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    FIVB hasn't updated world ranking points yet.

    At some point after the 2 matches it was updated and even points from European League were included. But all is gone. Well, we all know that it has some glitches. Some matches disappear and so on... I am still shocked that Croatia didn't complain that because of some error they are out from Olympic qualifiers.

    Ttom Sad news for you :( Natalia Bamber will not comment tomorrow's game. Paulina Maj will replace her.

    She won't comment at all this round. First two matches it is Maj, the other two it is Śliwa. Expect match with Thailand (Dębowski) Jacek Laskowski will be with them.

    Gray is with the team. She a captain for week 1.

    That's why I wrote "maybe". She was not playing in friendlies and I was not sure if she joined already or not. Either way we have better line-up than year ago and Canada is without van Ryk.

    But Canada will be without van Ryk and maybe Gray. Last year without Stysiak and Wołosz we won it 3-1, it was also first match of VNL for both teams.

    BOMB news!!!

    Funny to note that this thread was opened with the OFFICIAL news of Lavarini's renewal...

    Currently the rumors speak of a transfer of Lavarini to Fener and of orenza bernardi as the new coach of Novara...

    Novara tried to show like it was their decision to change something while Polish federation president said that Lavarini approached him while ago and said that he wants to resolve the contract with Novara and discussed the possible scenarions what will happen when Novara's management will agree.

    In our MB lineup we don't have any great slider. Almost all of them - Witkowska, Korneluk, Pacak, Jurczyk, Centka attack mostly in front of the setter. After Alagierska's injury Witkowska changed her position. And in last year Centka did slide more than this year in Rzeszów.

    Is Ola Gryka at the training camp? I can’t see her at any photo or on her social media pics. Other girls from Łks and Rzeszów are on camp.

    She is not. She has some problems with her foot and will probably skip VNL.

    But maybe they will undergo medical test today and join in Radom. From info on PZPS site it looks like only Szlagowska and Piasecka will join the team in Szczyrk, it means that the rest will come to Radom. Either way, if Łysiak, Obiała, Damaske, Pierzchała, Szczurowska, Lemańczyk, Grabka, Drużkowska were planned, then they all should be in Szczyrk already.

    With that we have:

    S: Wołosz, Wenerska, Kowalewska, Nowicka

    MB: Witkowska, Korneluk, Jurczyk, Centka, Gryka, Pacak

    OH: Czyrniańska, Łukasik, Różański, Fedusio, Piasecka, Szlagowska

    OPP: Stysiak, Smarzek, Gałkowska

    L: Stenzel, Szczygłowska

    Still more than 18.

    Today some of them have medical tests (Szlagowska for example). Both Stysiak and Wołosz are in Poland. Witkowska also said something about May 18th.

    True, before the next tournament some new face may appear but ofc it will depend on VNL performance.

    I saw Różański on Deve-LKS match and as she finished her season long time ago I started to wonder is she training with other NT girls in Szczyrk or was skipped this season?

    She played the last match on May 3rd. She was not in the group that started preparation on May 8th. I believe that she got 1.5 week of vacation like the girls that started on Monday.

    8 players showed up in Szczyrk yesterday evening. They are:

    Kowalewska, Korneluk, Pacak, Smarzek, Gałkowska, Czyrniańska, Łukasik and Stenzel.

    It seems that Grabka, Lemańczyk, Szczurowska, Drużkowska are not in consideration at this point but it might change due to Górecka's injury.

    Well, as I understand official document, teams will be split into groups basing on the WR: 1-3 (SRB, ITA, BRA), 4-6 (USA, TUR, DOM), 7-9 (BEL, NED, GER) etc. and after host draw (A, B, C) to each group one team from 1-3, 4-6 etc. will be drawn.

    It will be mix between serpentine and drawing of lots.

    I thought that these tournaments will be in robin round system. But wiki says that there will be 2 pools, then semis (and finalists will actually have friendly game). Anyone heard about pools system?

    If it would be like this then there is no need for it to be so long. 16-24.09 means 9 days. In 2 pools formula they need 6 days only. It will be 7 matches per team and 2 days off.

    The Women's teams:

    Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkiye, Ukraine, USA

    For some time they corrected the error in WR but now it is once again without match CRO vs BEL (3-1 win for CRO) from Challenger Cup. I think that Croatian federation should make a complaint to FIVB. Because of that they are out of the possibility of competing in qualification tournament.

    But in that match they win and get points

    So if they they have more points now?Cr

    Croatia won and gained more than 4 points. These points dissapeared from ranking somwhere in the middle of WCH so they had less 4 points. Now they came back as it should so they have more points in the ranking and Belgium has less.