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    So proud of you, Azerbaijan! Bravo girls, great job and big surprise!!!


    Congrats to Tetori DIXON - best scorer of the match of USA with Foluke AKINRADEWO, Natasa Krsmanovic against Turkey, Brenda Castillo against Germany, Francy Ferretti for the victory over Tunisia and come back to the shape.

    Aury CRUZ and Nootsara TOMKOM (Asian Games) - there is way to go ;)

    Rabita BAKU Volleyball Club 3 players from Telecom BAKU team will make their debut for Azerbaijani National TEAM starting from European League matches:

    Yelyzaveta (Liza) SAMADOVA 185 cm, 1995 Outside Hitter
    Olena (Lena) HASANOVA 191 cm 1995 Middle -Blocker
    Krystina YAGUBOVA 185cm 1996 Setter

    Some gossips on websites doesnt mean it is generally like that. Such kind of things you can see in all countries. Every day and hundreds times.

    Emil, it is indeed one of the calmest and non-criminal countries.. You may ask your friends too ) But please, dont send me some link about some rare and normal crimnal issues )

    Lisa might feel like that but it doesnt mean if she said someone would kill her )

    We have them more than enough here.

    I love this couple but a bit worried how they will manage to stay together as a lesbian-couple in such a gay-anti country like Azerbaijan ;(

    My dear friend, I think you forgot that Azerbaijan is called the MOST TOLERANT country in the WORLD.

    Here people can respect all the religions, though Azerbaijan is Muslim Country, Jewish people feel here like home, Chritians and all other religions as well.
    Also about sexual orientation, we used to have soooo many players of that style those HAD ZERO problem in Azerbaijan.

    So, it is nothing but wrong impressions from NOWHERE !

    I am really happy more and more BIG stars are coming to Azerbaijani league.

    Like Nikolic said- she is even late to play in such a great country and was liking Baku more and more after her every visit, seeing all those changes.

    So, no worries about anything for their lives ;)

    Also, the ones who were thinking Cubans here are like slaves, can follow them on facebook or instagram to see whether they look like slaves or queens ;)

    Thanks for attention

    wow 5 years :!: They are escaping from Cuba to become slaves of europeans teams like Volero Zurich and Rabita Bakü. :rolleyes:

    Just to inform: They are never slaves and are very happy here in Baku. They have everything they missed in their land.

    Time will show how everything works, INSHALLAH.

    Hello guys

    İ will clarify some things for you to take out the confusion. Unfortunately this season started with many injuries as Iryna ZHukova at the last moment had to pass through medical control because of health problmes and we were lucky to sign such a star like Nootsara!

    Foluke also should arrive in Baku but right some days before arrival doctors diagnosed her shoulder injury and she was operated on in October. Foluke is a serious player and one of the leaders of Rabita. But this is sports and life!

    Rachel Rourke had to stop trainings almost for 2 months cause of back problems and she started recovering and getting better every day and INSHALLAH will do her best.

    Fortunately we could sign Tori DIXON who is gonna be nothing less than any start middle of USA.

    Why Rabita played with Dabrowa - first Dabrowa is not bad team at all, very balanced, quite strong Polish team. The other teams like Fener, Chemik, Cannes could not come to Baku so we decided invite Dabrowa and are happy for those scrimmages.

    Rabita BAKU is very much motivated to win at home INSHALLAH in front of fans where we almost never lose and INSHALLAH hope to continue this. This is sports and everything can happen. You can be a champion or finish even 4th! It is final four and everything is possible!
    But Rabita is very motivated and we believe in that!

    About transfers, we are a team of finals and targets and if players love to stay here I think there is no necessity to make confusion by some fans.

    For some players the money is not the most deciding thing! You can be sure!


    Thanks a lot for the information :)

    It's good to see that at least one Azeri club does good and serious long-term planning :thumbup:

    I suppose some of the players will play for Telekom and the best ones in Rabita?

    Thanks Matthias, we are trying to do our best.

    BTW Cruz is a player of Rabita ;)

    It will be decided by the end of the season!

    I will clarify some things for you to run out some stupid rumors before very important matches as Final FOUR

    Tomkom NOOSTARA and Katarzyna SKORUPA extended their contract with Rabita BAKU for 2 more seasons, So the clubs can forget about them ;)
    At least for now they can also forget about Castillo too for very long period.
    Foluke AKINRADEWO will play for Rabita BAKU next year too.
    Wilma SALAS ROSELL, Yoana PALACIO, Gyselle CARIDAD da SYLVA and Rosanna GIEL has valid contracts with Rabita BAKU for 5 years.
    Tori Dixon, Gina MANCUSO, Cursty JACKSON, Kayla BANWARTH and Brittnee COOPER as well as Rachel ROURKE, Dora HORVATH have 3 years contract with Rabita BAKU.

    And that is not all ... ;)

    She's not playing. I guess she's is waiting for the LVSF to start and staying in Puerto Rico. She's a rising star among OH, but nobody noticed her just because she wasn't with the senior NT this summer. With Under 23 NT she was outstanding at the world championship.

    You are wrong ;)