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    anyway, welcome! :D :win:

    Thanks Nastja! And yup, I'm planning on being a regular poster from now on. I needed some lurking time since I registered but now I fell like I'm ready to join the "real" fun, yay!

    Originally, I'm from Nysa (Opole voivodship in the South-West) and in fact, I will be visiting in just over a week as a part of my Italy-Poland vacation.

    I'm so happy for Brazil. It's a great privilege to be able to witness what must be the most impressive winning steak and the most successful team in volleyball's history. :heart:

    Figure skating! I'm a hard-core type of fan, I must confess. I've travelled to quite a few competitions so far, including 2006 World Championships in Calgary and 2007 European Champs in Warsaw. I leave for the ISU Grand Prix Final in Torino, Italy next week. I can safely say skating is the biggest passion of fine, together with volleyball.

    Also, I'm a major tennis fan, mostly because I play myself a lot.

    Hi guys! I'm Megi from Toronto, ON, Canada. I'm so glad I found this forum since there's almost no volleyball coverage in my country.

    I was born and raised in Poland in a "volleyball" family and when I moved here five years ago I really missed my sport.

    At least now that Canada is back in the World League the situation has gotten a little bit better.

    My favourite teams are Brazil (all time favourite), Poland (sentimental favourite), France, and Canada.

    As for fave players, I've always had great appreciation for setters, especially Mauricio Lima, Ricardo, Marcelo, and now Pierre Pujol whose skills are amazing for his age.

    Nice meeting all of you! :drink: