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    Ok, sorry Brazilian Guy then, but I really think that your opinion is that Brazil again is the big favourite, but somehow this time is not like that.... and I am not saying that I don't respect Brazil and their achievements... I still consider you the best but the players are getting older and I don't see much "big talants".. I want my team to beat the best - so if we beat Brazil and if (i hope so) we win the Gold Medal, so we are taking your place as the world's team number 1, of course we will have to prove it in the next competitions like ECH, World Leagues, World Cups, World Championships and so on... :)

    HONESTLY I think Brazil will win the OG. But after that, our team will become average. We will win some competitions eventually, but not like we have been doing lately. Although many teams will lose out important players, Brazil will pratically lose the starting six: Giba, Gustavo, Marcelinho and most likely Sergio will leave after OG 2008.

    Our new setters are a JOKE really.... so maybe in 2012 we will be ready to win again, but I really do not see Brazil winning WCH 2010, for example....

    Such self-confidence it can't be good for you when there are so many good teams at the olympics.. (but yeah... they are "jokes", one of them have beaten Russia (3:2) at World Cup (or maybe it's not so important..) and would have been beaten Brazil probably if the match wasn't after this with USA, (2:3 and match lasted over 2 hours and 20mins..).But you said it ... we will see. ;)

    Bulgaria has never beaten this Brazilian team in any big tournments... I would hardly call beating us at the World League at some not important match an achievement. Actually I think Brazil might even qualify in second or third in the OG groups. The elimination matches... now that is a different story!
    If you look closer, you will see that in World Cup 2003, OG 2004, WCH 2006, and World Cup 2007 Brazil did not even have to play TIE BREAKS in ANY of the decisive/eliminatory matches....

    You might not respect Brazil's achievements as much as you should. But Bulgarian players certainly do, and that my friend is all that matters. And that DOES count a lot when it is time to take home an important achievement.

    And I never said Bulgaria was a joke... you assumed that by yourself....

    My friends, we all know that for a team to win a Gold medal at the OG they need much more than just skills... it takes inner strength and above all confidence and cold blood during crucial moments.

    That being said, I could say that only 2 or 3 teams can reach the Gold -IF that. Some teams can never beat Brazil or Russia in any competition, and some can but they are a JOKE during important competitions (OG, World Championships) and crucial matches.

    So, I am really looking forward to these games... it should be exciting!

    Group A: China, USA, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Italy, Japan.
    Group B: Brazil, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Germany and Egypt.

    Group A is very very weak compared to Group B.

    Traditionally, teams on the strongest groups always take the Gold in the OG. It has been like this for as long as I remember, both in male and female Olympic volleyball.

    It is going to be hard for Group A teams to face the Quarter finals... I mean, after beating China, Japan and Venezuela it is going to be quite a shock to face Brazil, Russia, Poland or Serbia....

    "Той застава в заоната на началния удар. Поглед нагоре. Топката вече е там. крачки. Разгъване. Избухване. Взрив. Посрещане. Топката ляга в ръцете в центъра. Дъга. Той вече вибрира, скача, лети, нанася удар. Чува се глух звук. Топката изчезва. Поглед върху лицата в другата половина на полето. Усмивка. Триумф. 30 секунди...България - това е съвършенството в този свят. Отново."

    An article from an old french volleyball newspaper about Bulgaria.

    How nice.....

    I can say it for a fact now - Matey Kazijsky is N1 player in Europe for 2007 :drink: . There was an official call of the CEV office to the Bulgarian volleyball federation, and they confirmed what we knew unofficially - it is the Bulgarian who wins. The award will be presented to Matey at 20th of April.

    I like Kazjski, but I just HATE the way some Bulgarians rub it on our faces how good he is....

    Maybe I should encourage Brazilian people to say we are the best, the Russians to say that nobody spikes like Poltavsky, and the Poles to say that nobody receives like Winiarski......... :whistling:

    Brazilian NT in Beijing
    Everything and everyone seems to be conspiring agains Brazil...

    Firts Ricardo was kicked out, now he is injured and won't be doing anything for the next 3 months...

    Now Rodrigao is also injured and will probably miss out on the OG..

    Ricardo out was a no-brainer anyway.... but who do you guys think will be called to replace Rodrigao?

    My bet would go for either Sidao or Éder. Maybe Lucas, but he is not that great when it comes to blocking... he sure is tall, but he is too slow...

    I guess it is now safe to say that the Brazilian starting six will be:


    Another thing: Samuel has publicly said that he will not keep on playing as outside hitter because he is an opposite. So he said he would try to work this issue with Bernardo before Beijing... so we could see either him or Anderson being kicked out...

    It makes me wonder... will Brazil be able to overcome all this issues and win the gold medal as they have been doing for the past 8 years?!

    :D great picture!! I have never seen it! Thanks! :win::win:
    The scene in Katowice when Poltasvky blocked Giba was amazing.So ARROGANT!
    Dynamo won 3 matches against Iskra

    I laughed my ass off when Brazil won the tournment in Katowice and then Giba went to the refeere's chair and climbed it, and then you can clearly see that he starts shouting " A gente é foda, foda para caralho!" .

    This is soooooooo funny, because "foda" is a swearword, which doesn't make any sense in English. But the general idea of his phrase is something like "We rule, we fucking rule!" :lol:

    I didn't understand you, i have just said that the next game of Macherata will be difficult, I am talking about Swiderski becasue in Izmir he played really bad, but now with Macheratta had showed good playing and it will be interesting against the powerful Trento. :)

    Well....let's see. But you have to take into account that Trentino has a better team in almost all positions, maybe with the exception of the middle blockers.

    And I personally like the Trento Pole better than the Macerata one. :D But I'm sure it is going to be a great match!

    I really don't know what's wrong with you, who said that Bulgarians don't like Poland, I admire they way of keeping the volleyball high, making it sport number one, it's just great, and I also like superbobo want Poland to qualify for the OG.

    I never said Bulgarians don't like Poland... did I? I said they were PICKY.

    And I don't know why some of you keep acting like that?! It just makes people dislike Bulgaria for a stupid reason........

    Finally! announced who with whom will play.

    Poland - I'm sorry to say it Justyna, but too much luck for your team is enough. This time the biggest opponent is Puerto Rico. I still remember what was the reason for you to go in Katowice in one group with USA and France and not with Russia and Brazil - money, investments - too many for not letting the home team to went out without playing in the semifinals. Hmm, and now you have to face China, Egypt and Japan :huh: . But don't worry you will qualify.

    That sounds like envy to me.... why is it that Bulgarians always like to be picky when it comes to Poland? Maybe the memories from the WCH 06 are not so good?!

    And what good does it do to you to just hope Poland screws up?! Get a life, PLEASE!

    P.S: Sorry but I just cannot keep cutting him some slack. This childish behaviour has been going on for weeks now. This post was just THE last straw!

    Somehow.. I am not so interested in this. :D

    You should be.... perhaps the team (or teams) that will eventually beat you in Beijing will qualify through these competitions.

    Anyhow... I just want Poland, Italy and Spain to not have to face each other... that would be super! The OG would be much much better off!

    Can you imagine groups like: Russia, Bulgaria, USA, Serbia in group A and Brazil, Spain, Poland, Italy in group B? We would have fantastic matches everyday!

    It is hard to picture him and Giba being "mates" :what:

    I have always liked Abramov. He is not as good as he was in 2002, but I think he is a fine man. He is not arrogant at all and I like the way he behaves himself during the matches.

    In fact I like everybody in the Russian NT... everyone BUT someone who shall not be named... :roll:

    Hehehe....I died laughing! :lol:
    Btw, hope u'll invite us on the wedding! :lol:

    :lol: Hehehe......don't worry I'm sure u'll fine here sb who will learn u Polish! :) :D
    Btw, can I ask u why exactly Poland? :)

    Of course you will be invited to the wedding!

    ALL of you..... Justyna is going to be my best woman. I have yet to find a best man though...... :lol:

    Regarding as to why I like Poland so much.... well, I have always liked Polish NTs and last month I spent 10 days in Poland just resting my soul. I have a really stressful job and it was just amazing to stay there with all of you nice Poles. People are really friendly in Poland, something I really appreciate (I'm brazilian, after all). The country is beautiful, the beer is great... what else could I ask for? :D Maybe a little more partying wouldn't hurt :thumbup: