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    I don't get the complaints about Gamova. I think she did good. I didn't watch the whole game but it was that close so it could go either way. It's not like US won by 10 points every set. IMHO the sets for Gamova were unstable. I remember Startseva being a better setter for high balls but I saw her setting far from the net or short balls therefore there were moments Gamova couldn't do too much.

    Anyway second phase will be interesting to watch. USA, Russia and Brazil are still the top ones IMHO but I wonder what kind of damage Serbia and Turkey can make to USA and Russia. It's just a pitty the other group has weaker teams but let's see this catfight.

    I'm afraid about it... I hope Brazil can win WCH. I remember 2006 when Brazil was way ahead every other team but Russia got together with Godina-Sokolova-Gamova and won.

    Brazil is doing a great job therefore Japan is playing out of their comfort zone.

    Sheilla is the best today, she's doing amazing on defense.

    Japan did some short services and during 2nd technical time-out Thaisa called the players and said she would receive position 3 and 4. I love that. That's volleyball. Every player should help their team mates.

    Someone else said foreigners are the ones to make that something special, to be the key factor for most teams in most leagues.

    I think, first of all, the coaches and managers who hire those players needs to be blamed as well, not only the players.

    Osasco fans can tell Sanja and Cate didn't play as good as they thought they should but at the same time let's just realize the world lacks good OHs that are good receivers and spikers. There aren't many of them and Osasco had 2 good ones in Jaqueline and Garay. It was really hard to replace them both and overall Sanja and Cate did the best they could.

    Having said that if you look overall at all foreign players who played in Brazil most were just average. Hildebrand was one of the best IMHO but even so she did many mistakes receiving and she was the one people expected most along with Cate. All the other ones are just average receivers at the best (Glass, Herrera, Mihajlovic, Sanja) and they just did what we all know.

    I think Brazilian league is even harder for foreigners because most of teams needs good receive in order to develop their games because they don't have players who hit high balls like Gamova, Kim, Glinka, Brakocevic, Montano...

    So maybe Amil is looking for a better OH receiver and betting on Saori. I have my doubts. I still remember the Saori player from 2004-2008, many mistakes... Maybe I'm just being unfair to her. Let's just wait and see what will happen next. Jaqueline and Garay should really come back to brazilian league. As for Sesi, good for them. They realize somehow the balance of having good receivers and good spikers and through the game the coach changes in order for what they need.

    China has to serve and receive much better than that !!!

    Actually everything needs to improve. I'm not saying Hui and Zhu will improve their receive but at least it will improve their attack. I just hate what's going on. It's almost if all teams were paid to give Brazil this WGP title.

    Everyone saves Top Players for World Grand Champions Cup suprise vs Brazil.

    Oh yeah.. and then they will save for World Championship... but then again let's save for World Cup... oh wait OG are better... just wait a second, let's do it for final phase of OG and OMG... "it seems our players never played against Brazil" :wall:

    well, no matter what happens here in this match Brazil WILL win this grand prix. but this is Lang Ping we're talking about, not some other tactless coaches. I'm pretty sure there's some tactic brewing here. perhaps we'll see zhu in the next sets?

    Yes, it's one of the best tactic called "let's get spanked y'all" :wavy:

    Yes after so many talk, the first rumor was the right one.

    I guess it is a very interesting bet Sollys is making, but they are makin a risky bet. Two young foreigner OH to replace Garay and Jaque. I guess it would be impossible to replace them in same level, but at least they are going for young promicing players..and Luizomar is one that knows how to work with young girls...still very risky bet. Sheilla, Thaisa, Fabiola must take the responsability for themselves, or could be really hard for Cate and Sanja to work.

    Especially Sheilla. She didn't play well last season. I believe Bosetti will play Jaque's role as the OH receiving with Brait and Sanja will be the one more focused on attack. Nice to see some changes in our league. Now if Amil hires another foreigner player things will get even better.