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    Yes and no. It will be the best Asian team plus the best three other teams. So I think it will be Japan, Poland, Serbia and DomRep.

    I heard that Dom. Republic had decided not to participate in the World PO, in favor of Puerto Rico because of dissappointing performances.... same thing with Peru, the runner up in southamerica...... so, it may be more surprises from FIVB to fill these spots..... Netherlands could be an option. ?(

    Yeah, I agree,

    I think Serbia was just too relaxed for this game, and Romania took them by surprise. Now things are going in the logical direction. Let's see what happens in the tie-break. I wish Serbia to win this game, otherwise that'll be a lesson to be learned. ?(

    No surprises in NORCECA:

    FINAL: CUBA 3x0 CANADA 25-19, 25-09, 25-16 (Cuba qualifies to Beijing 2008) :win:
    THIRD PLACE: PUR 3x2 DOM REP. 25-20, 25-22, 23-25, 25-25, 22-20

    Cuba is joining China, Italia, Brazil and USA.

    Me too...but I am sure FIVB will find a way to get DOM into OG :down:

    I think the same way. For now, regardless ending up in a disappointing fourth place in NORCECA behind Cuba, Canada and Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic will be given another chance thanks to its position in the FIVB world ranking. On the other hand Canada and Puerto Rico have no more chances. :mad:

    most memorable moments (besides volleyball)

    2002 - Salt Lake City winter olympic games.... hockey: canada getting the gold medal after 50 years by beating USA in their own home 5-2

    1998:M.Jordan getting his 6th Finals MVP, getting his 6th NB championship

    a bad one:

    2001: City of Toronto losing to Beijing to host the 2008 Olympic games ;(

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    Dear Nastja, thanks for sharing the story of the beginning of inside-volley..... sounds like a cinderella story :D

    I joined the forum only a few days after its creation, and since then it's been an everyday need for me :lol:

    happy anniversary , and many more years to come! :drink:

    In the world olympic tournament the formula is simple: the best asian team + 3 best ranked teams (this means if one asian team finishes within the first 3 places, the fourth place will also get a ticket to beijing)

    The most optimistic scenario for Asia: If the 4 asian teams competing in this tournament get the first 4 places of this tournament, then all 4 qualifiy for Beijing. (Very unlikely but yet possible).

    The worst scenario for Asia: None of the asian teams in the first 3 places of the tournament.... then ONLY the best asian team will qualify.

    In my opinion, it's going to be as follows:

    1. europe

    2. europe

    3. japan

    4. korea

    all of them qualifying to the 2008 olympics.

    thanks for the link and "official" information. So, this is only confirming what we, more or less, knew about the qualification system, meaning the best two ranked teams from Europe still not qualified will go to Japan. That puts extra pressure on Netherlands and Germany because this continental tournamente will be their only chance to get the ticket to Beijing :S

    The same link also gives us one of many possible scenarios (translated from german to english):

    " World Rankings
    The World Ranking-placement will be very important. This will be the basis of a (theoretical) calculation example for women to be demonstrated.

    During World Cup only 1 European team qualified for Beijing, in the subsequent European Olympic qualifying follows Russia. The final eight tournament in Japan with two European teams occupied, which is still not qualified and in the World Ranking top of the list. This team would be next Serbia (Weltranglisten-7.) and Poland (Weltranglisten-9.). The Netherlands and Germany as the Tenth than 15th Have no further chance."

    can u tell me where does the above information come from? because i search FIVB and CEV website for a long time, i couldn't find any offical document about the WQT. Thanks a lot!

    The information posted in the FIVB website is not totally clear (and I guess this is on purpose so Mr. Acosta and others can manipulate according to their interests afterwards), but what I did is to mimic what happend 4 years ago (with the same system)

    in 2004 world olympic tournament:

    4 teams from Asia: JAP, KOR, TAILAND and TAIPEI

    2 from europe: RUS and ITA

    1 from norceca: PUERTO RICO

    1 from Africa/Southamerica

    But, again, anything is possible to happen with all the corruption in the FIVB head office.

    I posted here some time ago about what happened with Dominican Republic in 2003, that without logical reason was "invited by FIVB" (after being eliminated in their norceca tournament) to participate in the south american olympic tournament. So Dominicans were THE ONLY TEAM IN THE WORLD with the privilege to play in 2 different confederation tournaments X(

    this is a posting that I found in regards:

    The assignments of Wild Cards, are made following Acosta interest, or are the exchange price of other favours.
    The last two wild cards for the 2003 World Cup, were given to Egypt and Dominican Republic, because the two loyal vice-presidents Elwany and Marte, supported him in the last conflict.
    In the same way Dominican Republic was appointed for a Second Chance in the Olympic Qualification Tournaments 2004, registering them in South America, after organizing a Qualification in his own territory, to pay Cristobal Marte submissiveness.

    The Asian Olympic Qualifying Tournament will be incorporated into the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament to be held in Japan

    World Olympic Tournament: 4 vacancies (1 for the best asian team)

    Asia (4 teams): JAP, KOR, TAI, and KAZ

    Europe (2 teams) the 2 best ranked teams

    Norceca (1 team) the best ranked team

    Africa/SouthAmerica (1 team) the best ranked team

    * best ranked teams according to the latest ranking FIVB.