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    Hi, Theres something Im quite confused in. In the previous post last page, you mentioned that the 1st game will be played at the home of the lower ranking team and the next 2 games will be played at the higher ranking team. And based on the TVF website excel schedule, it also shows that the lower ranked team host the 1st game of the quater finals. So, Im a little confused. Erolgrip, hope you can help me out here. Thank you very much.

    To be honest, I don't know exact number of halls in Istanbul, but, it is definitely many more than 3.
    Burhan Felek arena - this is in Uskudar district, in Asia side.
    Akatlar (Besiktas), Sariyer (also district name) and Ecz's hall (between Besiktas and Sariyer) are on the same parts of Istanbul, on Europe side of Bosphorus.
    Yesilyurt hall (in Bakirkoy) is far away from all those, in Europe side of Marmara sea. (but, Yesilyurt won't play at playoffs.)

    So, I advice you to stay at a hotel in Besiktas district (it is a student district, so cheap hotels there) or in Taksim square area which is active area and close to all these districts; Besiktas, Sariyer, Maslak (where Ecz has arena.) But, my guess is Burhan Felek will be the place for final.

    TVF already announced timings (arenas are already known - their own arenas of teams), starts at April 5. 1st rounds will last 5 days max (2 wins are required.) Same for quarters and semis. (2 wins are required.) This may change only for final as Burhan Felek can be used at final, but, it'll be played after April 15 anyway and you wont be there after then. Ok, clear? You're welcome.

    Yep Im quite clear. When I said that ' will the TVF website post the venues and timings and dates ', I meant that will they post the subsequence matches, not only the start of the play-offs, like example the exact date and venue for every of the matches played throughout the play-offs. They will, wouldnt they ? Thanks again pal.

    Between 5th and 15th, you can watch 1st round games to semis, not finals. Yes, most of quarters and semis too will be in Istanbul, but, in different arenas. and don't forget Istanbul isn't a small city, you may have to pay much taxi cost from arena to arena. Bursa too is close to Istanbul, 2 hours by sea, by feri.

    Wow, thats fantastic, it means I would still be able to catch lots of matches played in Istanbul. Well, I understand that there are only 3 diff sports hall played in Istanbul among the top 8 teams, Burhan Felek, Akatlar arena and Sariyer ? Im not so sure about the locations for the Akatlar arena and Sariyer though. And will the TVF website post the exact venues and timings after the regular season ended which is this week ? Please advise me thanks.

    If you read above, you'd see games are not in same arena, maybe, the final only as it will be probably between Vakif and Ecz. If Vakif and Ecz reaches final, it will start after April 15. Finals (3 wins is required) will last 10 days maximum (if 2-2 happens.) So, my advice to you is to be there by Mid April and stay for 7-10 days. I predict Vakif will win first 3 games, so, the final will last 6 days only.

    Well, yep thanks for your advise. But, unfortunately, I have booked my air tickets and would be staying from 5th Apr to 15th Apr in Istanbul. So basically, I would still be able to catch games of Vakif and Ezc in Istanbul wouldnt I ? Er, I know that there are several teams based in Istanbul except Bursa and IIbank, so most of the matches will still be played in Istanbul eh ? Please advise me thanks.

    Hi, er so can I correctly say that if I arrive in Istanbul on 5th Apr, and stay for 10 days, I would be able to catch the whole of quater and semifinals, if I were to catch Vakif and Ezc matches ? There will be no break days in between the 1st and 2nd round ? Please help me guys. Thank You.

    Dates are not certain yet. There are 3 weeks in regular season and the last games of regular season will be played on March 31. Top 8 teams will play play-offs (1st-8th, 2nd-7th, and so on.) Play-offs will probably start by mid April.

    By the way, today, Bursa won again. They have been showing very good performance in last weeks and they are 5th now. That means, they will play Fener at 1st round of Play-off and they have a chance to eliminate Fener if they keep up their good performance.

    Hi, I thought based on last 2 years, the play off will begin around 1-1.5 week after the regular season ? And er, which is the probable hosting venue ? Istanbul or Ankara ? Thanks.


    Looking at Vakifbank matches, I wouldnt say Naz does not trust Saori at all, but rather is more comfortable with setting up Brakocevic or Glinka as they have a higher chance of winning the point for Vakifbank. But come on, lets be fair as this is Saori's first season in Europe and wad's more playing at such a high level team of Vakifbank. Give them time to click and maybe time would tell. Right now, I just hope Saori would get a bigger role to play in Vakifbank matches. Iyiy Gunler.

    Viewing at the match, I can say that Ezcasi is looking a little shaky. No offence to the supporters, but I do feel that they have a slight dip in form and lost their dominance that they hold at the earlier part of the season. They are still a strong team though, hope they keep it up.

    Happy New year guys ! Wish everyone the best of luck and good health. May the upcoming year be a even better one ! Hope I can meet some of the players from Turkish club Vakifbank when I explore there ! Coming from Singapore, and take care ! :thumbsup:

    Congrats to Vakifbank ! Tebrikler ! Gd game by Galatasaray too. Those who witness the match or have witness the match before, do you think this fixture for the 2nd half of the regular season will be packed by spectators or there will only be a few ? Thanks ! Tesekkur ! :win: