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    FIVB confirmed the number of vacancies assigned to each confederation for the WCH2010 as follows:

    Asia (4) + Japan (host country)
    Africa (2)
    Europe ( 8 ) + Russia (current champion)
    North and Central America (6) ??!!! :thumbdown:
    South America (2).

    Asia (4)
    Africa (3)
    Europe ( 8 ) + Italy (host country)
    North and Central America (5)
    South America (2) + Brazil (current champion)

    MEXICALI, Baja California, June 7, 2008.- The Dominican Republic won a sensational five-setter over Brazil to take home the gold medal in the Women’s Pan American Cup.
    Middle blocker Cindy Rondon scored with one of her total 13 blocks for the final point of the match that capped nine days of exciting volleyball. The score was 26-24, 30-28, 22-25, 19-25, 15-11.

    Bethania de la Cruz and Rondon scored 24 and 23 points respectively to lead the new champions. Sidarka Nunez contributed 19 points and Milagros Cabral and Annerys Vargas chipped in 11 and 10 respectively. Brazilian Regiane Bidias topped all the scorers with 25 tallies.

    “We wanted this medal so badly,” said an emotional Rondon. “Since the start of the tournament we were thinking about this contest against Brazil, so we came well prepared. Thanks to God, we won it.

    BRONZE MEDAL: ARG 3x1 PRICO: 26-24, 25-18, 16-25, 25-18
    FIFTH PLACE: USA 3x2 VENEZUELA: 27-25, 28-26, 17-25, 22-25, 15-7
    SEVENTH PLACE: PERU 3x2 CANADA: 26-24, 25-12, 23-25, 18-25, 15-6

    1. DOM REP. (qualified to GP2009)
    2. BRAZIL (qualified to GP2009)
    3. ARGENTINA ...elliminated regardless the third place..... FIVB rules must change!!! ;(
    4. P.RICO (qualified to GP2009)
    5. USA (qualified to GP2009)
    7. PERU
    8. CANADA
    9. C.RICA
    10. MEXICO
    11. CUBA
    12. TRINIDAD

    I still don't understand the rules, only one ticket to South America, three for Norceca.
    Same thing for the World Championship..... SIX vacancies for Norceca, only TWO for South America.

    And for this PanAm Cup. four teams coming from south america are among the seven best, proving FIVB rules are completely wrong.

    Yesterday there were some surprises in 1/4 finals

    Argentina beat Canada 3-2, and Pto. Rico beat USA :what:

    Today semifinals:
    ARG x BRA the winner qualifies to the WGP2009, since there is only ONE available ticket for South America. That would be a huge surprise for Brazil being eliminated.
    DOM x PUR, both already qualified, will try to reach the finals.

    In other games today (5 to 8 places):
    USA x PERU
    CAN x VEN

    USA and CAN will try to win today so tomorrow they can meet to see who gets the final ticket to GP2009..... sometimes FIVB makes the rules to complicated. ?(

    MEX x CRC (9-10)

    CUBA beat TRINIDAD 3x0, therefore:

    11th place: CUBA ;(
    12th place (in the bottom): TRINIDAD

    Dominican Republic and Brazil advance to the semis. Dominican Republic has also qualified for the GP2009.

    For the 1/4 finals tomorrow
    Canada vs Argentina
    USA vs Pto. Rico
    the winners will advance to the semifinals.

    If Canada wins qualifies for the GP2009, if Argentina wins, then they will fight Brazil for the only available ticket for South America. Argentina showing good level, I still don't understand why the decided not participate in the South America Pre-olympic tournament last january. ?(

    the winner of USA/Pto Rico also goes to GP2009.

    Cuba is going to pay the high price for sending B team to this tournament that will give 3 tickets to Norceca teams for the GP2009.... , as Pappi mentioned in his previous post, for Cuba to qualify now is kind of mission imposible.

    Now the heavy favorites are Dom. Republic, USA and Puerto Rico/Canada.

    The only available ticket for South America will go to Brazil which is showing an outstanding level in this tournament, Natalia, Regiane, Ana Tiemi and others will be big names around the world in the near future.

    Big dissapointment for Venezuela performance, I expected a better level from them. Peru and Argentina are showing improvement with new coaches, but not enough to put Brazil in danger.

    Tomorrow will be the start of the tournament for the 10 best ranked american teams. Brasil , USA and Cuba will attend with teams 'B' but the rest the teams incluiding Venezuela that will be participating in Beijing 2008, will go with their best teams.

    Sykora and Barboza will try to help the young american team, on the other side for Cuba the best known players are Kenia Carcases, Yusleidy Herrera, Yaima Ortiz, Yenisei González and Liannes Castañeda.
    Brasil 'B' is young but very strong . Good chance to see how good they are :super:

    DAY 1
    USA x DOM
    MEX x CRC
    ARG x TRI

    BRA x VEN
    PUR x PER
    CUB x CAN

    The games can be seen on the internet but it's gonna be "pay per view" :whistle:

    The link to watch all the games live:

    In group A except for USA and Dom. Republic, the rest ofthe teams are pretty weak.
    In group B is more balanced. I guess Brasil and Cuba with teams "B" are still the favorites.

    It's my understanding this tournament gives the best teams the tickets forthe World Grand Prix 2009. Am I right? :?:

    I think overall, Ze Roberto made a good decision, hard but good choice. It was probably going to add more problems to the already difficult environment inside the team.

    Regardless, Fofao is one of the best setters in the world, but gives some advantages in front of the net... in that case (specially if Brazil plays againts Russia or Cuba) that would be very important to have Carol ready to come out.

    Also a little surprised for Natalia being out... she is the best (or one of the best) young players in the world. I guess, this time Ze Roberto preferred experience players.... good luck Brazil.

    I read today that Fernanda Venturini made herself available for the Brazil team for the 2008 Olympic games.

    Fernanda sent an e-mail to Ze Roberto telling him that she is ready to join the training camp. Fernanda and Ze Roberto had some problems after the Athens games in 2004. The brazilian manager had said that Fernanda was listening instructions from her husband Bernardinho rather than listening to him.

    But now, it is said that the problems are solved and it's up to Ze Roberto whether or not consider this option.

    Any other news on this regard from our brazilian friends?

    Anyway, I don't think it was THAT unfair to put Puerto Rico instead of Dominican Republic... traded one Norceca team for another... if Dominican Republic hadn't given up, there wouldn't be a wildcard, so I think it was fair that they chose a team from the same area to replace, even if I prefered to see Netherlands there...

    Lothie, it's unfair because both Dominican Rep AND Puerto Rico will go to Japan in May.
    At the beginning th manager of the Dominican Rep. said that they would not participate in the World Olympic qualification tournament, but lately they changed their mind. Puerto Rico is now being invited because the place asigned to Africa/SouthAmerica was vacancy.
    Not only is unfair because Netherlands is a much better team than Puerto Rico. Also Canada was the runner up in the Norceca tournament and ended up empty handed. :mad:

    Women’s World Olympic Qualification Tournament: Puerto Rico Women’s team to compete in May for a place in Beijing

    Puerto Rico to compete in May for an Olympic spot
    Lausanne, 11 February 2008 – The FIVB has granted Puerto Rico Women’s team the place available in the Olympic World Qualification Tournament to be held in Tokyo from 17 to 25 May. Following the Continental Qualification Tournaments, the final place for this eight-team tournament was to be decided by a Playoff between Peru and Kenya, the teams ranked second in the South American and African Qualifiers, but both teams dropped their applications. Uruguay (third in the World Rankings for South America) wasn’t ready to apply, while Egypt (third in the World Rankings among African countries) has not played in any Continental Qualification Tournaments. In these circumstances, the FIVB has chosen Puerto Rico, the best Norceca team in the World Rankings after Dominican Republic.

    Eight teams will compete in Tokyo for the last four places in the Olympic entry list: Japan (host country), Thailand, Korea, Kazakhstan (best-ranked teams in the Asian Continental Championship), Serbia, Poland (best world-ranked team from CEV), Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico (best world-ranked teams from Norceca). The tournament also counts as the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament, with the best three teams plus the best Asian team booking their tickets for Beijing.

    After a vote during the Board of Administration in 1997, the FIVB has always followed the criteria of maintaining a good balance among the Continents in the Olympic entries, confirmed by a decision of the Board in 2003, taken before the Athens Olympic Games. The respected principle is to support the Continental quota in the Olympic Qualification process and not simply mirror the straight World Ranking list.

    Once again NORCECA gets "wild card" by FIVB. The logical choice would be Netherlands (better ranking position, WGP champions..), but "in the name of good balance" Puerto Rico gets this undeserved prize.

    Also, both Japan and Korea are a little more relieved not having such a strong team as Netherlands is, competing in Japan.
    :thumbdown: FIVB :thumbdown: