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    AUG 21
    BEL vs EGYPT

    AUG 22
    BEL vs USA

    AUG 23
    USA vs EGYPT

    Heavy favorite for gold medal are Belgium and USA.
    However Belgium lost her best player to an injury:

    BELGIUM'S hopes of winning the Youth Olympic Games girls' volleyball
    title have been dealt a major blow - their skipper Lise van Hecke, 17,
    has pulled out with a knee injury.

    The European youth champions are ranked sixth in the world,
    the highest-ranked girls' team in the YOG, and are the hot favourites
    for the gold.

    But how significant will the 1.86m-tall Lise's absence be
    for Belgium? Coach Julien van de Vyver summed it up in a single sentence
    over the phone: 'We have nobody who can replace her.'

    One only needs to look at Lise's individual accolades to see why.

    Last year, she not only helped her country to beat Serbia
    3-1 in the European Youth Championship final and land their first
    European title but was also named the tournament's Best Scorer, Best
    Spiker, and Most Valuable Player.

    The team then went on to win the bronze at the world championship in Thailand, where Lise was also named Best Spiker.

    Still, van de Vyver believes that his charges can clinch gold in Singapore.

    Said the veteran coach of 20 years: 'We are weakened, but we
    have a lot of international experience. We will have to change and
    reorganise our game. We know how to do it.'

    He continued: 'This team have progressed a lot in the last
    five years. The players fight for every ball, are very enthusiastic, and
    are quite aggressive with good control skills.'

    Belgium will be banking on three key players - the
    1.82m-tall Laura Heyrman, who will play as a middle blocker, libero
    Sophie van Nimmen and van de Vyver's daughter Ilka, who was named the
    Best Setter at last year's European Youth Championship.

    Although the squad are one of the most talented youth teams
    to come out of Belgium in years, the girls will face stiff competition
    from the United States, Peru and Japan when in Singapore.

    World No. 5 Japan are the Asian qualifiers while South American winners Peru beat world No.1 Brazil to qualify for the YOG.

    Said van de Vyver: 'We have met these teams at international
    competitions, so we know what they can do. Japan, for instance, are
    fast, skilful, aggressive and strong in defence. They don't make many

    At the YOG, for both boys and girls, the teams will be
    divided into two groups. Following the round-robin stages, the top two
    teams will progress into the semi-finals. The last team from each group
    will battle for fifth spot.

    Italy plays with a little bit of a B-team but they destroyed Domincans in the first set

    I thought DOM will play better especially loooking at htier results this year in tournaments held in America

    Well, Dominican Republic is without their 4 best players right now: Dela Cruz, Annerys Vargas, and spectacular libero Castillo.
    And they included 2 players coming out from injuries, so it's not a surprise these results.
    If you see the roster, most of the players are U-21 and U-19.

    This is an update of Safronova's condition:

    Zinich: state Safronova remains stable heavy.

    Director of Moscow's volleyball club Dynamo Vladimir Zinich commented
    on the current state of Natalia Safronova, which on Thursday is in the
    Institute Sklifosovsky.
    Status Natalia still hard but stable ", - said Zinich in an interview with RIA Novosti.
    Recall that Safronova identified problems with the vessels of the brain. Currently, she is unconscious. Physicians Russia's leading hospitals reflect on further action to save her life.

    MOSCOW, December 7 - RIA Novosti. Doctors
    Institute Sklifosovsky still trying to determine the nature of the
    disease volleyball team of Natalia Safronova, told RIA Novosti general
    director of the Moscow Dynamo Vladimir Zinich.

    Wednesday, December 3, 30-year-old athlete has lost consciousness on
    the training team and the capital was urgently taken first to a medical
    center Bronstein, located near the base of Dynamo, and then in the
    Sklifosovsky Institute. Since that time, Safronov is in the neurosurgical intensive care department.

    Natalia remains stable heavy, - said Zinich. - Accurate diagnosis, I
    can not name, I can only say that the problem is related to cerebral
    vessels. Doctors are now trying to ascertain the nature of the disease,
    which caused such a state, as well as any prerequisites in the formSafronov - World Champion 2006 in the national team of Russia.

    Forward Moscow "Dynamo" and national team of Russia Natalia Safronova
    hospitalized in serious condition in the Institute Sklifosovsky. Accurate diagnosis is not yet known.

    As told the press service of Volleyball Federation of Russia,
    on Thursday at the training Safronova became ill and she fainted after
    that and was taken to hospital. According to unconfirmed reports, 30-year-old volleyball player is in a coma.

    In the national team of Russia Safronova won the 2006 world championship
    and 1998 and 2002 won a bronze medal in the tournament, became a silver
    medalist in Athens 2004. Four times won the championship of Russia.

    Brazil won with the reserve team. This same team is in a position to win the South American. To see how weak and the sport in the continent.

    Well, let's be honest, Brazil with the reserve team would also have won Norceca and Asia tournament. And it's not about the rest being weak, it's about Brazil being really strong.

    Korea again?????

    That's totally ridiculous. FIVB are making this Grand Champions Cup to look like a joke.
    It's very sad to see how they (fivb) are looking only for money rather than fair competiveness among the best teams in the world. There are at least 10 teams that deserve this wild card. Why Korea? Really dissapointing.

    Pinedo and Boscacci are really good players. Pinedo has a very strong and reliable service and Boscacci was the best scorer in the last tournament.

    Argentina will play some friendly matches against club Finassa starting next thursday to get in shape.

    Peru will include three young and inexperienced players in the main roster and that will definitely be an advantage for their opponents. It's funny to see in peruavian team three players each over 30 years old, and the other three each under 20 years old. :what:

    Brasil proved to be strong to Peru 3-0: 25-21, 25-13, 25-15

    USA beat Dominicans 3-1: 25-21, 23-25, 25-22, 26-25

    Even tough Brazil is playing with reserve players like Ana Tiemi, Joycinha; Sassá, Regiane; Adenízia, Carol Gattaz and libero Camila Brait. still showing great power.

    Tomorrow Brazil will face USA in the final game. USA with Metcalf, Berg, Bown, Barboza, Sykora. will be a tough game.


    Match #55 - NED 1 - 3 CHN

    Match #56 - BRA 3 - 0 RUS

    Match #57 - JPN 2 - 3 GER


    Match #58 - NED 3 - 1 GER

    Match #59 - BRA 3 - 0 CHN

    Match #60 - JPN 3 - 2 RUS


    Match #65 - CHN 3 - 0 RUS

    Match #64 - BRA 3 - 0 GER

    Match #66 - JPN 1 - 3 NED


    Match #61 - RUS 1 - 3 GER

    Match #62 - BRA 3 - 1 NED

    Match #63 - JPN 1 - 3 CHN


    Match #67 - CHN 3 - 1 GER

    Match #68 - NED 3 - 1 RUS

    Match #69 - JPN 0 - 3 BRA

    3rd WEEK

    Pool G (Hong Kong)

    14.08 Poland 1x3 Netherlands

    14.08 China 3x0 Dominican Rep.

    15.08 Dominican Rep.0x3 Netherlands

    15.08 China 3x1 Poland

    16.08 Dominican Rep.3x2 - Poland

    16.08 China 3x1 Netherlands

    Pool H (Korea)

    14.08 Korea 1x3 Germany

    14.08 Japan -0x3 Brazil

    15.08 Brazil 3x0 Germany

    15.08 Korea 2x3 Japan

    16.08 Germany 2x3 Japan

    16.08 Korea 0x3 Brazil

    Pool I (Thailand)

    14.08 Thailand 2x3 Puerto Rico

    14.08 USA 1x3 Russia

    15.08 Russia 3x0 Thailand

    15.08 Puerto Rico 3x2 USA

    16.08 USA 3x1 Thailand

    16.08 Puerto Rico 0x3 Russia

    It's a hit on youtube already, for what I think is one of the best saves ever.

    It happened last Saturday July 25 in Belho Horizonte, Brazil, during the crucial semifinal game between Peru and Argentina, in the South American World Championship qualification tournament.
    The winner of this game was going to get the ticket to the 2010 WCH, and the loser was to be eliminated.

    In the preliminary round Peru had won in a very entertaining and thrilling game 3x2. Also Argentina had proved their raising power by stealing one set to the mighty brazilians the day before.

    Now in the semifinals, Second set, Peru with a 22-19 advantage and Argentina was storming back but this point decided more or less the game.

    A powerful attack from the argentinians, Peru made a great effort to save the ball and then it came the third touch made by the setter Elena Keldibekova (born in Kazakhstan and playing for Peru) using her foot from the back side to pass the ball to the other side of the net, And immediately after this, a block came from Peru to seal the point (23-19) to the joyfull of peruvian players.

    Peru ended up winning this set 25-22, and a global 3x0 to Argentina, getting the second ticket (along with Brazil) to Japan 2010.

    Watch it for yourself!

    Tournament in Belho Horizonte, Brazil
    Robin round + Semifinal and Final:

    At the end of Robin round, Semifinales will be played (1 vs 4 and 2 vs. 3)
    The winner of semifinals qualify to WCH 2010.

    DAY 1:
    PER 3x2 ARG (16-25, 25-22, 25-19, 20-25 15-12)
    BRA 3x0 VEN (25-14, 25-16, 25-17)

    DAY 2:
    PER 3x1 VEN (18-25, 25-17, 25-11, 25-17)
    BRA 3x1 ARG (20-25, 25-11, 25-17, 25-14)

    Pool A (Brazil)
    31.07 Brazil 3x0- Puerto Rico
    31.07 Germany 3x1 USA
    01.08 Brazil 3x0 Germany
    01.08 Puerto Rico 1x3 USA
    02.08 Brazil 3x0 USA
    02.08 Puerto Rico 1x3 Germany

    Pool B (Poland)
    31.07 Poland 3x0 Thailand
    31.07 Japan 2x3 Netherlands
    01.08 Poland 1x3 Netherlands
    01.08 Thailand.1x3 Japan
    02.08 Poland 3x2 Japan
    02.08 Netherlands 3x0 Thailand

    Pool C (China)
    31.07 Russia 3x1 Korea
    31.07 China 3x1 Dominican Rep.
    01.08 Dominican Rep. 3x2 Russia
    01.08 China 3x1 Korea
    02.08 Korea 1x3 Dominican Rep.
    02.08 China 3x1 Russia