danail Milushev (Castelana Grote, Italy)

    Libero: Vladislav Ivanov (Levski Volley), Martin Bojilov (Marek Union Ivkoni)