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    Of course choice with other skins should be available, that's my personal opinion ^^

    Mine as well, but I'm also Software Developer and I know how we
    Developers sometimes hate to implement such cosmetic changes that have
    no impact on the overall functionality, but just the usability. That's
    why I'm just suggesting it in a hope that someone will agree to this.

    Personally for me the blue is too gaudy and dark and yes hurts my eyes basically. If it was lighter it would be better for me. It's obviously about personal preference. However is it too much of hassle if you support skin that is similar the one of the old forum and this one so that people could choose?

    Yes our MBs didn't have good game. Our blocks came from Bratoev, Aleksiev and Sokolov to be honest. De Cecco is real class setter no doubt about it. And he definitely had good game so I wouldn't say that Argentina's problem was their attack so much than the fact that they couldn't stop Sokolov who had some vital points in the 4th set. Other than that De Cecco had for sure good game.

    I think that having in mind that Sokolov is really class spiker especially in those last games, it's even more frustrating that he can't get his serve right because in his other elements he is good. When we compare his serving to his spiking it's like in the two ends of the spectrum. If he was overall mediocre player we wouldn't notice it that much. Either way I agree. He had 8 weeks to get it right and he still hasn't done it. He needs to work on it ASAP.

    Bratoev is often not accurate in his sets, but for me he has some good ideas and visions of how to use his spikers. He needs to work on the passes he makes.

    Sokolov might have contributed about 10 of them :S
    His technical weakness in his serves has evolved into a mental issue.

    Yeah we are all frustrated with his serve. I guess he is frustrated too and as a result he makes even more mistakes. It's getting ridiculous. I don't know what's going on, but to be that bad in serving is not good at all. Especially for a player with his abilities. After all he is a good spiker and not so bad in block, but this serve. He can't get it right.

    Yep if we play like that Italy will win in straight sets (not that they won't beat us anyway, but with such play it will be like training for them). I hope that tomorrow we will be better.

    We got lucky today that Argentina didn't take advantage of our mistakes. Still cool for the win because we needed it.

    Well it's kind of hypocrite to argue about points when the refs helped us in Sofia against Argentina. So the team needs to stay calm and play despite everything. Even though it's hard.

    The same could be said about our team. We just have some luck this year (the fact that Poland beat USA for example). If the games were in Poland I'm not so sure that we would have been that effective. We actually managed to lose the first set without pressure. That's talent.

    I find it funny how you assumed that was some kind of pun specifically towards Bulgaria :D Yes, my response was a bit provocative, I admit. But what I meant was that as long as challenge is not obligatory (as it should be), very few federations will consider implementing it. They will always try to spend as little money as possible and they won't even bother about installing the cameras unless they're forced to. The fact that lack of challenge system can help the line refs meddle is a whole different story.

    That is without doubt true. The only way all countries to have such system (which I personally welcome and I think that it will make the games fairer and more enjoyable for me because the purpose is lost when the refs decide the game and not the players) is if the federations are obligated. However I assume that a lot of federations can't afford this and might decide to not participate in the FIVB which might cause problems for FIVB and the tournament. I think that this is the reason for the current implementation of those rules.

    Question to the ones that have watched Group B games. I didn't have time to watch them that's why I'm asking. Do you think that Germany could beat twice Iran clean?

    Special agent Ruciak in match 12 for today. Igła is out. Jarosz will be a starting OPP most likely. Winiar with knee injury, donnu if he'll be able to play ;(

    Guys, I won't be with you today on forum during match. It drives me crazy. I hope you won't kill each other with words. Play nice ;)

    Sucks about Winiarski. I like him and he had some good attacks against USA.

    I won't be in the forum either though I might check what you are posting from time to time. I want to concentrate only on the game.

    I also expect tight game. Everything is possible. I don't think that the Varna hall is the best for such top level game either, but unfortunately the federation doesn't ask us. I know that the fans will support the team, no doubt about it - we just can't compare this hall with others we've seen so far from the games in other countries.

    I don't condone the federation for that. This was just example. Sorry wrong one.

    The point is our federation doesn't want and don't have too much money to spend (though sometimes it's really not wanting to spend it for the sport, but for themselves and not so much of not having it). We know that volleyball is not priority one sport in our country. So they won't give money for the Hawk Eye which was the original question. That's just the way the things are here and we all know it. No need to bore the other fans with this, but we all know that the least our team is doing in World league/Olympics etc is not because of our federation, but pure luck that some good volleyball players had been born here.

    Why yes for sure if FIVB don't make this mandatory, we won't use them because of the money. The federation doesn't want to give any more money that it's really really really needed. I mean they didn't even try to find direct flight from Bulgaria to Reno or from USA to Brazil or from Brazil to Bulgaria. Nope the federation tries to get something without investing anything at all.

    Same here. Can I put my signature under your words?

    Brazil won't throw the game. No matter who plays, they'll play to win! :super:

    Yes you can :flower: . It all depends on our team and how they play. Everything else doesn't matter. I don't think that we should think that there is global conspiracy against us. I also don't think that Brazil has anything towards us specifically or any other team. They play for the game, just like every other team. Having good strength for the finals is part of the game too. And the same goes for any other team.

    So again I hope that we win against Poland just like Polish fans hope that their team will win twice in Varna. And I want to enjoy fair play and good game (well it will be good if we are the winners 8) ) and good fans behavior. In the end this is what matters.

    Well I think that it's normal to expect Brazil to play with subs or at least some subs. Not to cause problems for other teams. Just because they are sure for the Final 6 and it kind of sounds logical for them to want to preserve some strength for those games, especially having in mind that those two last games don't matter to them. I don't expect them to fight as strong as they did against us (those two games with us were really important to Brazil). And yes Brazil might win or lose and I don't think that it's because someone told them so, but just because the games are not important for them.

    I personally think that our players should focus on beating Poland twice to be sure that they qualify. It's other matter whether they can or not and whether they are capable of doing so. The things are such in our group that all teams depend on other results so it's only Bulgaria or Poland or USA. It's for all of us.

    About the war in Varna - as someone that was in that game last year in the hall, the lighters and bottles were for the ref, not for the Polish players. It's other matter how they behaved that I won't talk in details now. I didn't like the attitude of Kurek and Bartman then as much as I didn't like the fans that threw things, but have in mind that this is just one case. I don't know Bartman and Kurek as persons so they might have just reacted this way only during this particular game. And we all don't know those fans that threw things at the ref. I have to say that those fans were handful and not half of the hall. I do hope that we won't witness such things this year and that the game would be even and equal and there will be no ref help and no disrespect from either side (fans and players). In other words let's hope for fair play.

    Ah today Argentina definitely played better, we definitely played worse. And I can't even be happy about the win because of those bad ref calls. There should have been 5th set. They were definitely robbed.

    I just got home from the hall. I honestly didn't even expect to win like that. I hoped to win, but the way the first set started I just couldn't believe it.

    We still made some stupid errors and didn't play good in defense, but I guess it didn't matter in this game. I expect tougher game tomorrow, but I still hope to witness the win in the hall.

    I definitely like the new ones more. Thanks to you I see that this on the but was the sun. For me it was wings and don't ask where I think the bird's head was. So I dislike the old ones more because every time I see them I think about the bird and where its head is.