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    My opinion:11.11.2008 18:00 Farmutil PILA - Zarechie ODINTSOVO 0-3

    11.11.2008 20:30 Volley BERGAMO - Fakro Muszynianka MUSZYNA 3-0

    12.11.2008 19:00 ASPTT MULHOUSE - Scavolini PESARO 0:3

    12.11.2008 17:00 Eczacibasi Zentiva ISTANBUL - SVS Post SCHWECHAT 3:0

    12.11.2008 19:00 Metal GALATI - Vakifbank Günes S. ISTANBUL 3:1

    12.11.2008 20:00 Tubillete.Com TENERIFE - RC CANNES 2:3

    12.11.2008 18:00 Postar 064 BEOGRAD - Türk Telekom ANKARA 0:3

    12.11.2008 17:30 VK PROSTEJOV - RIJEKA KVIG 3:2
    13.11.2008 19:30 DELA Martinus AMSTELVEEN - Colussi Sirio PERUGIA 1-3
    13.11.2008 19:00 Dinamo MOSCOW - CAV MURCIA 2005 3-0

    2009 Women's Senior European Championships - 3rd Qualification Round
    Azerbaijan ready to fly to Poland! :white: :white: :white: :white: :white:

    Markopoulo, September 14, 2008. Azerbaijan defeated Greece for the second time in a week, to clinch a berth for the Final Round of the 2009 Women's Senior European Championships. Azerbaijan, which had won the first leg at home last weekend, edged Greece 3-1 (29-27, 25-21, 23-25, 30-28) in this Athens suburb, Sunday evening.

    Greece put up a brave show in the first set, dropping three set-balls before Azerbaijan took the lead with an ace by Lidiya Maksimenko and finishing the set on their second set-ball on an attacking error by Eleni Kiossi. This put an end to any slim hopes Greece may have had for a berth in the finals.

    Led by top scorer Natalya Mammadova, who contributed 30 points to her team's total, the Azeris went on to clinch the second set. Greece fought back in the third to stay alive in the game, and even had the chance to force a tie-break, but blew four set-balls in the fourth before
    Azerbaijan came back to put an end to the game.

    Zenia Tsima was top scorer of the Greek team, with a total of 18 points.
    Greece out served Azerbaijan, with 14 aces to nine, but the visiting team took advantage of the 35 unforced errors by the Greeks to tilt the scales. Azerbaijan also led in total blocks 10 to 7, but lagged in attacks with 103 to 118 kills.

    Greece had finished second to Turkey and Azerbaijan was runner-up to Spain in pool play, earlier in the season. Both teams were vying for a ticket to the finals of next year's European Championships, in Poland, through these home-and-away play-offs.
    NATALYA MAMMADOVA- 30 points
    Young star(18 years) Polina Rahimova-15 points
    Kseniya Kavalenka- 14 points
    Oksana Parkhomenko- 5 points
    Lidiya Maksimenko- 2 points
    Oksana Mammadyarova-3 points
    Darya Zamanova-3 points
    Aynur Karimova- 2 points. :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

    Really very thanks for this post.Although I have these photos I am very grateful that you kept your promise and did it.You are such a great.I have asked you about the match videos.And I am doing it again.Please,darling,put any match with Natalya,of corse I would like it to be final series match.I liked you too much.Thanks a lot!!! :wavy:

    Justyna,sweety,you are such a great.I am grateful for the videos ab AZERBAIJAN.i need all the videos about AZERBAIJAN.And you always make me enjoy this wonderful site.Dear I would like other parts too,because there`s only the first part of this game.Thanks beforehand.I liked you too much.You deserve it.And as an AZERI guy I have to say you are so beautiful.I saw it on photos.Thanks,honey.

    Dear Juatyna,I am really very grateful to you for all.Visiting this site regulerly I can find some interesting and amazing videos of my favouriteAZERBAIJAN team and AZERRAIL BAKU.I am very-very thankful that you are putting here these videos.I have downoaded the match between AZERBAIJANand was one of the matches i was looking for.Great thanks.As i read there you wrote that you have vmore videos for AZERI teams.I would like to ask you put here grand Prix videos of AZERI teams,and maybe you have some videos from Olympic Qualification 2004 in Baku.Every video about AZERI teams will make me happier and thankful to you.I hope and believe you.And some words about your site.I am telling it sincerely,it is the best volley site i have ever seen.There are many sites which are taking your style,sometimes they just repeat everything you did.Thatnks for all.From AZERBAIJAN with high respection and love. :heart:

    Quote from "andrea"

    Isn't she from Georgia instead?

    Hello,this is me.Ilgar from AZERBAIJAN.I want to talk about this text.Victoria Ravva was born in Georgia as a person,but as a good player she was born in AZERBAIJAN.She passed AZERBAIJAN volley-ball school.She was playing with the famous players az Yelena Shabovta,ALLA Hasanova and the others.But because of the pause in AZERBAIJAN volleyball(it is because then our republic was just tken out from the USSR after 75 years and that`s why our sports lived a stop.We did not play in the international arena and because of that very many players as Ravva left AZERBAIJAN.But INSHALLAH we hope that our team will play as before.Now we have young players and need a little time.SUCCES WILL COME!

    1Walewska Moreira de Oliveira
    2Nancy Metcalf
    3Simona Gioli
    4Erika Kelly Pereira Coimbra
    5Eleanora Lo bianko
    6 Malgorzata Glinka Mogentale
    7Katarzyna Dolata- Skowronska
    8Yanan Liu
    9 Zoila Barros Fernandez
    Please,write me.Am I right?

    The another one is my heart NATALYA MAMMADOVA.She is our national team player.Thanks from AZERBAIJAN.