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    As a Bulgarian the statement that offends me in this article is that one for our national flag :down: . I think it is rude some NT flag, no matter of which country it is, to be compared with that: :white: . It is somehow abusive. People don't have to joke with such things and the person who wrote the article as a journalist should know that. I agree that the result of the match is strange and may be seems interesting to someone but the way it is presented here with this article is rude because of the way it begins and ends. May be it could be funny if it wasn't written in this way. :S

    But it wouldn't be funny if it was writen in a different way, that's the point. But yeah, I kinda agree about the flag part, it is borderline offensive. But really, about the rest of the article, I don't agree.

    I think the point of the author is that such things shouldn't happen. If any team is not ready to face top competition, it really shouldn't, otherwise they will be embarassed like that. I think the people who invited Bulgaria - and the ones who accepted - should be held accounted for that. It's one thing for a weak team to face strong competition to get experience, it is entirely a different thing too see a totally amateur team playing against pros.

    Then, guys, send each other personal messages to discuss what you want to tell about Bulgaria or any other country! I also admit we suck at hockey and many other things, the article was somehow funny up to Russkii's comments which I find extremely prudent and insulting! Dude, if you have something against our country or a personal issue with Bulgarians in general, you can also send it as a PM to me! What you did was not just against Afroman, it was against me and all the Bulgarian members of this forum (at least I felt so!)...

    Oh yeah, that makes A LOT of sense. :roll: The article was funny up until my comment - your words -, which was, simply, this was the most funny sports related news I have heard of. You should be rewarded for your sense of logics.

    I also can't see how "sorry AFROMAN" would be "extremely insulting" to you or your country. You could argue I put that to tease AFROMAN, but that's still not "extremely insulting" to you or your country, even more considering yourself found the article funny!!!

    I mentioned AFROMAN because, well, we all know why, and not because I have something against your country. Much on the contrary, if you bother to read my posts.

    LOL! First of all this is a piece os NEWS. It happened, and it is sport's related, so it shoud be posted just as much as anything else. Second of all, I didn't write the article myself. Third of all, if you think this is "offensive", you are not really ready to face the real world. Honestly, some people should stop being so sensitive and "man up" - yes, even the girls. It's all in the good fun. :lol:

    I did nothing awful. Awful was the Bulgarian performance. I simply posted about it. "Payback time". That sounds funny, because that's exactly what THIS is.


    Posting this hasn't really done this forum any good, now has it?

    Yes it has. It made someone - volley super fan - realize his country has a female hockey team, for one. For two, I am sure a bunch of people laughed. It's only that it is always the vocal minority who can't act outisde the political correct box that react loudly.

    Is that the Bulgarian flag, or the international symbol of surrender? After a couple of women's hockey games over the weekend in Europe, you might be forgiven for confusing the two.

    Plenty of people are already having fun at the expense of the Bulgarian Women's National Ice Hockey Team right now, and it's just about impossible not to join in after they were beaten over the weekend by their counterparts from Slovakia by a score of 82-0 in a pre-qualifying tournament for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

    No, I didn't get that wrong, the score was 82-0:

    Bulgaria conceded a goal every 44 seconds in the Latvian town of Liepaja. They trailed 7-0 after five minutes, 19-0 after ten and 31-0 after one period.

    Even better -- the head coach kept the starting goalie in the game and didn't lift her until Slovakia scored 77 goals. But even the backup couldn't stop the bleeding, as she let in five goals on all five shots she faced in just 1:25. Overall, Bulgaria was outshot 139-0. The loss put an exclamation point on what had to be one of the worst tournament performances in the history of international ice hockey. In previous matches, the Bulgarians had lost 41-0 to Italy, 39-0 to Latvia and 30-1 to Croatia. So, after being completely demoralized on the ice, these women now get to face a fusillade of international mockery.

    But the biggest joke of all is that this wipeout, epic as it might have been, still isn't the worst in women's ice hockey history. That came in 1998 as South Korea pummeled Thailand 92-0 in an under-18 Asia-Oceana championship.

    Later, the head of the Bulgarian Ice Hockey Federation decided to dump on the victorious Slovaks: "What the Slovaks did to us was kind-of an insulting mockery, and is not at all sportsmanlike", said Dobromir Krustev after the game. But the real mockery was whoever in Bulgaria, at the International Olympic Committee and the International Ice Hockey Federation thought inviting the Bulgarians to participate was a good idea in the first place.

    Why do I say that? Because the tournaments that are being played right now are just the first steps to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. At the top of the women's hockey world, six nations have already qualified for the Vancouver games. Only two spots remain. The winners of the tournaments that were played last week, Norway and Slovakia, will simply advance to the next qualifying rounds in China and Germany in November where the final two spots in Vancouver will be up for grabs. And if the results from previous Winter Games are any indication, these qualifiers will serve as nothing more than cannon fodder for the world's top national teams.

    In other words, the Bulgarians were slaughtered for no good reason at all, except for all of us to laugh at them. Whoever set them up to take the fall deserves to be tarred and feathered.…lgarian-hockey-nightmare/

    That's got to be the funniest sport's related news I have ever seen. Sorry AFROMAN. :lol:

    This is good news. I hope somebody in the Federation can think of bringing her to the national team and give her the best experience. Maybe putting her in the national team no matter how young she is is better than having Akulova and Sheshenina.

    There is no doubt. If she is really good, she should even be in the main host.

    Serbia has a good pair of blockers in Nadja Ninkovic and Natasa Siljkovic. Too bad Siljkovic got injured against France, hopefully she'll recover by the end of this tournament. Tijana Malesevic and Ana Lazarevic are decent OHs and still young, but they struggle with reception. It seems to be a Serbian curse. The problem of this team is a lack of an opposite. Andjelka Pantovic is the only true OPP on this team, but she's never in the starting 6, and the players who are on OPP position are originally middle blockers.

    Hanna Lisyeynkova of Ukraine is another player with really good stats so far, Russia may want to keep an eye on her for the future. :roll:

    She is always welcome, if she is really good. :D

    Good thing that we won both best setter and libero, a sign things are improving in our VB. We will always have good, strong spikers and blockers, so I am not worried about that.

    A Belarusian was awarded too. Nice.

    Baranowicz. Looks Polack to me.

    POland-Russia 1-3(17-25,25-23,24-26,24-26) :down:

    shame. it was close match and we had a chance to win. the results could go either way.Bryda Katarzyna is AWSOME she had 10 aces :white: today Tokarska is great as well. they will be great players in future

    Are there promising Russian players? What about Russian setter?