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    Supposedly Ferhat, Marichev, Barbollini, Abbondanza, Lavarini and Santarelli are as of now interested in the position of NT coach.

    Jagieło said that in her opinion the coach should be from abroad and that she is not convinced to Vital option. Also that she has to talk with the girls - great approach, unseen until these days from other federation members.

    So as for now it looks unbelievably hopeful.

    Where did she say that?

    Maybe she is out in todays match only. It is line-up posted by TV speaker which will comment the match (6 PM, Polsat Sport Extra).

    Still no official news from DVV about the roster :down:

    Vilsbiburg writes that Josepha Bock and Luisa Keller will join their preparations on Wednesday, so Bock won't be part of NT in ECH. I guess that means Ambrosius will be 3rd MB for ECH, or maybe Monique Strubbe made a big impression in training?

    Here is 14 players in todays match: Bock, Kästner, Imoudu, Poll, Janiska, Drewniok, Alsmeier, Stigrot, Lippmann, Orthmann, Schölzel, Ambrosius, Pogany, Strubbe

    Turkey got incredibly lucky with the draw, playing Korea instead of Serbia makes the biggest possible difference among the remaining opponents. So at least Cansu and Meliha didn't lose their teeth for nothing today and beating Russia to avoid 4th place paid off...

    Second OG for Guidetti, second 1/4 with Korea. And probably the second 4th place for him :)

    IMO Ziółkowska actually is better, clearly a better blocker and her slide attack is good too.

    Maybe a little bit better in block and serve. But Stencel is way better attacker than her. We don't need good blocker (this role is for Efimienko and Alagierska). We need someone who can attack both in front and slide. And Stencel is currently our best player in slide attack, imo.

    Unfortunaly, we don't have a coach that can make proper selection. There is potential and we have promising players. But then comes Nawrocki and his choices. Right now he takes Czyrniańska and Ziółkowska because they are players of Chemik. He doesn't give a chance to Szlagowska and sent her home and she played better and more than Fedusio or Czyrniańska in friendlies with Romania. Centka also played good match with Romania, attacked more in one match than Stencel and Ziółkowska. The problem of Centka is that she is only good in attack. Her serve and block are non-existent so I partially understand this decision.

    I think that in EuroVolley Poland will show some tragic performance. I think that will loose both with Germany and Bulgaria and will fight with Greece and Czech Rep. and they are not clear favourites in these matches. And with Spain? Probably too.

    Nawrocki does not know how to prepare team for main competition. For now nothing changed since VNL, the same errors, the same schemes. Connection between Wenerska and other players is bad. Smarzek is still not in shape and she probably won't be till the start of EuroVolley and he said that she will be :S I must say that every year the longer they train with Nawrocki the worse they play and it should be the other way around.

    Germany will play friendly matches against Poland and Belgium in preparation for ECH. No further details yet...

    Matches with Poland on August 4th and 5th. Both matches start at 18.00 and will be broadcasted by Polsat Sport Extra. I am predicting easy win of Germany after what Poland showed in friendlies with Slovakia. But maybe Koslowski will not play with starting line-up because both teams will face each other in opening match of EuroVolley.

    EDIT: At the end they will be on Polsat Sport Extra.

    No idea.

    According to Przegląd Sportowy Nawrocki would take 3 MBs to Eurovolley. That means the final decision will be to cut Ziółkowska or Stencel.

    If that is the case then it is clear that he will cut Stencel only because Ziółkowska being a player of Chemik... And Ziółkowska is clearly not a better player than Stencel and what is more Stencel has more experience on higher level. Ziółkowska didn't even play for medal in TauronLiga.

    S: Wenerska, Nowicka

    MBs: Kąkolewska, Efimienko, Alagierska, Stencel, Ziółkowska, Centka

    OH: Grajber, Górecka, Fedusio, Łukasik, Szlagowska

    OPP: Stysiak, Rasińska

    L: Stenzel, Jagła

    These players are in Szczyrk as of now. Probably Smarzek will join later (or not). We have to wait and see.

    Anyway Paulina Maj gave her comment regarding to Wolosz absence and it says all.

    You don't know what exactly this comment is about. It could be about Wolosz words where she said that everyone that knows her, should be aware that NT is important for her and that it is an honour playing for your country... For me this instastory was pretty normal and everyone is looking for some hidden hints in it.

    Anyway he said he talked with Kasprzyk about 2019 situation so he knows at least something.

    LIke Kasprzyk knows anything ahahaha He is a puppet. Even if there is some issue players will not go to talk with anyone from PZPS after what happend afer ECH 2019.

    Drzyzga does not know shit about women's national team. What he knows is taken form what he heard from other people. It is totally different than men's team where he has son so he has some serious intel. What is more most of the Polsat commentators are buddy-buddy with players. That's not the case with women's team.

    Lohuis - Timmerman as middle blocker seems to work pretty well for Dutch NT! I think Todora should be aware she might lose her starting position... Unfortunately Stuttgart didn't sign the best setters with not the best connection to the middles, especially van der Vyver:gone:

    Nowicka is even worse than van de Vyver. I am curious who will be first, I guess van de Vyver.