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    ehehe not at all :wink2: i think justyna can confirm that lol

    In case you have no idea for your next haircut...try Milena's...that would be awesome :wink2: :lol:

    I hope mariuszj1939 wont mind if i take this chance to also say hello again...I've been not around for quite a while for some reasons and im really sorry about that :oops: ....i've really been missing this place and now i hope that i'll manage to come more often :oops:

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    Hey, I'm with troubles with my avatar for a long time. I just can upload it!

    The dimensions are 100x100 and the file size is 16,9 kb

    Someone knows what's wrong with me????

    what kind of file is it? try to use a .gif if you arent already doing so...

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    And I hope that Glinkaand Baranska will never play in NT. Niemczyk showed that in team don't have to play the best players but this players who can make a team. Glinka and Baranska thinks that they are stars and NT didn't deserveed for them. I won't have them representing me! We have Podolec and Fratczak. Don't need them!!

    i agree 100% :good:

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    Hello Everyone. I'm Jason from Kenya. I'm looking for Kenya or Cameroon games in WCH 2006. Maybe You have Justine?? I saw that in siatkarska linkownia was game Poland-Kenya but now this links down. Can You Justin upload this match or You Greg? Kenya is beatiful country. Greats. :wink2:

    I have Poland-Kenya...But at the moment i have no possibilty to upload the match...that will change in about a week

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    Why? because they are the best, it isn't important where they playing :wink2:

    Yes...what i meant is that 'foreign' players do not get the same media attention as 'home' players(i cant imagine that polish tv transmits italian, spanish oder russian league matches) its quite impressive that they won despite this fact...

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    Results of the 2nd contest of "Super Volley" magazine (Poland):
    Best Receiver - Milena Rosner
    Best middle-blocker - Katarzyna Skowrońska-Dolata

    but hmm :? i wonder why so many players, who do not play in poland, have won this award...i would have expected that polish fans would prefer to vote for players playing in polish clubs... :?

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    Top Teams Cup
    NRK Nyiregyhaza (Hun)
    Vasas Budapest (Hun)
    Team Edinburgh (Sco)
    Vanajan Hameenlinnaa (Fin)
    Minatori Rreshen (Alb)

    Shame on me :oops: , and shame on germany for being on last place :)

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    Im not surprised :) In last season played only one german team - Bayer 04 Leverkusen and... lost all 3 matches :wink2:

    Yes...but at least there was one german team...i havent seen a team from Hun, Sco, Fin or Alb in any of the european cups last season... :? or have i overlooked something ?


    Indesit European Champions’ League:
    * For next season:

      Whilst the Men’s Indesit European Champions League 2007/08 will remain with 24 teams, the Women’s Indesit European Champions’ League will increase by four teams (20 instead of 16).

    * For 2008/09:

      The CEV will possess two wildcards for the Men’s as well as for the Women’s Champions’ League. These are places which are independent of the European Cups ranking.

    Top Teams Cup and CEV Cup:

      Whilst the Top Teams Cup will be renamed CEV Cup (the second highest European Cup after the Champions League), the former CEV Cup will be known as Challenge Cup from 2007/08 onwards. Due to a compressed calendar 2007/08, the Final Four tournament system will be kept for the 2008 edition.

      Regarding the extra set tested within the Top Teams Cup 2006/07, the CEV organs came to the conclusion that further trials are to be done within the next season. The ‘Golden Set’ will be introduced to the CEV Cup and Challenge Cup 2007/08. The ‘Golden Set’ will be played in case of a tie, i.e. if each team wins a match, and will finish as soon as one team has won 15 points. In order to guarantee the strongest team a better position with this additional decisive set, the drawing of lots respectively allocation of the teams in the various rounds will ensure that the team coming from a higher-ranked country will play the second match (and possible decisive set) at home.